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How Click-to-Call Impacts the Customer Experience

How Click-to-Call Impacts the Customer ExperienceHow Click-to-Call Impacts the Customer Experience
is customer experience enhanced with click-to-call?

Updated: March 17, 2024

Click-to-call is when a link or button is used to make a phone call from an app or website. It’s also known as click-to-talk and click-to-dial. This important feature makes it easier for customers to contact a business.

Use this blog post to learn more about the impact of click-to-call on the customer experience. This way, you can determine if click-to-call is a good way for customers to contact your business.


Understanding Click-To-Call

The click-to-call button is added to your website or app using HTML code. It usually links to text, an image, or a button to make real-time calls. Customers who click the link can enter their phone number and request an immediate callback.

Meanwhile, information such as their name and the page they are visiting is collected for the representative. Customers do not, however, manually enter this information because the API automatically collects it. Next, the web form uses HTTP to return the customer's phone call.

Using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to make real-time calls is the crucial click-to-call feature, allowing customers to reach your staff without exiting your website or app. By making your business easily accessible, your customers will know you want to help them. Furthermore, the ability to collect relevant information without putting a customer on hold with repeated ads shows your business is focused on their needs.

There was once a time when click-to-call was manually added to websites with HTML code. Nowadays, it’s just as easy to install the feature as it is to make a phone call. The installation process can be as simple as adding a WordPress plug-in, while some click-to-call platforms can be integrated with Facebook ads, Squarespace, and Shopify.

Impact of Click-to-Call on Customer Experience

How does click-to-call enhance connections?

Seamless connections

Customers put on hold for too long may start looking at the competition, but they can focus on other tasks while waiting for a callback with click-to-call. It also saves time because their relevant information is collected, allowing a representative to address their questions and concerns immediately.

Many companies have improved customer-focused communications and connection experiences with click-to-call integration.

For example, 1-800-FLOWERS installed click-to-call with Google AdWords and saw a 7% increase in cross-device conversions. This means the conversions started and ended on different devices.

IHG, the hospitality group, added click-to-call to mobile paid ads. As a result, mobile click-to-call ads made up about 40 percent of the company's global mobile marketing revenue.

Increased customer satisfaction

Few things are as frustrating for customers as waiting hours or days for a resolution. Click-to-call is designed to provide an immediate callback, so customers never have to worry about waiting all day to resolve the issue.

The ease of getting in touch with a representative builds customer trust because their needs are taken seriously. Customers do not have to close or switch programs to manually dial a phone number, making it easier to keep them focused on your business. After installing click-to-call on your app or website, keep track of the satisfaction metrics. Click-to-call is known for increasing conversion rates and ROI.

Personalized engagement

Personalized engagement with click-to-call is a great way to make customers feel special. Remember, the API automatically collects your customer's relevant information. Your representative uses this information to personalize the conversation by addressing them by name. Many customers find personal engagement more comfortable than hearing a generic greeting after hours of being on hold.

Alternative Airlines is one company that uses personalized engagement to appeal to customers. For instance, they use a VoIP solution to create messages that make customers feel welcome. Representatives know who to call back and how to help them book their trip, finding resolutions in just half the time.

Cozy Earth, the luxury sleep brand, is successful because of the click-to-call API. Representatives can view notes as calls come in, allowing them to tailor the call to that specific customer. Using click-to-call also enables them to increase brand loyalty by immediately addressing questions and concerns.

Efficient multichannel communication

Multichannel communication allows customers to contact representatives through various channels, including phone calls, email, live chat, and social media.

One example is using a "mailto" button to send an email through a website, blog, or app. When a customer clicks the link, a form opens in an email platform like Outlook or Gmail. On the other hand, you can install a click-to-chat button on your page, allowing customers to open a live chat quickly.

If you want to use social media, you can install a click-to-call button through paid ads or a unique URL on your posts.

Benefits of multichannel communication

Using multichannel communication is beneficial for both customers and your business. Customers who can choose their communication channel are most likely to return and tell others about your reliable support. Building trust is necessary for generating leads and increasing your revenue.

Examples of effective multichannel communication

Imagine a customer who needs immediate support but dreads phone calls. Now, they feel anxious and frustrated over their issue. Instead of feeling forced to make the call, they can use a one-click solution to talk to a representative through email or live chat.

