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ADP TotalSource PEO: Pros, Cons, and Features

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ADP TotalSource PEO: Pros, Cons, and Features

ADP TotalSource PEO: Pros, Cons, and FeaturesADP TotalSource PEO: Pros, Cons, and Features


Excellent payroll services
Automatic employee tracking
Multiple packages for different business sizes


Does not advertise its prices

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Business size
Not advertised
Customer support
Industry-specific solution
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ADP is a well-known multinational company that offers professional service in multiple fields, including HR, payroll, employee benefits, recruiting, performance benchmarking, and more. In this review, we will be focusing on ADP's employee leasing and co-employment services.

A Brief About ADP TotalSource

ADP TotalSource is a best-in-class professional employer organization (PEO) that now supports more than 500,000 employees nationwide. ADP makes it its mission to take the burden of handling HR management and all the employee benefits, giving you the chance to focus on growing your business, with the least amount of mundane work.

ADP's HR outsourcing services focus on multiple aspects, including taxes, payroll, health care reform, workers' compensation insurance, compliance, employee benefits, and more. All of these aspects need extra attention, as their going right means that your business will run smoothly with no difficulties. However, if any of them goes wrong, you will have to deal with dissatisfied employees, complicated HR processes, sometimes penalties, and in more serious cases, possible litigation. 

You may have a great business with even greater potential. However, going wrong with all the HR work could ruin all of that for you if you are not completely prepared for all the ups and downs and inevitable obstacles along the way. ADP's team is completely prepared and trained to deal with it.

The HR management and employee benefits professionals at ADP have done this kind of work and are still doing it for hundreds of companies like yours.

How Does ADP TotalSource Work?

Working with ADP TotalSource means being in a professional employer organization relationship where you can manage your workers in a way without having to do all the complex administrative work.

All you have to do is contact ADP to get a quote for your company and their team will give you all the options open for your business. ADP's team will help you with payroll and tax administration, employee benefits and insurance, talent recruitments and management, regulatory compliance and employee relations, and high technology for managing HR and employee self-service. 

After talking with their team, you can discuss with them which services you want to include in your company and the costs for such services. 

ADP TotalSource: Services, Features, and Costs

ADP TotalSource works with and integrates all employee benefits services and HR management functions in its one-source solution. This solution ensures increased efficiency with the most possible amount of saving and the peace of mind you deserve to run your business smoothly. The following are some of the most important advantages you get with ADP:

  • You will no longer have to be on your own, as you can share all your responsibilities with an authority of experts on employment risk and what comes with it.
  • You will get expert advice and consultation from a professional HR business partner that is wholly dedicated to helping your business in all the ways possible. You will get help in managing your employees, making the right business decisions for the growth of your company, and choosing the right, most cost-effective benefits.
  • You will get the chance to choose and optimize your benefits and any other employee services through the ADP TotalSource procurement model (e.g., Fortune 500 company).
  • You will be able to utilize ADP's flexible technology platform to scale up or down with almost zero impact on your company's infrastructure.

All these benefits can help small and mid-sized companies grow and leave behind the burden of all the administrative work that holds back business owners from focusing on what really matters for their companies.

Access Fortune 500®-caliber benefits coverage

ADP TotalSource's HR outsourcing and employee leasing services come with a wide range of features regarding employee benefits and HR management services that are usually accessible and available to larger companies. These benefits include: 

  • Programs dedicated to employee assistance
  • Great opportunities for training and development
  • Online management for multiple accounts, including the following:
    • Health savings accounts (HSA)
    • Flexible spending accounts (FSA)
  • Professional help from an advisor and an expert in risk, health care reform, employment, and benefits administration in understanding and navigating the changing landscape of employment.

All of these services were carefully created and designed by ADP TotalSource's team to help you manage your HR processes and make sure your employees understand and appreciate the benefits your company provides. This way, you will be able to maintain a great work atmosphere and help your employees balance their work and daily life while staying fully engaged in their jobs.

ADP TotalSource costs

Despite its unmatched services, one of the drawbacks of ADP is the fact that they do not advertise their prices on the website. To get an idea of how much a program will cost you, you will need to contact their team to get a direct personalized quote that fits your company's needs and budget.

Customer Support

There are multiple customer service options that ADP offers for the sake of providing users with the best support needed to run their businesses. If you go to the company's official website, you can make use of the automatic phone support and the virtual chatbot. In addition to that, you may find more live-support options in your local service center.

Other than live support, you can find a wide range of self-help resources and guides in the company's help center. All of these guides are classified into two categories: employee and client administrator sections. The website also includes a search bar that will be helpful for looking up any specific topic.

Final Words

ADP TotalSource is an excellent option for business owners looking for comprehensive coverage for HR management tools and employee benefits services. To make things clear, ADP TotalSource is a better option for businesses that are either small or medium-sized. However, it still provides advanced, cost-effective features that work for all sizes of businesses.



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