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Preferred Warranties Inc. Review

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Preferred Warranties Inc. Review

Preferred Warranties Inc. ReviewPreferred Warranties Inc. Review


Approved claims require five working days or less to be paid
Multiple protection plans to choose from
24/7 roadside assistance with all plans except Powersports and Budget


Preferred Warranties offers plans for used vehicles only

Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Cancelation option
Not disclosed
Customer Experience
Maintenance coverage
Maximum mileage
Not disclosed
Money-back guarantee
Not disclosed
Number of extended warranty plans available
5 plans and might vary based on the state
Repair Shop Choice
Yes (Any licensed repair shop in the US or Canada)
Term limits
Trustpilot Score
Waiting period

Preferred Warranties Inc. is an extended warranty provider that first offered its services in 1992. The company is a subsidiary that is owned by the parent company, Kingsway Financial, a publicly traded holding company.

Extended warranty providers have witnessed a significant demand for their services from both new and pre-owned car owners. The increased demand was greatly associated with people becoming more aware of how important it is to get their vehicle protected, especially when they experience a car breakdown and have to pay for the repairs all out of their own pockets. However, it’s not that easy to decide on a service that fits the budget yet provides good plans. This is where our reviews step forth; in this review, we’ll be walking you through Preferred Warranties Inc. plans, cost, customer support, and more so that you can find out if it’s a good fit for you.

What Does Preferred Warranties Inc. Have to Offer?

1. Around-the-clock customer support
2. 24/7 roadside assistance with all plans except Powersports and Budget
3. Approved claims require five working days or less to be paid
4. ASE-certified claims adjusters
5. Multiple protection plans to choose from

Preferred Warranties Inc. deals with trusted and dependable dealerships across the US. The service is available all across the fifty states, and based on your selected plan, you’ll be able to get 24/7 roadside assistance and a handful of covered repairs.

The claim process is simple, and approved ones take five working days or less to be paid, and you can choose between checks or credit cards to receive your money. This option must be filled out when you complete the claim form available on the website.

Preferred Warranties Inc. Protection Plans

Preferred Warranties, Inc. has a multitude of protection plans, which might vary based on the state and the vehicle’s condition. You can use your regular repair facility as long as it’s licensed and located in the US or Canada. If the repair facility doesn’t accept direct payments, you can pay the facility, and Preferred Warranties Inc. will reimburse you.

Let’s now take a look at what the company covers and under which plans:

Powertrain Plan

You can get an idea of the repairs covered with this plan, but for the complete list of repairs, it’s better to visit the website and read through the contract in more detail. Repairs that go under this plan are:

  • All internally lubricated engine parts
  • Seals and gaskets
  • All internally lubricated transmission parts
  • Fluids and filters
  • Deferential, including bearings, pinion gears, spacers, spider gears, and side gears.

Base Plan

This plan covers all repairs mentioned earlier under the Powertrain Plan, plus the following:

  • Engine: Flywheel/flexplate and water pump
  • Suspension: Ball joints, control arms, radius arm and bushings, coil and leaf spring, spindle/knuckle, stabilizer bar bushings and links, suspension air compressor
  • Drive axle: CV joints, universal joints and wheel bearings
  • Fluids and filters: Freon included with a covered A/C repair
  • Brakes: Calipers, master cylinder, vacuum power assist booster, wheel cylinders
  • Steering all internal parts: Steering gearbox, steering rack, and pinion unit
  • Electrical: Alternator, electric radiator cooling fan motor, power door lock actuator, power seat motors, power window motors, starter motor, starter solenoid, voltage regulator, windshield wiper motor, front, and rear
  • Air conditioning: Accumulator, clutch bearing, compressor, compressor clutch, compressor seals, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve, idler pulley, receiver/drier
  • Cooling system: Radiator, thermostat, fan clutch


Plus Plan

The third protection plan presented by Preferred Warranties Inc. is the Plus Plan, which covers all Base Plan repairs, added to the following:

  • Engine: Engine mounts, harmonic balancer and bolt, oil pan, timing, and valve covers, vacuum pump
  • Turbo (All internal parts
  • Electrical: Convertible top power motor, electronic ignition module, idle air control motor, idle air control valve, ignition coil pack, ignition distributor, ignition management controls
  • Transmission: Transmission mounts, transmission oil pan ABS, accumulator, electronic control processor, hydraulic pump, isolation dump valve, motor assembly
  • Steering: Electric power steering motor, primary and intermediate steering shafts and couplings, power steering pump, steering column, steering shaft pivot joint
  • Electrical: Keyless entry transmitter and receiver, power mirror motor, power mirror motor switch, power seat switch, power window switch, windshield washer pumps, front and rear Fuel delivery system: Diesel fuel injectors, diesel fuel pumps, fluid pressure regulator, fuel injection control module, gas fuel injectors, gas fuel pump


Extra Mile Plan

This plan is specialized for vehicles with a factory warranty remaining. Repairs included are the ones we mentioned under Plus Plan, besides any deductible for repairs covered by factory warranty.


Premier Plan

This is the most comprehensive plan offered by Preferred Warranties Inc.; it covers everything covered by the previous plans as well as any additional repairs. The website lists a number of repairs that the Premier Plan does not cover. Anything other than the following is considered part of the plan’s coverage:

  • Hybrid vehicle battery
  • Repairs to meet emissions standards
  • Aftermarket accessories
  • Headlamps, upholstery, window glass, trim, moldings, convertible tops, paint, flexible body parts and sheet metal, bumpers, door panels, and handles
  • Normal maintenance parts such as engine tune-ups, batteries, filters, fluids, wiper blades, and tires
  • Regular maintenance services as recommended by the manufacturer


How to File a Claim

You can file a claim online or by phone at 8552681249, and you’ll get your money back within five working days or less once the claim is accepted. The online claim form is available on the website and requires a few minutes to fill out. Information you need to provide includes Your name, address, contact number, email address, vehicle identification number, breakdown date, breakdown mileage, repair facility name, address, phone number, and hours of operation.

Customer Support

Customer service is available by phone at 855.268.1249. or by email at [email protected] from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. MST.If you need roadside assistance, call 866.222.7869.

Customers can also send their feedback with suggestions or ideas for better service or read other customers' reviews about the service and how they would rate their experience with Preferred Warranties Inc.'s services.

Final Thoughts

Preferred Warranties Inc. has flexible protection options to cover almost all budgets and cases. If you decided on Preferred Warranties, you'd need to check the contract for the detailed coverage and all included repairs.



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