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Valant: Behavioral Health Software Review

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Valant: Behavioral Health Software Review

Valant offers behavioral health providers and practices feature-rich software that streamlines their administrative processes and empowers their efficiency. It has reinvented the way behavioral healthcare practices serve their patients. Continue reading our full Valant review to know everything its EHR and practice management software can offer!


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About Valant

Valant has been in business since 2005 and has developed a fine-tuned EHR software designed to meet the unique needs of behavioral health clinicians and their practices with intuitive workflows, billing requirements, and streamlined documentation. Valant earns a fair 4.0 stars rating from Capterra and Softwareadvice. Its clients praise its software's ease of use and incredible customer support from Valant's team.

Valant Products and Features

Valant offers three products for Clinical Care, Practice Management, and Patient Experience.

Clinical Care

Clinical Documentation

Valant offers templates that will guide you through the required documentation that ensures you capture all the necessary information to meet insurance requirements and keep your notes short and simple.

Valant allows you to accelerate your note-making process by carrying forward a previous note, so you do not start from scratch. In addition, you can pull chart data such as diagnosis, medication, and allergies from a patient's record and billing information such as CPT code, appointment time, provider name, appointment duration, and other demographic data right into your notes.

Valant also offers you mobile notes, where you can choose from over 100 clinical sections designed for behavioral health clinical advisors. Using mobile notes, you can discretely complete your note-taking without losing focus on your client with quick checkboxes and automated narratives.

Intake & Assessment Automation

Intake and assessment automation allows you to gather all your patient's clinical history and consent forms through Valant's encrypted patient portal, so you spend less time gathering their data during an appointment.

Valant digitalizes all paperwork and forms; it allows you to collect signatures easily with its e-signature feature. Valant offers a variety of pre-designed intake forms and allows you to build your own and upload them to your portal.

As your patients fill out their intake forms, their information is automatically imported to your clinical notes, which you can also update at any time. Valant also offers screening tools for preliminary assessment that allows you to screen clients for additional underlying behavioral health issues. This allows you to formulate treatment ideas before meeting your patient, boosting your confidence and increasing your retention rate.


Valant makes electronic prescribing easy and simple with its Drfirst integration, the gold standard of e-prescribing services. Valant allows you to prescribe medication for your patients right from your clinical notes and automatically receive an e-prescription record in the notes.

Valant's software will also automatically check for drug interactions and allergies with CoverMyMeds, and automatically send the patient notices when their prescriptions are ready.


Valant's EHR has an integrated Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) with PDMP databases in 43 states and the District of Columbia. This integration allows you to intervene at the earliest sign of controlled substance abuse, adhere to state regulations, and provide greater efficiency.

PDMP provides you with critical information regarding your patient's controlled substance prescription history to distinguish between patients seeking drug abuse and patients who need opioid medications for pain relief.

Treatment Planning

Valant provides you with a user-friendly treatment planning solution that creates a live document within your clinical notes. You can build an initial plan at intake and continually update it over time with treatment modifications and your patient's progress.

Valant automatically generates a treatment plan template in your clinical notes and suggests to you a tree of problems, goals, objectives, and interventions associated with the patient's diagnosis. You can also customize your own treatment plan template to your preference.


Valant offers an eLabs solution that allows you to run lab orders from your clinical notes and receive the results automatically in your patient's chart. Valant designs its eLabs in a format specific for behavioral health and provides you with a convenient paper option in the case that you do not have enough lab request volume. You can create your own lab request templates and customize them to your practice's needs.

Clinical Reporting

Valant grants you the power of clinical reporting within its EHR software, which you can utilize to generate reports on a variety of items, and breakdown data points on a client's treatment length, patient numbers with a specific diagnosis, retention rates, a patient's treatment effectiveness and much more.

The software allows you to view all undocumented appointments and unsigned documents, so you can update them as soon as you can to keep all your appointments documented, signed, and organized.



Valant provides you with a high-quality telehealth solution to remotely provide care for your patients. Its telehealth solution offers you secure and HIPAA-compliant virtual visits that include safeguards like advanced authentication on both sides to ensure the session's compliance and security. Your patients can use the patient portal to join their virtual sessions without the need to download any software.

Practice Management


Valant's billing feature automatically generates a bill component when a service is scheduled. Its user-friendly software can track overdue claims and provides you with access to a wide range of insurance providers. Valant's billing features provide you with:

  • One-click auto-posting for returned EHR claims
  • A "superbill" statement generator for the patient portal
  • All necessary documentation for out-of-network patients to submit their own insurance claims
  • Color-coding to sort overdue, unbilled, and in-process claims


The sophisticated scheduler solution does more than act as a calendar for your appointments. Valant's Scheduler allows you to:

  • Accept a credit card payment
  • View billing charges
  • Go to the patient chart
  • Update or review patient demographics
  • Assign outcome measures to your client to complete prior to their visit
  • Start or re-open your clinical documentation
  • Initiate a telehealth session

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Valant's system has an integrated credit card processing system that provides your patients with the ability to pay their bills online through the patient portal. The system can save your patients' credit card details and securely encrypt them in their accounts so you can facilitate future or recurring payments more easily.

Performance Reporting

Valant provides you with detailed performance reporting that you can leverage to fine-tune your practice. You can receive reports on the most relevant information regarding billing, productivity, client outcomes, scheduling, etc. You can use such reports to identify your practices' strengths and weaknesses and, in turn, develop a plan to address such weaknesses.

The software also provides you with an automated payroll calculator that auto-generates reports showcasing exactly what you need to enter into your payroll system.

Patient Experience

Patient Portal

The patient portal packs rich features that will keep your patients engaged and satisfied. The patient portal packs several self-service features, which include:

  • Confirming appointments
  • Requesting new appointments
  • Making online payments
  • Updating demographic information
  • Securely messaging provider
  • Telehealth visits
  • Electronically signing intake paperwork and forms
  • Completing outcome measures
  • And much more.

Price and Customer Support

Valant offers flexible pricing that is tailored to the size and needs of your practice. It does not advertise any fixed plans or prices, as it encourages you to reach their team to discuss your best price and package.

You can also request a free live demo to see the software in action yourself before committing to a subscription. You can reach their team through live chat on their official website or by submitting a ticket from their Contact Us page.

Final Thoughts

Valant is a top-tier mental and behavioral health software provider. It packs an inclusive set of rich features that provide you with everything you need to manage your practice's operations, from intake to prescription and treatment planning, billing, and much more. Valant promises a difference in your practices' operation quality with its sophisticated software. You can request a live demo from their website to see it all in action.

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