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Nextech: Full EHR & Practice Management Software

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Nextech: Full EHR & Practice Management Software

Nextech offers complete EHR and practice management solutions in its web-based system for clinical specialty providers, including Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Orthopedics. Its software comes preconfigured and customized to each specialty's needs and offers great mobility with its mobile application. Continue reading our full Nextech review to know everything it can offer.


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About Nextech

Nextech has been in the healthcare technology industry since 1997 and has been focused on delivering the most intelligent, intuitive, and integrated solutions that boost specialty physicians' efficiency and charting accuracy. Nextech is trusted and utilized by over 11,000 providers and 4,000 practices. Its clients praised its easy and broad customization and useful client portal that allows patients to pull their records, schedule appointments, and view their test results.

Nextech EHR Features

Nextech offers specialty-specific EHR solutions for Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Orthopedics. We will summarize all the solutions its EHR offers for each specialty.

EHR System Solutions

Configurable charting

Configurable charting increases your EHR documentation speed with user-specific templates that are personalized to your unique charting needs. You get to pick the most relevant section and subsections you need for each patient encounter.

Subspecialty charting

Subspecialty charting provides you with Glaucoma Flowsheet and a Cataract Surgery Planner that supports your unique workflows and documentation.

Regulatory performance monitoring

Regulatory performance monitoring allows you to boost your merit-based payment system performance with chart indicators with real-time completion scores and documentation alerts so that you identify any deficiencies before signing.

Layered drawing

The Ophthalmology EHR system allows you to automatically generate modifiable layered drawings that are based on patients' chart findings. Therefore, you will have to recreate the drawing with each visit.

Referral management

Referral management features in Nextech's Shared Care platform are powered by Google Maps and allow you to easily exchange HIPAA-compliant patient records and digital images to thousands of specialty referral opportunities both locally and nationwide.


Your Ophthalmology EHR software allows you to prescribe controlled digitally and non-controlled substances to pharmacies. The system will automatically help you track drug and allergy interactions for each patient's medications to ensure their safety.

Automatic letter generation

Nextech allows you to streamline your communications with automatic in-chart letter generation, as the software can automatically generate multiple letters from a single encounter and send them individually or in bulk.


Telemedicine allows you to provide care for your patients remotely through secure and HIPAA-compliant video calls while simultaneously documenting your encounter.

Mobile Apps

Nextech's mobile phone app gifts you great flexibility and allows you to access and manage your patient records and clinical requirements from anywhere and at any time.

Photo Management

Photo management allows you to create a more immersive patient care experience as you can directly capture and import photos into your charts. This allows you to quickly show a side-by-side or overlay comparison of a patient's progress and transformation.

Smart Stamping

Nextech provides you with integrated 3D anatomical models and smart stamping, which allows you to pre-populate exams, assessments, treatment plans, and billing codes.

HIPAA-Compliant Dictation

Nextech's EHR software also packs text-to-speech features, which allow you to dictate your documentation and do voice commands to improve your productivity and time management.

PACS Integration

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) allows you to store and share images and clinically relevant reports securely.

Nextech Practice Management Solutions

Advanced Scheduling

Nextech offers you an advanced scheduling solution to effectively manage your single or multi-location practice. You can easily make schedule modifications, accept patient-scheduled appointments, or deny them.

Robust Billing

Nextech's robust billing solutions allow you to easily generate bills from a patient's record with documented codes. You can process payments, settle patient balances, and charge no-show fees easily and securely store your patient's payment profiles for future or recurring payments.

Revenue Cycle Management

Nextech provides you with a complete revenue cycle management solution that will improve your practice profitability by boosting your billing team's efficiency and productivity.

Payments Functionality/Credit Card Processing

Nextech allows you to integrate either the BBPOS WisePOS or Reader M2 into your EHR system to get seamless payments solutions. You get no upfront hardware costs with wireless and tap to pay capabilities, and you can set up payments plans and accept recurring payments.

Lead Management and Marketing Automation

Nextech lead management is integrated with its EHR software, which allows you to capture, track and convert leads into patients. Lead management solution centralizes all of your prospective patient data, marketing campaigns, follow-up activities, ROI analytics, and more in its web-based portal. It will help you:

  • Boost your lead-to-patient conversion rates
  • Increase practice revenue
  • Reduce marketing expenses
  • Increase staff productive

Reporting and analytics

Nextech will provide you with valuable analytics and reports that you can leverage to manage your practice's health better. You can generate custom reports and visualize them in easy to interpret snapshots.

Optical Inventory and POS

Nextech provides you with its own point of sale system that allows you to manage your spectacle and contact lenses' orders, inventory, and sales. It packs a user-friendly interface and automatic inventory count changes as orders are posted.

Patient Portal & Mobile

Your patients get access to a patient portal and a mobile application where they can easily pull their records, view their test results, pay their bills online, and schedule appointments. Your patients can also easily fill out forms in advance, which expedites their appointment check-in and clinical intake.

Nextech Services

Nextech offers your practice three services, Implementation, Support Experience, and Practice Consulting.

Its proven implementation experience offers a five-step approach with a 96% customer satisfaction rating:

  1. Engage
  2. Build
  3. Transform
  4. Go-live
  5. Optimize

As for their support experience, Nextech will assign your practice a dedicated team of tier two support experts available on standby to expedite issue resolutions and provide you with resources for maximum performance.

Lastly, practice consulting will connect you with a team of consulting experts that can guide your practice to greater efficiency, higher profitability, and simplified compliance. Nextech's consulting services can provide you with guidance over the following:

  1. Workflow disruptions
  2. Compliance managing
  3. Practice profitability
  4. Practice growth
  5. Recruiting
  6. Charting and documentation

Nextech Plans and Prices

Nextech does not advertise any plans or prices for its EHR and practice management software and solutions, it rather recommends you to schedule a free demo first to see its software in action, and then its team will provide you with a unique quote depending on your practice's size and needs.

Customer Support

You can reach Nextech's sales team by phone at 800.868.3694 or by filling a short form on their Contact page, and a team member will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Final Words

Nextech comprehensive EHR and practice management software is specially designed for certain specialty practices and comes preconfigured for their needs. Their software is packed with solid features and solutions such as a point of sale, integrated payment processing, and several other practice-related solutions. No prices are advertised for Nextech's software, as they will customize a quote for your practice's size and needs.

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