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Chetu: Full Healthcare Software Review

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Chetu: Full Healthcare Software Review

Chetu is a world-class software solutions company that develops industry-specific software and solutions that focus on moving businesses forward. Chetu offers a variety of services, including on-demand developers for hire that can help you build your own solution. Continue reading our Chetu review to know what software solutions it can offer healthcare.


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About Chetu

Chetu was developed by a handful number of software development experts in 2000 and has grown to become a large company with over 2,800 software development experts. Chetu’s team works with you to provide the scalability and the quickest ROI your business needs.

Chetu has earned some outstanding recognition awards, such as becoming an official member of the Forbes Technology Council this year, being named SFBJ’s Business of The Year in 2020, and much more. Chetu is also partnered with the biggest names in the industry, such as Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, and more.


Chetu Healthcare Solutions

Electronic Health Record (EHR/EMR) Software

Chetu’s EHR software is precisely engineered to provide enhanced interoperability, streamlined clinical workflows, and improved doctor-patient communications. Its EHR software is also available as a mobile application that allows patients and healthcare providers to exchange information, track patient data, and more seamlessly.

Chetu’s EHR software complies with HIPAA and GDPR guidelines and is ONC-ATCB certified, which proves its tight security measures for data protection.

Chetu’s EHR comes with custom healthcare solutions that you can configure to your practice’s needs. It provides you with an interactive patient portal that makes it easier for patients to access their health records, pay their bills, schedule appointments, manage e-prescriptions, and more.

Chetu implements machine learning and AI to provide you with an EHR that incorporates predictive, prescriptive, and precision medicine analytics features, which offer robust predictions that can help you make smart decisions.

ICD-10 Codes are also implemented into the EHR to help physicians, nurses, and other health care providers identify and classify diseases and health problems on multiple types of health records.

Chetu’s EHR also integrates with most top-level medical software to provide further capabilities and enhancements.

Telehealth & Telemedicine Software

Chetu delivers remote health services and education with its telehealth software. Its telemedicine app leverages VoIP, SMS, and device camera APIs to provide enhanced patient engagement, video streaming, call routing, etc. As for the cloud-based software, it provides HD, HIPAA compliant video conferencing solutions for virtual appointments or physician to physician consultations.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Software

Chetu’s robust health information exchange software is designed to streamline information exchanges between doctors, patients, and other health practitioners. It provides interoperable HIE functionalities to your EHR, eRx, billing, and other medical software as you integrate them together.

It facilitates real-time data sharing between clinical systems and allows you to customize and configure flexible health data repositories for easier data collection, organization, and aggregation from multiple data sources.

It also offers a mobile application that offers users access to HIE data and provides primary care with optimized medical data sharing. As for compliance standards, HIE software adheres to the following: IHE, HL7, CDA, CCD, QRDA, DICOM, NwHIN, and other regulatory healthcare technology communication standards.

PACS & DICOM View Software

This end-to-end PACS/DICOM software gifts you with secure data and image sharing, archiving, viewing, and more capabilities. The software can integrate with your teleradiology services and hardware to facilitate easier medical image sharing.

The DICOM Viewer software allows you to manipulate, enhance, and fuse medical images together with its 3D rendering, video-time lapsing tools, and medical imaging.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software

The LIMS software tracks laboratory storage and inventory, protocol, executions, data integrity, and security. Protocol execution supports protocols and workflows from testing to storage, capturing all essential data throughout the process.

As for inventory management, it allows you to track the consumption of reagents, measure inventory order quantities, and more. The LIMS software is SOC-2 certified, aligning it with the latest data integrity guidelines and regulatory standards to ensure risk assessment compliance.

Pharmacy Management Software

Chetu offers its pharmacy management software with built-in medication synchronization modules, POS integrations, MTM features, automated refill processing, and much more. The software also packs robust robotic process automation (RPA) features that provide pharmacies with automated operations such as prescription refills and formula compounding.

Inventory management incorporates barcode scanners with its database management systems. You can also integrate a variety of POS software systems with role-based access control modules for POS users.

Electronic Prescription (eRx) Software

Chetu engineers its own feature-rich eRx software to automate clinical decision support, optimize visibility, and streamline prescription processes. The eRx software integrates with Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software, allowing doctors to evaluate medication history to ensure patient safety and alert healthcare providers of potential drug interactions.

A mobile application is also available for the eRx software, which simplifies communications between patients, doctors, and pharmacists. The eRx also integrates with countless third-party software such as prescription drug monitoring programs, CDS software, etc.

HIS & Practice Management Software

Chetu’s hospital information systems (HIS) and medical practice management software (PMS) provide enhanced administrative hospital process optimization, tracking, and managing. You get custom-tailored features to record patient information, process medical insurance and automate administrative tasks.

Chetu will provide you with full-service case management software that can coordinate a patient’s full journey to recovery. The software also integrates with the patient portal to share lab results and track patient vitals more effectively.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Software

Chetu’s RCM software allows you to manage your payment cycle more efficiently in a single, centralized platform. The RCM integrates with other third-party RCM software like Allscripts and NextGen to provide more custom features.

Chetu’s RCM packs a variety of services and features, some of which include:

  • RCM Patient Management Software
  • Medical Coding Software Services
  • Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
  • Revenue Cycle Management Reporting
  • Medical Billing
  • Hospital Revenue Cycle Management
  • RCM Eligibility Verification
  • HIS & Pharmacy Inventory Integrations

Veterinary Practice Management Software

Furthermore, Chetu offers a veterinary practice management software with built-in PMSs, CDS engines, medication manifests, inventory trackers, billing modules, etc. It’s a full package for veterinary practices.

The mobile application is also branded to vet practices, which simplify full eRx requests or refills, scheduling, real-time communications, etc. Accounting software is also packed in the package, and it offers comprehensive business intelligence and KPI visualization tools that help manage vet office finances more swiftly.

Assistive Technology Software

Last but not least, Chetu provides assistive technology software solutions for individuals with disabilities. It offers assistive tech for deaf patients or those with impaired hearing. Its smart hearing aids have noise reduction algorithms, direct audio inputs, frequency modulation, room-limited infrared systems, and many more.

As for the blind and visually impaired, Chetu offers:

  • Text-to-speech readers
  • Talking and braille watches
  • Spatially aware mobility aids
  • GPS devices with audio navigation
  • Smart magnifiers

Chetu Prices and Customer Support

Chetu does not advertise any plans and prices for its software. You will need to contact their sales team to get a unique quote for your practice. You can reach their team by live chat on their website or by phone, SMS, or email at (305) 677-8133, (954) 800 2477, and [email protected].

Final Thoughts

Chetu develops a wide range of industry and service-specific software and solutions. Its healthcare software package offers a complete suite of software that any practice can utilize and benefit from. Get in touch with Chetu’s team to get your healthcare software scaled to your practice.

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