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Ox Car Care's Gold Plan: Affordable Protection

Ox Car Care's Gold Plan: Affordable ProtectionOx Car Care's Gold Plan: Affordable Protection
Want to cover essential parts under your car's hood? Maybe a powertrain warranty plan, like Gold, is right for you!

Published: July 23rd, 2023

If you own a car that you regularly use and rely on, you want to make sure your vehicle is running optimally. One of the best ways to ensure your car stays in good condition is by investing in an extended auto warranty policy. Such plans come in many cost and coverage levels, but say you want something basic that covers the most important parts of your car: What do you choose then? Ox Car Care offers a suitable option in their Gold plan, a "powertrain plus" plan aimed at budget-conscious customers. Would it be worth your investment?


In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the Gold plan to review its features and costs, then compare it with the other plans at Ox Car Care and with the top warranty providers. Read on to see if this is the right coverage for you.

Ox Car Care Coverage

Ox Car Care, a relatively new company providing car warranty coverage in the United States, prides itself on being affordable and accepting of a wide variety of vehicle types, conditions, and mileages. Also, unlike some providers, they are the original providers and administrators of their own vehicle service contracts (VSCs) or agreements, meaning that they are your direct line of contact and administer all services in-house. However, while the company is headquartered in Irvine, California, there is no specific information online about whether they sell mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) there.

BBB accreditation & feedback from reviewers

Ox Car Care receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is BBB-accredited. However, they get mixed customer reviews, where some may complain about unresponsive or slow customer support, as well as coverage confusion or claim denials. However, they seem to take customer satisfaction as a priority and have a good track record of responding to customer's negative reviews and complaints. Their many positive reviews tout their staff's helpfulness, excellent customer service, and cost savings.

Their offered plans

Ox Car Care advertises three different plans on their website: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Their Gold plan is their basic coverage package, while Diamond stands for their best coverage. The company does not go into much detail online about coverage criteria, nor do they specifically provide potential costs. You would have to go to their website and submit a request for a free quote, which they will tailor to your vehicle's specifications and your situation, requirements, and location. They do, however, supply you with sample contracts for each of their plans online.

Gold Plan: What Does It Cover?

The Ox Car Care Gold plan covers the usual aspects of a basic vehicle warranty. They bill it as a powertrain plus program, and it is meant to protect you for repairs due to mechanical breakdowns, which could be quite costly if you have to pay out of pocket.

In the event of a breakdown, you would be covered for the engine (gas/diesel and rotary), transmission, transfer case, drive axles, as well as seals and gaskets if required with another covered component. The contract spells out all the sub-components that are covered and everything that is excluded from coverage, so make sure to read it carefully to see if Gold meets your needs.

There are some optional packages you may choose to add on after paying a surcharge. These are the Ride Share option, which allows you to use your car as an Uber or Lyft, and the Modification option, which covers you after altering vehicle height, emissions controls, fuel efficiency, and so on. Some other providers' VSC plans may not cover you at all under these circumstances, so these can add significant value.

As with other service contracts, there are also some general benefits included with this policy. You would get 24-hour roadside assistance and towing, with up to three roadside services per year. Roadside assistance perks include emergency fluid delivery, flat tire assistance, battery jump-starts, lockout service, and an information hotline for non-emergency situations. You may also receive up to $150 per tire in reimbursements if they are damaged by a "road hazard", as well as some rental car reimbursements. If you need repairs, Ox Car Care's policy allows you to choose your dealership or any auto repair facility, as long as it's licensed, and deductibles can vary between $100-$250 per repair.

You should check the contract to see that it meets all your coverage needs.
You should check the contract to see that it meets all your coverage needs.

What does it not cover?

The Gold plan offers a good range of coverage, but there are key exceptions to keep in mind. Not all associated components will be covered under the aforementioned parts categories, and there are also some general exclusions and limitations to be aware of. You would not be covered in cases of accidents, negligence, intentional tampering, and misuse, as well as for pre-existing conditions and wear and tear damage. Recalled parts or manufacturer's defects are also excluded from coverage, although if your repairs involve those, the provider may reimburse you for some towing and rental car expenses and for the difference in deductible from your manufacturer.

If you use your car for "commercial" uses, aside from rideshare, or if it has a "branded title", then they will not accept it for coverage. Note that their service agreement covers repairs up to a maximum of $7,500.00 or the "cash value" of your vehicle, whichever is less. For that reason, they can require shops to put in used or cheaper replacement parts. Also note that you will be responsible for the sales tax.

