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Quickbase Medical Review: Pros and Cons, Prices, Features, and Alternatives.

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Quickbase Medical Review: Pros and Cons, Prices, Features, and Alternatives.

Quickbase is B2B service provider and is specialized in offering a hybrid workplace for many industries. In this review, we will focus on their medical software services. Keep reading to learn all about their pros and cons, features, and benefits!


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Quickbase was designed to help customers improve their businesses. Quickbase can take care of everything from construction to healthcare! Their healthcare software has specifically come in handy since the COVID-19 pandemic. In other words, the Quickbase ecosystem can provide its services for your business and also provide you with whatever you may need with their no-code software platform.

About Quickbase

With over 6,000 customers, Quickbase can be classified as a leading B2B service provider. With their medical software, in particular, practices have access to an array of well-rounded solutions.

With Quickbase, you can provide patients with the best experience; their healthcare operations management software solution is one of the best on the market, according to user reviews. Practices can now easily deal with fielding application requests and speedily deliver solutions. Governance features are also in place for security and protecting patient info.

In addition to the above, Quickbase gives you real-time visibility into your operations and workflow, get better insights and more accurate data, automates complex processes, so you do not have to do them manually anymore, manages risks, and so much more. Keep reading to see what features your practice can get with them!

Features and Benefits of Quickbase

There are many features that come with Quickbase’s medical software; your practice is only bound to benefit from outsourcing with them. Below, you will find a list of some of the features that come with their medical software and healthcare solution.


  • Keeps data secure and ensures compliance
  • Real-time visibility of the operations
  • Customizable reports
  • Sandbox that you can change and control
  • Dashboards
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Data tracking
  • Management tools
  • And more

As you can see, practices can benefit greatly from outsourcing with Quickbase. Below is a list of some of the most important benefits that you can get with Quickbase.


Improve Operational Quality

Quickbase provides you with access to reports and dashboards that can massively improve the management of your healthcare operations. You can now provide a dependable, high-quality experience for patients.

Centralize all of your data in one secure location

Quickbase lets you combine all of your staff and patient data and processes onto one centralized and totally secure location. This lets you easily track important data across the system while staying compliant. This database also means that you do not have to waste any more time on inefficient spreadsheets and slow, manual processes anymore!

Customized solutions to fit your personal processes

With Quickbase, custom solutions that satisfy the constantly changing compliance and quality criteria can be arranged quickly and with no trouble at all.

With all of these features, benefits, and more, it is no surprise that many practices choose Quickbase for their medical software solution! Keep reading to find out all about their prices and plans.

Plans and Prices of Quickbase

There are several options for you to choose from when it comes to the plans offered by Quickbase. No matter the size of your organization, there is a solution for you that fits your budget and needs. You can also find a full comparison on of these plans on their website.

Team plan

Starts at $600 per month, priced annually. This plan is a great option for smaller practices that are just starting off and still growing their team. The features provided with this plan include:

  • Up to 50 customizable business apps
  • Workflow Automations
  • Data and app integration
  • Mobile-ready applications
  • Flexible licensing option

Business plan

Starts at $2,000 per month, priced annually. This plan is a great option for bigger practices that need advanced and better security or controls. The features provided with this plan include the following:

  • All Team Features
  • Up to 100 customizable business apps
  • Integrate with IAM systems
  • Audit logs
  • Mobile offline
  • Flexible licensing option


This plan is fully customizable and perfect for enterprises and national hospitals. This plan is quote-based. The features in this plan include:

  • All Business plan features
  • Custom-built enterprise plans that suit your needs
  • Flexible licensing option
  • On-premises connectivity

Customer Support at Quickbase

Customers highly praise the customer support that Quickbase offers. Their team is excellent at responding quickly and providing the assistance that is needed.

To get in touch with their team, simply call them at 1-855-725-2293 or email them at [email protected]. They also have social media accounts where you can contact them; you can directly message them on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn pages.

You can also visit them in person at either of their locations:

  1. Quickbase Headquarters

290 Congress Street

Boston, MA 02210

  1. Quickbase Salt Lake City

170 South Main Street

Suite 400

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Alternatives to Quickbase

Quickbase is an excellent service provider and is specialized in many industries. However, you may find that it is not right for you or your practice. If you feel this way, you can take the time to look at this summarized list of similar alternatives to Quickbase that we have fully reviewed as well. After looking at all of the options and comparing prices and features, then you can choose the medical software that suits you and your budget the best.

Recommended Alternatives:

  1. Valant

Valant has been around for almost two decades and has since been providing excellent, top-notch services in the healthcare industry. They provide high-quality EHR software for behavioral health clinics particularly.

  1. Nextech

Nextech is another great solution provider! It gives total EMR management solutions and services with its cloud-based system. Their specialties include Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Orthopedics, and Plastic Surgery.

  1. TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes is yet another great choice to consider, especially for mental and behavioral health clinics. It is a cloud-based network that has many solutions for healthcare professionals in general and in the mental health field in specific.

  1. NueMD

NueMD has excellent solutions and services for practices of all sizes. They have been in the market for almost three decades and, with them, practices can easily get their money’s worth with their high-value features. Some of these features include their excellent billing software, easy-to-use platform, and much more.

  1. DrChrono

DrChrono provides practices with innovative tech. No matter the practice size, they will certainly benefit from the features and benefits, such as API for third-party solutions, integrations, eRx, and more.

Final Thoughts on Quickbase

According to one customer’s review, Quickbase is “the missing link between applications and business owners.” Their features are flexible and easy to use. We highly recommend them to practices of any size.

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