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TherapyNotes: Full Review, Features, and Prices!

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TherapyNotes: Full Review, Features, and Prices!

TherapyNotes offers a cloud-based mental and behavior software system that packs numerous solutions for medical professionals in the mental health industry. TherapyNotes's software is certified by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability federal law and is among the top-rated software in the mental health industry. Continue reading our full review to know everything its software can offer your mental healthcare organization.


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About TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes was first launched in 2010 with the foundational need and importance of storing therapy notes electronically for easier access and organization. TherapyNotes's software has grown to become a secure, robust EHR and practice management; market leader for behavioral and mental health software trusted by thousands of nationwide providers.

TherapyNotes earned the highest rating scores on multiple reviewing sites; 4.9 stars on Trustpilot, 4.7 stars on GetAPP, and a 4.68-star rating on Softwareadvice. Most customer reviews praise the software's ease of use, value for money, and the excellent customer support the TherapyNotes team provides.

TherapyNotes Features and Solutions

TherapyNotes offers a feature-rich EHR and practice management software that packs all the tools you need whenever you need them. Its main features include the following:

Online Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

TherapyNotes online electronic medical records software will digitalize all your paperwork and provide you with a secure cloud document and file storage. EMR software allows you to create rich, client-centered documentation with its clinical note templates. Its templates are specifically designed for:

  • Phycologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Counselors
  • Therapists
  • And more

The EMR software will also provide you with specialty documentation for mental health providers, as these process notes will be secured separately from your client's medical records. You can also keep track of all your clients' interactions with miscellaneous note templates.

TherapyNotes has integrated diagnosis codes that you can easily utilize to record diagnoses or filter through patients with such diagnoses. Moreover, each note template is designed with dropdown menus, checkboxes, and text fields to simplify its use, and patient data will automatically be pulled from their records, so you waste no time on data entry or make any mistakes. Lastly, TherapyNote's note templates are compatible with text-to-speech software, so you can dictate your notes in seconds.

Scheduling Software and To-Do List

The scheduling software is designed to streamline your workflows as a behavioral health professional, which will help increase your productivity and manage all your health clinic's operations from one place.

You get a fully synchronized calendar that showcases your clients' appointments, appointment-related notes, and billing. You can schedule one-time or recurring appointments easily with a few clicks.

You can also customize your calendar view according to which clinicians you want to see, specific client appointments, or selected practice locations. You can switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views to your liking. TherapyNotes' software also syncs your clinic calendar with your smartphone, so you are always connected with your appointments.

The scheduling software allows you to create your own to-do list, which will automatically be added to your tasks. You can also reach your patients easily with automated client appointment reminders with text messages and emails, which reduces no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Medical Billing Software

TherapyNotes simplifies your medical billing with electronic insurance claims, assisted ERA payment processing, billing reports, superbills, and much more. The medical billing software provides you with real-time insurance eligibility and allows you to submit claims electronically with one click.

TherapyNotes can provide you with electronic remittance advice (ERAs), so you can effortlessly post insurance payments from your account. You can check the status of your electronic claims on the go as well; you can view claim rejections and resubmit claims with ease.

All of your billing transactions will be automatically recorded, so you keep an accurate log of your client balances. TherapyNotes allows you to generate client statements, superbills, CMS-1500 forms, billing reports, and much more with a few clicks.

Lastly, TherapyNotes provides you the option to outsource your medical billing services with its expert billing partners, so you take the burden off your shoulder.

Credit Card Processing

TherapyNotes provides you with integrated and affordable credit card processing with a fixed fee of 2.7% plus 10 cents for every transaction. Its payment processing system will automatically deposit your funds into your bank account.

You will increase your client's satisfaction as they can pay with their debit or credit cards or directly from their HAS. TherapyNotes' payment processing system will securely store your client's information and allows you to schedule payments, so only a card swipe will be necessary.

Its payment processing is PCI-compliant, so you need to worry not about sensitive data security, as all information will be tightly encrypted.

Client Portal

TherapyNotes will provide you with a client portal that your patients will love. You can rebrand and theme its interface to your own design and digitalize intakes with electronically shared handouts, agreements, and more. You can request electronic signatures with documents shared electronically, and TherapyNotes will securely save a legal record of their digital signature.

The client portal also allows your patients to request and schedule appointments themselves. You can choose to approve or reject appointments. You can also customize the client portal to choose how its visitors can interact with it.


TherapyNotes offers its telehealth software for free with unlimited one-on-one sessions. It provides you with reliable video calls for your remote appointments. The Telehealth platform fully integrates with TherapyNotes' software and client portal and provides you with a flexible call experience and screen sharing capabilities.


TherapyNotes allows you to digitally prescribe medication through its prescription workflows. You get access to 24-month medication history with allergies, drug interactions, and formulary checks. The system will automatically notify you of a drug interaction alert when you update a patient's medication or write a new prescription.

The Surescripts network allows you to check a patient's prescription drug coverage easily and then perform a formulary check to see preferred drugs, equivalent medications, and potential copayments. You can prescribe controlled substances through TherapyNotes™ ePrescribe with no additional fees.

TherapyNotes Plans and Prices

TherapyNotes offers flexible plans for private practice, non-profit, and education. It offers a 30-day free trial for its full-featured software with no obligations or credit card information.

Private Practice Plans:

  • Solo: $49/month for 1 user.
  • Group: $59/month for 1st clinician
    • +$30/month per additional clinician
    • +$20/month per intern
    • Unlimited non-clinical staff
  • Enterprise: $59/month (30+ users), for first clinician
    • +$30/month per additional clinician
    • +$20/month per intern
    • Unlimited non-clinical staff
    • Includes designated account manager

Non-profit Plans

  • Non-profit (501c3): $25/month, for 1st clinician
    • +$25/month per additional clinician
    • +$20/month per intern
    • Unlimited non-clinical staff
  • Volunteer: quote-based

Education Plans

  • Mental Health Training Clinic: Quote-based
  • In the Classroom: Free
    • Offers simulated practice in TherapyNotes with documentation cycle from intake to discharge.

Every plan includes the following:

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Pricing guarantee
  • Free client data import from another EMR
  • Incredible phone and email support
  • Unlimited clients, appointments, and notes
  • Custom client portal
  • Unlimited one-on-one telehealth sessions
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Automatic software updates
  • Secure, worry-free backups

Integrated Features

TherapyNotes also offers optional integrated features; these include:

  • Electronic Billing
    • 14¢ per electronic claim
    • 14¢ per claim in an ERA
    • 14¢ per eligibility request
  • Appointment Reminders
    • 14¢ per text or call
    • Free email reminders
  • Credit Card Processing
    • 2.7% plus 10¢ per transaction
  • ePrescribe
    • $65/mo per prescriber
  • Medical Billing Services
    • Full-service medical billing with a TherapyNotes™ billing partner. Pricing varies.

Customer Support

You can reach the TherapyNotes team by live chat from their official website or by phone or email at (215) 658-4550 x1 and You can also schedule a demo to see their software in action before committing to a paid subscription. Their team will also provide you free unlimited support at (215) 658-4550 x2 and

Final Thoughts

TherapyNotes is a market-leading mental health and behavioral therapy practice management and EHR software. It is packed with great intuitive features for scheduling, notes, billing, telehealth, client portal, and so much more. You can try TherapyNotes' software free of charge for 30-days before committing to one of its flexible and affordable plans.

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