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Chaiz The Online Marketplace Disrupting the Car Warranty Industry

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Published: September 11th, 2023, founded in 2021, is an online marketplace that allows you to compare and buy extended auto warranties from a variety of providers entirely online. The company offers a number of unique benefits and selling points, including no-obligation quotes, easy comparisons, transparent pricing, and convenient shopping. is a fresh face in the extended auto warranty industry, with the goal of transforming both the way people buy extended car warranties and the industry as a whole. The company is dedicated to serving the needs of consumers who seek protection for their vehicles, one of their most significant investments. In this review, we will delve into who Chaiz is, how they are simplifying the purchasing process for customers, and whether they are making any meaningful changes in the industry.


30-day money-back guarantee
Cancel at any time
Research and purchasing are completely online
No sales pressure or robocalls


Chaiz is not a direct provider
Not available in California

Quick Stats

Phone Number
(833) 942-4249
BBB Rating
Cancelation Option
Customer Experience
Maintenance Coverage
Available in certain plans
Maximum Mileage
Money-Back Guarantee
Number of Plans Available
3 tiers of plans
Repair Shop Choice
Depends on the company
Term Limits
Depends on the plan
Trustpilot Score
4.2 out of 5
Waiting Period
Depends on company
Tire Repair/Replacement
Operating Status
Business Started
Online Quote

Understanding Chaiz: A Comprehensive Guide

Chaiz is an independent marketplace that is meant to make buying extended warranties easy and simple. It connects customers with trustworthy providers of warranties, making the process hassle-free and completely online. Through their website, in less than one minute, you can receive many warranty plans and quotes from different providers without having to enter your email address or phone number. For the consumer, this means no robocalls and sales pressure, a huge grievance that seems to be part and parcel of the extended car warranty industry. 

Their platform is totally transparent, allowing you to see all the information you need to make the right choice. The Chaiz vision is to provide reliable vehicle protection plans that give their customers peace of mind. They are committed to offering affordable warranty options, ensuring that everyone can access the coverage they need.

Chaiz Extended Warranty Benefits & Disadvantages

Chaiz extended warranties offer comprehensive coverage for mechanical breakdowns, with flexible payment options available for the plans. All the providers they partner with give you a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 access to customer service. Make sure to weigh the following pros and cons when choosing your extended warranty.


This company has a few offerings up their sleeve that make them truly unique in this industry. Some of these include:

  • Fantastic search tool: Chaiz offers a fantastic search tool that lists the best warranty quotes for your vehicle, saving you time and effort in comparing quotes and figuring out the jargon surrounding the plans
  • Easy-to-compare quotes from different providers: When it comes to comparing warranty quotes, they offer a unique approach. With Chaiz, consumers can easily compare quotes from multiple providers, saving time and effort. Chaiz's user-friendly interface simplifies the task of comparing different warranty options. By offering a comprehensive view of available quotes, Chaiz empowers consumers to make informed decisions
  • Avoiding sales pressure: By eliminating sales pressure from dealership and company representatives, Chaiz enables unbiased decision-making. With access to all available warranty options, consumers are empowered to choose the best coverage for their needs without any phone calls needed— unless, of course, the customer requests one
  • No robocalls or spam emails: Chaiz doesn't ask for a phone number or email, so you won't be getting any annoying robo-dials or spam emails
  • Cost-effectiveness: When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Chaiz takes the lead in offering extended warranty plans with competitive pricing options. Chaiz ensures that customers get the most value for their money, as they claim to help customers save up to 60% on their warranty plans
  • Flexible payment options: Chaiz offers customized payment plans to make extended warranties more accessible and available to everyone 
  • Full transparency: The Chaiz platform gives you access to all the details of the plans they suggest, including the contract. They claim to be offering you extended warranty coverage with no hidden fees or charges


While the benefits sound great, there are a few limitations that you should keep in mind before making a decision about using this online marketplace for your car's protection needs.

  • Not a direct provider of plans: Although Chaiz is a great resource for comparing different extended warranty companies and plans, they are not a direct provider of actual plans. While you can check out the features and prices of different warranties on their website, you'll have to buy your coverage from another company. Also, just a heads up: since Chaiz isn't the actual provider, any questions or concerns you have might need to be directed to the plan provider
  • Not available in California: Chaiz doesn't provide services in California. If you're in California, you'll want to explore other options for your extended warranty coverage

Overall, Chaiz can be a great resource when researching and comparing different extended warranty companies and plans, but it's essential to be aware of the limitations and exclusions.

Chaiz Car Protection Plans & Prices

Chaiz offers a variety of options to fit any budget and coverage needs. They promise transparent pricing with no hidden fees. The cost varies based on factors such as vehicle age and mileage. You can find all the available options on their online marketplace, categorized into three kinds: powertrain, powertrain plus, and bumper-to-bumper coverage. 

