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Fly High With CallTower’s UC in the Cloud

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Fly High With CallTower’s UC in the Cloud
What does CallTower provide?

Updated: March 5, 2024

CallTower is a cloud-hosted unified communications service that aims to help businesses connect better with their clients. Besides catering to multiple business sizes, the service has an enterprise-grade suite of solutions, including a contact center, video conferencing, and multiple UCaaS and PBX solutions.

Read our review to learn more about this company and determine whether or not they're a reliable platform for your business. In this review, we will cover their main features, their pricing structure, the advantages they can provide, any challenges you may need to consider, and real-world customer feedback.


Supports all business sizes
Excellent customer support options
Enterprise-grade suite of solutions, including contact center, video conferencing, and multiple UCaaS and PBX solutions.


The company doesn't offer a free version or a free trial
Lack of transparency

Quick Stats

Free Video Conferencing
Not Available
Not disclosed
Business Size Supported
Transparent Pricing
Not Available
Pricing Model
Customer Experience
Trustpilot Score
BBB Rating

Their History  

Founded in 2002 in South Jordan, Utah, CallTower is a technology company offering multiple solutions to different business sizes and industries, making them one of the leaders in the field since their inception. In addition, the company provides their support through live chat, phone, and email support.

For client businesses, CallTower offers, integrates, and supports market-leading cloud-based Unified Communications and collaboration tools like Cisco® HCS, Webex, Microsoft® Teams Direct Routing, Office 365, Enterprise Hosted Skype for Business, CT Cloud Voice, CT Cloud Boost, CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom, and a Cloud Contact Center.

CallTower Services & Solutions

Hosted UCaaS solutions include integrated communications with Microsoft, CISCO, and CT Cloud. All VoIP services maintain security and allow smooth connections with clients. The company achieves their goals by equipping users with full access to management tools, an all-in-one user portal, and an end-to-end private cloud environment.

Secure UCaaS solutions

Security is essential when dealing with customers' information, mainly when the communications include sharing financial or personal information.

If your choice falls on CallTower VoIP solutions, security isn't something you should worry about; the company allows you to manage your VoIP system from one platform, making it easy to monitor everything from one place. They use end-to-end private cloud environments and fast troubleshooting options to fix any technical problem quickly. 

UCaaS and PBX solutions

CT has various communication tools to support businesses; CallTower's solutions include hosted Microsoft Solutions, CISCO Solutions, and CT Cloud Solutions.

Microsoft Solutions are dynamic and scalable communication solutions hosted on a single platform. You can guarantee your clients the best customer experience using CallTower’s monitoring, management, and support services.

CISCO Solutions: CISCO offers one of the most secure IP telephone systems and ultimate unified communications (UC) capability for all small or large businesses. These solutions are empowered with easy-to-use tools that support mobility, messaging, conferencing, and presence management.

CT Cloud Services: CallTower Cloud gives high flexibility in managing communications and takes productivity to the next level using secure business communications solutions. CT Cloud Voice is a powerful UC application that extends business telephonic services directly to an end user’s laptop, desktop, or portable device or handset. This is ideal for mobile and remote workers, who are increasingly using their devices.

User portal: CallTower Connect

Connect is the user portal created and developed in-house by CallTower's team of experts. Through this proprietary system, users can manage all aspects of their system by themselves without hiring an outside technical consultant. The platform is simple and has it all in one place, with the ability to contact one of the company's representatives to solve any technical issue. Users can easily manage many phone features on one platform and customize their business phone system to meet their expectations.

One of the company's administrators or end-users launched the platform from a web browser and mobile application to manage and add Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, CT Cloud Voice, CT Cloud SIP, and many email and conferencing solutions.

Productivity tools

To manage your business, guarantee the best performance, and measure productivity, CT offers a suite of productivity tools to keep an eye on how your business is performing.

Office 365: Microsoft Office 365 is a cost-effective cloud-based solution that keeps your applications, communications, and information secure. Enterprises of all sizes can find them an efficient option to have many communication options, from online video meetings to sharing documents to business-class email.

CT Cloud FAX: Receiving faxes on Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and numerous other email services is possible thanks to CallTower's cloud-hosted fax service. The good news is that your business won't need any dedicated hardware or fax lines to receive and send faxes.

Attendant Console: The attendant console allows users to interact and see Skype for Business users, making it easy to transfer calls. The Skype for Business voice option requires 1 minute of installation and no additional servers.

CT Cloud Unite: The CallTower Cloud Unite integrates with many applications, offering a standard set of features, including address book, history lists, contact popping, note-taking, call preview, activity logging, and click-to-dial features.

Contact center

CallTower offers five different contact center solutions: CallTower Cloud Contact Center, Five9, Solgari, and Cisco Webex. They are feature-rich and give your people the tools they require for robust and reliable connections.

