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Protection Direct Review: For High Mileage Cars

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Protection Direct: For High Mileage Cars

Protection Direct Review: For High Mileage CarsProtection Direct Review: For High Mileage Cars


Only works with ASE-certified mechanics
24/7 Roadside assistance
Flexible plans


Not accredited by the BBB
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Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Cancelation option
$89 per month
Customer Experience
Maintenance coverage
Maximum mileage
Money-back guarantee
60 days
Number of extended warranty plans available
Repair Shop Choice
Term limits
Trustpilot Score
Waiting period

Protection Direct is an extended warranty provider that stands for commitment in providing you with affordable vehicle coverage, so you know you are "protected wherever life takes you." In addition, Protection Direct lets you choose any ASE-certified repair facility, and they will cover repair costs if your breakdown is authorized.

About Protection Direct

Protection Direct has covered over a million vehicles and paid claims totaling over one billion dollars. The Better Business Bureau does not accredit Protection Direct, but it has given it an A+. Protection Direct offers flexible plans that fit your needs and budget.

Besides extended warranties, you are also offered some additional benefits, including 24/7 roadside assistance, courtesy towing, and flexible payment terms. In three simple steps, you can get your coverage ready and activated.

First, look at Protection Direct's plans below or on their website. Then, tell them about your vehicle and how many miles it has.

Second, review and accept your contract and policy details. Finally, complete your enrollment by submitting your first monthly payment.


Protection Direct Coverage Plans

There are three plans that you can choose from, depending on your coverage needs and mileage.

EZ Guard- $89 per month.

The EZ Guard plan offers comprehensive coverage for vehicles with a maximum mileage of 100,000 miles. It works like a manufacturer's warranty and covers things like engine and transmission failure, high-tech electrical parts, the cooling system, the fuel system, the steering system, seals and gaskets, suspensions, CV joints, and differential assembly.

EZ Elite- $89 per month.

The EZ Elite plan offers all-inclusive coverage, which offers similar coverage to the EZ Guard plan, in addition to some extra components like fuel and a water pump and some others you can check out in their sample policy on their website. In addition, the EX Elite plan covers vehicles with mileage between 100,000 and 150,000 miles.

EZ Select- $89 per month

EZ Select covers vehicles with a high mileage of up to 150,000 miles.Coverage includes the engine and water pump, transmission, and transfer case.


Your contract will have an Exclusions section that discusses what is not covered by these plans; such exclusions include normal wear and tear, breakdowns caused by a lack of maintenance, any component that is not stated in your contract, and generally any incidental damage. Make sure to read the whole section in your contract to get the full gist.

How To File a Claim?

Your service contract will include a section on how to file a claim when you experience a breakdown. To sum it up for you, you need to do the following:

  1. Contact the claim department at 1-877-429-6611 or have your repair facility contact them.
  2. Your breakdown will be diagnosed, and upon authorization, you will be given an authorization number that needs to appear on your bill.
  3. After the repair is done, Protection Direct will pay your covered repair costs directly to your dealership.

Cancellation Policy

Your contract may be canceled at any time; you get a full refund if you cancel your contract within 60 days and if you have not filed any claims. If you can cancel your contract after 60 days, you may be eligible for a refund of up to 90%.

Customer Support

You can reach Protection Direct by phone or email, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 855-662-7284. You can also connect with Protection Direct through social media on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is their email: [email protected]

Final Thoughts

Protection Direct is a greatly extended warranty provider for vehicles with high mileage, as its plans are flexible and relatively less costly than those of other companies. Many customers have expressed their great experiences with them, as they promise to not only meet but also exceed your expectations.



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