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Justworks PEO Service Review: Solutions, Plans and Pricing

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Justworks PEO Service Review: Solutions, Plans and PricingJustworks PEO Service Review: Solutions, Plans and Pricing

Running a business requires paying attention to all aspects, from the payroll system to the HR tools and team management, but these tasks can be a heavy burden and time-consuming. Justworks is a professional employer organization with a handful of solutions for almost every business, the company has dedicated experts to take the responsibility off your shoulders.

Justworks has been offering its services since 2012, and now the company is one of the notable HR technology services out there. Let's take a closer look at the service's ease of use, benefits, plans, solutions, and how it helps businesses thrive.


Offers customer support via live chat, text messages, phone, email, and slack
Excellent experts with the ability to add as many employees as your business requires
Multiple tiered and flexible plans


Limited healthcare solutions

Quick Stats

Business Size
Starts at $44 per month
Customer Experience

Justworks takes care of the payrolls, compliance, benefits, and HR issues and offers a simple and user-friendly platform and corporate-level benefits. Learn more about the service's top perks below.

Justworks PEO Top Perks

Justworks offers all the bells and whistles your business needs to run smoothly and effectively, besides the basic features required by any type of business. In short, Justworks stands out because of the following reasons:

1. Accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC)
2. Offers customer support via live chat, text messages, phone, email, and slack
3. Comprehensive and caters to multiple industries
4. Excellent experts with the ability to add as many employees as your business requires
5. Multiple tiered and flexible plans
6. Offers integrations with many other popular professional platforms


Justworks PEO Solutions

If you look for a service that accelerates your new business or helps you pour all the attention into growing it while allowing a team of experts to take care of its human resources issues, Justworks is just the right option for you. Let's break down what solutions Justworks has to put on the table:

Hiring and onboarding for remote teams

Build your team with full access to intuitive tools and resources. The company helps you keep compliant and available in all 50 states. With Justworks, you can hire new employees remotely and keep informed on labor laws that might impact your business. Additionally, the service keeps all employees' documents in one place, such as W-2s and I-9 forms, besides its ability to create, assign, and send track documents and enable employees to sign electronically.

Skip the manual work

When you choose Justworks to be your service provider, you'll have the chance to save time you used to waste on processing complex payroll, organizing important employee documents, and administrating business. Also, employees get round-the-clock support for benefits questions, and they can access their benefits elections through their dedicated dashboards. Furthermore, Justworks integrates accounting software with payments and syncs with Xero and Quickbooks.

Accelerate your new businesses

Justworks helps you scale your business up by giving access to resources, including curated benefits packages and the ability to process and make payments to workers in all 50 states. In addition, through Justworks, you can get compliance support and HR guidance on payroll taxes, labor laws, and state unemployment insurance.

High-quality health insurance

The service allows you to access a large group of health insurance plans, and you can offer your employees the health insurance plan they want. There is also access to top providers like Talkspace and One Medical. In addition, enrolment for health insurance for you and your employees can be streamlined through an intuitive all-in-one dashboard, making the enrolment process a breeze.


Justworks PEO Pricing


The outstanding features Justworks offers don’t necessarily come for a low price. Although Justworks offers an over-average cost, that’s most likely not very surprising, given the number of features and solutions the platform provides and the level of support presented with its plans.

Justworks offers two main pricing tiers.

  • The Justworks Basic plan cost ranges from $49 per month per employee to $39 per month per employee, depending on how many employees you have. This plan provides the basics, such as payroll management, compliance support, and HR management tools.

    In terms of price versus features, it’s hard to tell whether this will provide the best suite of features you could get. Most services providers include these features in their less expensive, lower-tier plans.
  • The other package, Justworks Plus, goes way beyond what is offered with the Basic plan. Justworks Plus cost ranges from $99 per user per month to $79 per user, per month depending on the size of your business.

    This service tier provides standard functionalities, including automated payroll, HR tools, compliance support, and 24/7 customer service. Most importantly, you’ll get access to the contractor payment portal, W-2 and 1099 filings, payroll tax filings, unemployment insurance filings, employment practices liability insurance, online employee onboarding tools, paid time off management, robust reporting company directory management assistance, and access to accounting software integrations.

    The cost might sound pricier than other providers, the amount of support and automation that comes standard with this plan may be worth it if you want a solution that takes the burden of managing these tasks off your shoulders.

Paying a bit extra for a high-quality product can save you time and frustration in the long run, which translates into considerable revenue over time.

Ease of Use

Justworks has one of the simplest, most intuitive platforms. Intuitive HR software makes it a great partner for growing small businesses looking for easy, straightforward, and effective PEO support.

It's also one of the few PEOs that clearly state pricing on the website. Budget is an essential consideration for many small businesses, so we bear in mind this is an essential element to weigh your options.

Another advantage of Justworks is its richness of useful online resources, enabling small business owners to learn more about human resource management. Its knowledge base covers benefits and perks, hiring, onboarding, team management, and general best business practices. It also has a page for blogs, referral programs, and testimonials.

Customer Support

The customer support options Justworks offers make it shine among all other providers. For example, the company has a live chatbot that collects basic information from you while you wait for an agent.

The live chat also shows pictures and names of the individuals you're talking to, adding an aspect of personalization to your customer service experience. Similar to many other PEO providers, Justworks assigns you an account manager to help with various aspects of your service.

Final Verdict

Justworks is a good option if you wish to get your business a team of experts who can make sure that your business goes smoothly, allowing you time to focus on growing other aspects. However, it's recommended to check if the service is costworthy and serves your business as expected. In terms of features and customer support, we highly recommend it as one of the best PEO services on the market.

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