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Ox Car Care Costs Per Month: What to Expect

Ox Car Care Costs Per Month: What to ExpectOx Car Care Costs Per Month: What to Expect

Published: June 15th, 2023

Are you in the market for an extended auto warranty but are unsure of what to expect from auto warranty costs? If you are budget-minded, you might be looking at Ox Car Care. They offer a range of plans that cater to customers’ specific needs and monthly budgets, but do they fit your budget?

In this post, we will tell you more about Ox Car Care, their different plans and features, and discuss how much you’re likely to be charged per month for their policies. We will also discuss what to expect if you have to pay out of pocket for an average repair to help you make an informed decision. We think you will find this valuable if you’re considering buying a policy from Ox Car Care.

Understanding Ox Car Care

Ox Car Care offers a range of extended auto warranties with levels of coverage that cater to different monthly budgets and needs. The warranty provider covers regular maintenance services, repairs, roadside assistance, and courtesy towing. Monthly costs vary depending on factors such as the vehicle’s age, condition, make and model, mileage, and the level of coverage you need.

Customers can access their accounts online or by phone. According to customer reviews on BBB (Better Business Bureau), Ox Car Care's general customer satisfaction level is excellent; however, there are also negative reviews about their customer service and claim processing speeds. If you are looking for peace of mind, read through the sample contracts that Ox Car Care provides on their site, as they will give you a better idea of what to expect from their repair, service, and reimbursement options.

Comparing Costs for the Different Plans

Ox Car Care advertises three levels of plans on their site, which are suited for different coverage requirements. They are the Diamond, Platinum, and Gold plans, in order from most to least comprehensive and expensive. The Diamond plan, for example, is the one they recommend for newer cars because it covers all major parts plus such things as high-tech electrical, anti-lock brakes, and hybrid electronics, among other high-tech parts. They may have other plan tiers they don’t advertise, ranging all the way from a more stripped down Basic plan to an Ultimate plan that covers the newest, highest-technology vehicles and parts.

Choosing to cover your car with an extended auto warranty might seem like a luxury. We break down your costs at Ox Car Care to make your decision easier.

Plans come with deductibles that range from $100 to $250 per claim, and there are sometimes limits on how much of a repair or reimbursement they cover. However, most plans will include free regular maintenance services like oil changes and tire rotations, limited emergency roadside assistance in case of breakdowns or accidents, and rental car reimbursement while your vehicle is being repaired. Find out more about the plans by reading our review of Ox Car Care.

Monthly premium ranges

Ox Car Care does not openly disclose plan prices online, as they want you to call them or get on their site to request a personalized quote. They prefer to call you to discuss your case individually. Therefore, we have done our own research on range averages of the plans' fees.

We have found that the plans with the lowest range of monthly payments are between $40-$60 a month. Through our research, we understand that this might be an introductory price range for the lowest plan tier, such as the Gold and possibly a lower-tier plan. We found that some customers may even be paying between $65-$120 monthly for a Gold plan, especially if their vehicles are newer, more technologically complex, or are commercial vehicles. However, we understand that signing on for a longer term— for example, 5 years instead of 2—as well as paying more up-front, may reduce the average monthly payment amount.

We tell you what you can expect to pay monthly if you're covered by Ox Car Care.

As for the Platinum and Diamond plans, you might find them quoted as between $70-$100 by some sources, but as with Gold this might be the starting off point for monthly rates. We have found them to be more expensive in most cases, although there is a lot of overlap between those two plans as far as premiums go. Our research shows that a Platinum plan typically starts at $120 a month, while a Diamond plan may be upwards of $200 a month. Generally, expect to pay between  $120 a month to $250, possibly more; especially if for the newest flagship truck model, for example. 

We should note that we have no information on how much you'd pay in surcharge fees for either the Ride Share or Modification optional packages, but we assume those fees are included in the above, total price ranges. So, as you can see, while Ox Car Care does present as a budget-friendly choice, their plans could get pricey the more features and services have to be added.