On the contrary, another customer may prefer a verbal conversation and a quick response to a phone call. They can bypass email and live chat by using the click-to-call button on their mobile phone.

Moreover, the ability to use multichannel communication is helpful for diverse needs and environments, from the hearing impaired to a crowded cafe.

Innovations in Click-to-Call Technology

Click-to-call technology is constantly evolving to meet the needs of various markets. In addition to multichannel solutions, there are a few click-to-call innovations to consider for your business.

  • Call recording: Call recording is used for quality assurance and training purposes. You can also use the recorded calls to evaluate your representatives' performance
  • AI and automation: Use AI-powered chatbots to gather relevant information before connecting customers to the right representative for the job
  • Visual engagement: Click-to-calls that lead to video chats can use screen sharing to make it easier for representatives to help customers solve the problem

Businesses can stay ahead by adding these innovations as soon as possible. The key is to attract customers before the competition while building trust and loyalty.

How to Implement Click-To-Call in Your Business

What are the steps to implement click-to-call?

Integrating Click-To-Call Functionality

While you can use plug-ins to install click-to-call buttons, you should still learn how to add click-to-call with HTML code.

1. Open the HTML editor for your website builder. The name and location of the editor depend on the program
2. Select the custom HTML or custom code setting
3. Choose the designated spot for your click-to-call link, such as the bottom of your webpage
4. Type the HTML link tag in the designated spot
5. Type "tel:" and your business phone number between the quotation marks, removing the dashes and spaces.
6. Create a call-to-action between the start and end tags, such as Call us today!

Remember to remove all the spaces in the HTML code. Additionally, test the code to ensure it works.

Optimizing Click-To-Call for Customer Experience

There are several ways to get the most out of click-to-call and improve the overall customer experience.

  • Team training: Train your team to create a positive customer experience, including immediate callbacks, personalized greetings, and prompt solutions
  • Easy access: Your click-to-call button should be easily accessible to customers on various pages, from your landing page and blog to your social media accounts
  • Multichannel communications: Offer multichannel communications for customers who prefer specific means of contact, such as phone calls, emails, and live chat
  • Marketing: Provide a click-to-call button in marketing copies, such as email newsletters.
  • On-hold messaging: Record on-hold messages with business hours, prices, and offered services. This way, customers can obtain the essential information they need
  • Limit call hours: Unless you have 24-hour staff, limit your calls to operation hours to reduce voicemail recordings and endless ringing for customers

Challenges & Solutions

What are the challenges of click-to-call?

Common challenges in implementing click-to-call

  • Broken HTML code: If the text link, button, or graphic is not showing up or working correctly, the HTML code may be broken
  • Faulty click-to-call plug-in: The plug-in used on WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, or other website builders may also be broken
  • Lack of calls: Some customers may feel uncomfortable with phone calls, causing them to visit the competition
  • Poor CTA: A poor call-to-action may not lead to customers clicking on your click-to-call button. For example, "Call us to book a reservation today" may be too much for your button

Strategies and solutions for these challenges

  • Double-check HTML code: Double-check the code before launching click-to-call. There should not be any dashes or spaces within the code. Fortunately, you can easily find the correct HTML code online
  • Use another plug-in: If you use a free plug-in, explore other options. For paid plug-ins, contact support immediately. Learning the manual HTML code is also helpful in this situation
  • Multichannel communication: Provide multichannel communication to appeal to various needs
  • Keep the CTA simple: Keep the call-to-action simple with "Call us now," "Call now," or the telephone number, which is enough to lead to clicks

Boost Your Business With Click-To-Call Options

Most businesses embrace digital solutions, and click-to-call is a huge part of customer service. Customers can reach your business and request an immediate callback with just one click. The API of your click-to-call platform collects the information your representative needs to find a quick resolution.

Furthermore, multichannel communication, such as live chat, email, and social media, provides additional one-click solutions for customers. Paired with personalized engagement, customers feel comfortable contacting your business.

Whether you offer airline reservations, dog training, or customized apparel, embracing click-to-call is essential for enhancing customer service and running a successful business.

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