As with other warranty companies, Ox Car Care may deny coverage if you do not follow the proper claims process and take immediate steps to repair, causing further damage to your car. You may not actually file a claim until 30 days after signing and after 1,000 additional driven miles. These stipulations and more are all specified in the contract. Understanding the terms and conditions is crucial to knowing how and when you will be covered.

Would the Gold Plan Benefit You?

The Gold plan is marketed as being "all-inclusive", which means that the highest variety of vehicles from any automaker can benefit from it out of Ox Car Care's protection plans. However, you would not get it for your new car, as it would still likely be covered under the manufacturer's powertrain warranty—if not also their bumper-to-bumper coverage. We would also rule out hybrid or electric vehicles due to the lack of parts coverage.

It offers coverage for arguably the most essential vehicle parts and would typically be the most affordable of the company's offerings, so it might be the best choice for budget-constrained car, truck, or SUV owners. We think that frequent drivers and owners of high-mileage cars, which might otherwise not be covered, would also be interested in this policy.

Keep in mind that while a powertrain warranty plan might protect you from expensive-to-repair parts, it may not be sufficient for your needs. If you worry about your vehicle's electrical parts and want them protected, or if you think you'll need repairs for the AC, fuel system, anti-lock brakes, steering, and more, then a higher-tier plan might appeal more to you. However, if your vehicle is not very high-tech and your requirements are not extensive, then this policy might be sufficient for you.

Gold Plan Pricing & Comparisons

The other two plans at Ox Car Care cover all that Gold does but add many other categories and components. As such, while the company does not disclose specific pricing online, you can expect to pay significantly less for this policy than for the others, on average. As we stated in a previous post, some customers may be paying between $65 and $120 monthly for this plan, although that will depend on many factors such as your vehicle specifications, budget, location, length of the installment plan, and the term periods and limits you choose. Compared to the other levels of coverage at this provider, where costs may climb up to or over $200 a month, costs here are very affordable.

How does it compare to other warranties?

The Gold plan offers similar protection to many other providers' basic plans, although unlike those plans, Gold will also cover rotary engines. Aside from that, even though Gold is referred to as a powertrain plus plan, it more closely matches basic powertrain plans at top providers. For example, while CarShield also has a Gold plan, their Silver policy is more like Ox Car Care's lower-tier plan. With CarShield's Silver, you may pay somewhat more, but you get coverage for some cooling system components like the water pump, although components like the radiator are not included. Like Ox Car Care, CarShield also allows for Ride Share uses after paying a surcharge, but they also have similar provisions for agricultural and other commercial uses and may also accept a "branded title" vehicle.

There's a lot to consider when picking the right plan to cover your car against mechanical breakdowns.
There's a lot to consider when picking the right plan to cover your car against mechanical breakdowns.

Endurance's Secure coverage plan also matches Gold for coverage but allows for expanded commercial uses aside from ride share. Endurance's pricing for this powertrain plan is within the same range as Ox Car Care's. Note that costs for policies at Ox Car Care, as with many top providers, can depend on many factors, such as the deductible you choose to pay or your budgetary constraints. Being clear about your circumstances and requirements with the salesperson might get you a better deal.

The Bottom Line

The Gold plan from Ox Car Care offers a standard coverage package for your vehicle, protecting key components and providing peace of mind on the road. The vehicle service contract (VSC) allows you to go to your favorite licensed repair shop and comes with some useful benefits like roadside assistance, towing, as well as rental car and tire road hazard reimbursements. You also have the option of covering rideshare or modified vehicles, after paying an extra fee. With its wallet-friendly pricing and flexible payment options, it's a worthy investment for those who need extended warranty coverage for their vehicles.

However, it's important to consider your specific needs and compare with other plans offered by Ox Car Care to ensure you're making the right choice. Take into account the coverage limitations of the Gold plan and perhaps consider either of their other plans' more comprehensive coverage, knowing that you'd have to pay more in premiums. For example, if you own a hybrid car and want its hybrid-specific and high-tech electrical components covered, your best option at Ox Car Care is Diamond.

Alternatively, if you want similar protection but with somewhat more robust component coverage and more enticing optional packages, you might look into other providers' offerings. We recommend you start by doing your comparison research against all other extended auto warranty companies in our database, then read our in-depth reviews about them. Remember, the ideal extended warranty plan can save you the trouble of expensive repairs and unexpected breakdowns, so choose wisely.

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