The Possible Expenses You Could Face

The true value of a warranty comes in the savings it gives you. We think it might be useful to look at how much big-ticket parts could cost to replace versus how much Ox Car Care may cover of that for you. Keep in mind that prices will vary greatly based on whether the part is used, remanufactured, or brand new.

For starters, the average car transmission replacement can set you back between $1,800 to $3,400. A replacement engine’s price, on the other hand, can vary greatly between $2,000 to $10,000. If you’re changing your car’s suspension, you could be paying $1,000 or all the way up to $5,000. Of course, all of these prices depend on the make and model of your vehicle, and do not factor in labor costs.

Costs for repairs can really add up. Would an extended auto warranty from Ox Car Care help?

Not all parts are such big-ticket items. Brakes or wheel bearings, for example, might cost you between $100 and $500 per axle. A typical smaller expense, tires will set you back between $50-$300 per tire, although there are specialty brands that go for higher prices. Of course, there are some parts whose prices fall in the moderate range, like a car’s water pump, which ranges between $300-$1500. Please note that owners of trucks and other commercial vehicles sometimes report being charged more for their parts, which is why Ox Car Care might also charge you more monthly to cover those vehicles.

We think that when you factor in incurring any number of these costs over the term of your policy, it might make having an extended warranty policy worthwhile. The question is: Does an Ox Car Care plan offer that kind of value for you?

The Real Picture: Is an Ox Car Care Policy Worth It?

We think there are two main questions that you need to ask yourself. The first question is, “can I afford the monthly premiums?”  In our research we have found that there is a lot of variability in plan prices. That’s because Ox Car Care uses a quote-based system, and they treat each customer differently based on their circumstances.

That means that they take in factors like how new your car is, how complicated it is to repair and maintain, how long you want to cover it, and your driving habits, among other things. They also might take into consideration your budget constraints, and whether you are a senior citizen, disabled, or a veteran.  For example, we have found that a senior customer whose car is over 7 years old might pay as much monthly for a Platinum plan that another customer might pay for a newer car on a Gold plan.

The second question we would ask ourselves as potential Ox Car Care policy buyers is, “will they pay for all my expenses?” It seems that Ox Car Care, when it covers any replacement or repair items, will pay up to a certain limit, minus the deductible. In our research, we found that sometimes means they will communicate with the repair center to find out if there is a less expensive, possibly used or remanufactured, part.

By and large, we understand that they have a good record of fulfilling claims. In fact, according to a 2022 study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Ox Car Care fulfilled 98% of claims filed the past year—higher than the industry average of 95%. When there is an issue processing a claim, Ox Car Care will often mention incomplete communication from the repair shops or clients as a reason for a claim not being handled quickly; or that repair being not covered by the client’s contract. So, as we like to say, read the contract carefully and make sure your service center follows all procedures to the letter.

Being an informed consumer means waying all the pros and cons of an expense like an extended auto warranty.

Making the Best Decision for Yourself

We think that Ox Car Care offers a lot of value to its policyholders. They will work with you to get you the best quote for a monthly premium that fits your budget as well as your vehicle’s characteristics and requirements. We recommend that you take your time in deciding whether to accept a quote and take into account factors like what expenses you might face and how much they will cost you.

For example, you may expect that your vehicle maintenance, including oil changes and tire rotation, will cost you $200 per year, but what about unexpected expenses? If you have a 2015 Ford Focus and need to replace your engine, you are looking at around $2000 for a certified remanufactured part. A similar transmission will cost you $2,500, while a suspension kit will set you back another $500, at least. Would you benefit from being covered for these part costs as well as the labor costs, after deductibles, and from being covered for 24/7 roadside assistance? And if you drive on hazardous roads, would you benefit from up to $600 in reimbursements for tire replacements?

Every car and car owner’s monthly budget is different, so this is a decision you have to come to on your own. We think there’s a lot of value there for your buck in all the plans, but we urge you to do your own research and make the best informed decision independently.

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