The search engine adapts to your specific car, model, type, mileage, and location; you can also search by your vehicle's license plate. There is also an option to search by car make and model, making the search engine truly intuitive and user-friendly. They make finding the best deals simple and straightforward, with any discounts right at the top of the search results. Here are the three tiers of plans they offer:

  • Basic coverage (Powertrain): These types of plans usually include what is covered under your standard powertrain plans and cover the most essential elements that keep your car running. These include the engine, transmission, turbocharger, transfer case, suspension, drive axles, electric and hybrid components
  • Basic Plus coverage (Powertrain Plus): These types of plans build upon the previous one and can also include things like your brakes, steering, and air conditioning
  • Best coverage (Most comprehensive): These are your standard bumper-to-bumper warranties, which usually only list the exclusions from your contracts. Building upon the previous two plans, these will typically also cover your exhaust, interiors, body, and consumables

Their search tool is completely unique in the extended auto warranty industry. After you hit the search button on the homepage, you will be shown a list of potential plans that match your search criteria. You will see things like the company name and rating, which type of coverage the particular plan falls under, the term limits, and a few handy icons to give you a quick glimpse of what you can expect to be covered under this plan. Then, there is a drop-down menu to see available term limits and monthly prices. There is also a green button that says "see details," where you can read in more detail about the company, the particular plan they are suggesting, what is covered, and any other perks and advantages of this plan with a link to the contract. They also tell you what you are saving by buying this plan through their platform. This full transparency allows buyers to really take their time to understand the particular plan and whether or not it is right for them.

Of course, the specifics of what is and is not covered will depend on many variables, including your car's mileage, make, and model, in addition to the auto warranty provider you end up choosing from Chaiz's list of recommendations. Prices will also vary, and getting an online quote from Chaiz is simple and can be done directly through their website. A few of the companies they partner with include Endurance Warranty, Omega, Toco, and Olive.

Why Choose Chaiz for Your Extended Auto Warranty Needs?

Chaiz stands out in the extended warranty market due to its independent platform, offering a wide range of warranty options for different vehicles. It provides transparent information about coverage and is known for excellent customer service. They claim not to treat any of their partner companies more favorably than others, only offering straightforward information with no strings attached. 

Chaiz's commitment to customer satisfaction sets it apart from competitors. If you're looking to get your vehicle covered hassle-free without the need to browse through countless websites or make endless phone calls, then Chaiz is where it's at! They've partnered with various reputable companies, so they've got a plan for everyone on their platform. They promise to save you up to 60% on plans, offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, and let you cancel anytime. With all these perks, checking out their recommended warranty coverage plans sounds like a pretty good idea, right?

Chaiz Extended Warranty Reviews

Being a relatively new company, there haven't been a lot of customer reviews online. On BBB, the company has a total of two very positive reviews, an A rating, 5 out of 5 stars, and no accreditation. On Trustpilot, they get a total of six glowing reviews and a 4.2 out of 5 rating.

These reviews highlight the positive experiences of customers who used Chaiz to find and purchase extended auto warranties. Users mention significant cost savings compared to dealership offerings, with one customer claiming to save up to $1200. They appreciate the ease of the online process, which allows them to research, compare, and book protection plans without the hassle of sales calls or paper documentation. Customers find Chaiz to be a user-friendly platform, offering multiple quotes quickly, and some mention that they found better deals than other providers. 

Just because there aren't any negative reviews doesn't mean there haven't been bad experiences with this company, but the positive reviews do speak volumes! Overall, these reviews emphasize the convenience and cost-effectiveness of using Chaiz to secure extended auto warranties for various vehicle makes and models.

Chaiz Customer Support

The majority of the Chaiz experience was designed to be fully online. With that, you can browse through different warranty plans through their online tool. You can also find dedicated resources on their website, such as FAQs and blog articles, to help you better understand their platform and how you can benefit from it. 

If you would like to speak directly to a customer support representative, you can do so by calling (833) 942-4249, and you can also email them at [email protected]. For their claims process, you can easily login through their online platform to access your contract. From there, you can find the claims number for the company you are signed with that you will need to contact in order to move your repair claim forward.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, Chaiz has a comprehensive understanding of the industry and a mission to streamline the process, Chaiz truly stands out in the market. From connecting consumers to warranties without any sales pressure to offering cost-effective plans that suit different budgets, Chaiz ensures that you get the best value for your investment. Don't just take our word for it; check out the glowing customer reviews and experience their top-notch customer support firsthand. The platform compiles the offerings of various third-party auto warranty providers, enabling consumers to seamlessly research, compare, and purchase vehicle protection entirely through an online process. By providing such offerings to customers, this company is indeed disrupting the extended warranty industry, sparking a new round of competitive pricing and better service. Chaiz is definitely a company to watch in the auto protection industry.

As usual, we still recommend you do your comparison research. Whether you want to research the different options that Chaiz recommends with our in-depth vehicle service contract reviews or you want to find alternatives through our comparison tables or auto warranty blog posts, we're here to help you find the best auto warranty you can get.

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