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Upserve POS Review: Industry Leading POS

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Upserve POS Review: Industry Leading POS

Upserve is an all-inclusive restaurant POS system that offers full functionalities and features, providing business solutions to make your restaurant grow with your revenue. In addition, Upserve is cloud-based with an offline mode feature that allows your operations to keep running if the internet connection is severed.


Training mode
Offline mode
Multi-location management


No self-serving kiosks
No customer-facing displays
Lack of third-party integration flexibility

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small and large businesses
Customer Experience
Help desk, knowledge, live chat and training webinar

Upserve by Lightspeed has been in the point-of-sale industry for twelve years; it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Upserve POS is specifically designed for restaurants and its different types; it offers front and back-of-house operations, management features, and its own payment processing services, in addition to a variety of hardware.

Upserve is one of the leading point-of-sale systems in the industry and has captivating features that make running operations a piece of cake. Its most dominating features lie in its powerful ordering management capabilities and intuitive interface and design.

Upserve Restaurant POS


Upserve understands every type of restaurant requires different needs, so it developed different point-of-sale systems for each one packing features specifically for them. Such restaurant POS types Upserve offers are:

  • Bar POS
  • Coffee shop POS
  • Brewery POS
  • Hospitality POS
  • Pizza POS
  • Nightclub POS
  • Winery POS
  • Quick Service POS
  • Deli POS
  • Bakery POS
  • Fine dining POS

Upserve POS Features

Offline Mode

In the age of cloud-based point-of-sale systems, internet connectivity is a must to keep restaurant operations running smoothly. However, to some POS systems, when the internet gets disconnected, you can no longer operate your restaurant as usual.

This is why Upserve POS offers an offline mode so that in any case your internet connectivity is lost; you will still be able to take orders, send them to the kitchen, serve customers, and take credit card payments and print receipts.

Training Mode

One of the most challenging and time-consuming parts of running a restaurant is training to use the new point-of-sale system or training new staff to use it. Upserve POS has a training mode that allows you to practice your point-of-sale system's operations without disrupting your data or reports.

A light bulb on the interface's bottom right corner also shows you help content to guide you through certain areas of the interface.

Upserve HQ

Upserve HQ is Upserve's restaurant analytics platform. It organizes your data and saves you time creating reports and identifying areas of improvement. Upserve HQ packs several features that include:

  • Sales analytics for regular trend comparison
  • Guest book for storing customer details and profiles
  • Loyalty program development
  • In-house online ordering
  • Server performance data and labor reporting

Front and Back-of-House Communication

Upserve allows your front and back-of-house staff to communicate through the point-of-sale system. For example, if a customer does not want a certain item on their order, waiters can note it as it is sent to the kitchen for preparation.

Employee Management

With employee management features, managers can create and assign staff roles and permissions. Staff can communicate with each other using Upserve POS's logbook; they can also leave notes regarding their shifts and provide feedback through custom questions and checklists.

Upserve Workforce is another feature available with Upserve POS that allows managers to schedule employee shifts and manage their clock-in times.

Menu Management

Menu management is a useful point-of-sale system feature that allows managers to customize menu items and allow servers to filter menu orders by item or category. Menu management also allows you to view the ingredient count of every item and alerts when you are running out of stock. You can also flag menu items to optimize your restaurant's offerings as 'hidden gems—one-hit wonders, greatest hits, or underperformers.

Upserve Payment Processing

Upserve's payment processing is constructed on a fixed flat rate which gives you clear insights into your budget with no hidden fees or markups. Upserve's payment processing supports EMV transactions, with flexible payments options such as NFC payments over the phone, online or tableside.

Upserve payments are seamlessly integrated into its point-of-sale system, and its credit card transactions are all certified PCI Level 1, which is the highest security compliance certification and standard.

Multi-location Management

Multi-location management is Upserve POS's strongest suit; it makes it's an excellent choice for enterprise-level restaurants. With Upserve POS, you can oversee and manage different venues from one place and access its reports and data from the cloud. You can also manage multiple locations through its mobile POS application.

Marketing and CRM

With Upserve's marketing and CRM tools, you can create profitable campaigns and track their performances. Your customer's list can also be segmented to any criteria of your liking so you can personalize your campaigns to your target customers. You can also track a promotion's success by the number of customers it gets you and much more metrics.

These tools also let you keep an eye on your reputation with a dashboard that showcases your restaurant's online reviews from multiple channels such as Google+, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more.

Fully Integrated Online Ordering

Upserve allows you to add another source of income through online ordering without disrupting any in-house operations, as your online ordering portal will be integrated with your point-of-sale system.

Upserve POS Hardware

Upserve offers several pieces of hardware with its point-of-sale system, such hardware includes:

  • Upserve Tableside
  • Terminals
  • EMV Payment devices
  • Printer solutions
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • Routers

Upserve POS terminals are designed to have long durability and withstand harsh environments. It's a tableside serving device, enables servers to take orders and payments from the table, satisfying customers with faster food delivery speeds. The tableside device features a 5" screen that fits in your hand and a built-in EMV chip reader as well as non-slip side grips.

Kitchen display systems provide seamless communication between the back and front office staff, route kitchen orders to particular stations, and oversee all kitchen orders.

Hardware Prices

  • Upserve POS Terminal: $1,350.
  • Upserve Tableside Mobile POS: $499.99.
  • Lightspeed iPad Stand: $219.99.
  • Credit Card Swiper for iOS Terminal: $104.99.
  • Upserve Cash Drawer: $179.99.
  • Wireless Thermal Receipt Printer: $279.99.
  • Kitchen Display System Touchscreen Monitor: $449.99.

Plans and Prices

Upserve offers three plans for its point-of-sale system:

CORE- $59 per month, plus $60 per terminal. Features include:

  • Upserve POS software.
  • Training mode.
  • Offline mode.
  • Upserve Live mobile app.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Sales, labor, and guest trend reports.
  • Marketing campaign tools.
  • Reputation management tools.
  • Upserve Payments.
  • Logbook.
  • Upserve Workforce.

PRO- $199 per month plus $50 per terminal. Features include Core plan features plus:

  • Menu optimization tools.
  • Server performance data.
  • Inventory management plus low inventory alerts.
  • Recipe costing.
  • Vendor management.
  • Upserve Loyalty program.

Pro Plus- $359 per month plus $40 per terminal. Features include Pro plan features plus:

  • Data API.
  • Enterprise Account Management.

Customer Support

You can reach Upserve's customer support by phone, email, and live chat.

Upserve has a thorough knowledge at their online help desk; live chat is available 24/7 with a staff training webinar as well.


Upserve POS has great customer ratings that praise its customer support staff and rich features. It earns 4.7/5 stars on the Better Business Bureau website. Upserve POS offers great restaurant solutions with advanced features that we highly recommend. Its thorough training tool allows new staff to get hands-on experience with Upserve POS without the risk of messing up real data or configurations.

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