The CallTower Cloud Contact Center option enhances operations by minimizing IT reliance, simplifying training, and streamlining workflow processes.

The Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC) suite gives your agents the tools to communicate with customers while delivering your business's desired results.  

Networking solutions

CallTower has multiple networking solutions, including voice redundancy, CT cloud SIP, CT cloud boost, and an analyzer.

CallTower’s voice redundancy solutions keep your business up and running. Outages and downtime cost you time and money. You deserve multiple paths to ensure 100% voice uptime.

CT cloud SIP trunking provides features such as emergency calls, directory listing, and caller name. CallTower's SIP friends have the most popular features and provide concurrent calls equal to twice the number of direct inward dialings.

CT Cloud Boost guarantees that companies supporting Internet connectivity for critical cloud-based applications, such as hosted VoIP for phones and virtual private networks for branch connectivity, have a high-quality experience.

CT Cloud Analyze is a product that CallTower offers. It lets users make the most of their unified communications system by providing real-time data analytics.

Video conferencing

CT Cloud Meeting, powered by Zoom, is a cloud video conferencing and collaboration solution for desktop and mobile. This option ensures you'll always have crystal-clear audio, high-quality video calls, and screen sharing, besides instant messaging.

Full access to all management tools

This feature reduces the workload by giving administrators full access to managing micro tasks and making changes as required. The dashboard allows changes related to call forwarding, password management, Skype for Business conference PIN changes, and many others.

Plans & Pricing

Unfortunately, the cost isn't disclosed on the website, but if you think CallTower can be a good fit for your business, you'll need to reach out and find your best solutions based on your business needs and the number of employees. Make sure to ask for all the necessary information before signing any documents.


  • Integrated communication: The unified communications approach consolidates various communication channels into one platform. This integration enhances efficiency and simplifies the user experience
  • Global connectivity: CallTower's VoIP system provides the necessary infrastructure for seamless communication across borders for businesses with a worldwide footprint
  • Flexibility: Users can make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection, promoting flexible work arrangements and remote communication


CallTower offers various communication options, but there are some drawbacks to consider. One of them is the lack of transparency in their pricing and features. Without clear information about what each plan includes, cost, and full features, businesses may struggle to evaluate and decide about the provider.

It’s important to note that although we have discovered one drawback in this company, it does not necessarily mean there are no others. We highly recommend contacting previous and current customers to better understand the company's quality of service.

User Reviews

User ratings, often available on platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other relevant websites, provide valuable insights into the user experience. However, it’s difficult to gauge customer satisfaction as this provider has no BBB or TrustPilot profile. 

On G2, they have a 4.5 out of 5 rating. Customer reviews of CallTower praise the efficiency and friendliness of the company's customer support representatives. Customers love CallTower's responsive and friendly support staff, who always stand by to answer any queries or resolve any problems. The organization's help with setup, configuration, and general support throughout the process has earned them recognition. 

Customers also praise CallTower's efficiency and user-friendliness, particularly the company's capacity to handle ever-evolving technology via the intuitive CallTower Connect platform, which reduces the administrative burden and saves time. 

On the other hand, problems with payment, service outages, and cancellation procedures are common themes in evaluations of CallTower. According to several consumers who experienced issues with the process, cancellation requests were not immediately answered or acknowledged. 

Other points of concern include billing issues, such as inaccurate invoicing and difficulties in transferring service ownership. Some customers have also expressed dissatisfaction due to lengthy, poorly explained, or supported service disruptions.

CallTower has responded to the complaints in an understanding and helpful manner; they provide clear and concise explanations regarding the steps to address the issue.

Customer Support & Training

You can contact their sales team through their phone number at (800) 347-5444. In addition, current users have access to the support portal for 24/7 support options.

The company has links to the company's social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Users or potential customers can also refer to the resources, where you can choose from many options, including FAQs, webinars, bill centers, terms and conditions, and many videos and training materials.


CloudTower is an all-in-one communication provider that offers a handful of features to make business communications more reliable and efficient. Services presented by the company include Microsoft Teams, Cisco Solutions, and CT Cloud, with plans that are jam-packed with features and serve every business size.

CallTower's VoIP system stands as a formidable player in the realm of communication solutions. With their commitment to reliability, advanced features, and a customer-centric approach, CallTower caters to the diverse needs of businesses seeking a robust and scalable communication platform.

CallTower is a viable choice for businesses aiming to improve their communication infrastructure, offering advantages such as global connectivity and integrated communication, despite concerns regarding their lack of transparency.

Choosing CallTower's VoIP system depends on each business's unique requirements and preferences. By carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages outlined in this review, you can make a better decision that aligns with your communication. For more options, read our reviews, compare different providers against each other on our comparison pages, and learn more about VoIP on our blog.

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