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DrChrono: EHR Solutions, Services, and Prices

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DrChrono: EHR Solutions, Services, and Prices

DrChrono powers the practice of the future. It provides healthcare organizations with technology that adapts to their needs. DrChrono's products can be completely adapted to any small, large medical practice, enterprise, or specialty and offer its robust API for third-party solutions and integrations. Continue reading our full DrChrono review to know everything it has to offer.


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About DrChrono

DrChrono was founded in 2009 to relieve healthcare organizations from the burden of time-draining administrative tasks and recreate the enthusiasm of caregiving. DrChrono is the only official Apple Mobility Partner for healthcare and the youngest company to be included in the U.S Government Precision Medicine Initiative. DrChrono's platform is used by over 32M patients and is ranked #1 Mobile HER by Black Book Rankings 2013-2021.

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DrChrono Features and Solutions

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

DrChrono offers unrivaled medical tools with its EHR software. The EHR software is flexibly designed to allow you to customize it to fit your practice. You can create charts in seconds with customizable medical forms.

DrChrono offers a library of pre-built customizable medical templates and forms that will help you increase your efficiency. You can also create your own medical forms to your practice's needs and your liking.

DrChrono offers intuitive eRx, electronic prescription, and capabilities that allow you to prescribe medications to your patients through the platform. DrChrono's EHR automatically compares the patient's medication list or chart with the eRx to detect any drug-drug or drug-allergy interactions that could be fatal or have severe consequences. You can also save time by setting up prescription and pharmacy preferences.

DrChrono integrates with over 40k labs around the U.S, and the software easily allows you to submit lab orders and have the results automatically uploaded into your patient's chart.

Moreover, you are provided with vital flowsheets, where you can track your patients' vitals by setting up typical demographics like BPM, temperature, and other unique vitals. Charts and graphs will show you how your patients' vitals change over time.

Last but least, the EHR platform allows you to save your most commonly used actions as macro buttons, so you can create smart shortcuts to save you time.

More EHR features include:

  • Medical Speech-to-Text
  • Drawing Tools
  • Custom Templates
  • Custom Macros

Telehealth and Patient Portal

The Telehealth platform allows your patients to perform virtual visits. You can easily schedule a telemedicine visit or convert an existing in-person visit to a video visit with one click. Your patients are also provided a patient portal, OnPatient, which allows them to schedule their video visits from their mobile device or web portal. DrChrono provides you with tailored consent and intake forms that simplify your patients' onboarding. The OnPatient Portal allows your patients to also check-in online to be ready the moment they arrive.

The OnPatient Portal also offers secure messaging between the patient and their care providers, and you can share with them educational material or upload any documents or information with a click. Lastly, your patients can also use the OnPatient Portal to make payments online with the integrated payment module.

Practice Management

Practice management tools provide you with effective end-to-end management. You can set up consistent workflows with quick automation to reduce time spent on administrative tasks. Moreover, you can create customizable appointment profiles with predetermined time blocks and medical billing codes.

Additionally, EHR's practice management tools offer you real-time eligibility checks for your patients' insurances, deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance. The software also allows you to send automated emails or text message reminders for appointments or follow-ups.

More Practice Management features include:

  • Customizable Patient Flags
  • Patient Check-in Kiosk Mode
  • Practice Chat
  • Automated Text and Email Reminders

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Medical Billing

DrChrono also offers medical billing software that fully integrates with its EHR. It will help you improve clean claims rates by eliminating double data entries and human errors. The software will provide you with detailed reports and analytics in its billing dashboard.

More medical billing features include:

  • Billing profiles
  • Real-time eligibility verification for insurance
  • Claims submission
  • Denial resolutions
  • Patient statements
  • Medical codes
  • Auto-Generated HCFA 1500 Forms

Revenue Cycle Management

DrChrono offers a complete RCM service that allows you to sustain your income's stability. You will have crystal clear transparency into your claims; with the RCM dashboard, you can see the whole process from a visit to deposit.

DrChrono has processed over $3 billion in claims with a 96% clean claim submission rate. DrChrono's RCM is a hands-off billing solution that packs several features such as:

  • Rejection analysis
  • RCM task manager
  • Account manager
  • Medical coding
  • Business Intelligence Tools
  • Front-end Advice

DrChrono's expert billers will work through all rejections and provide you with in-depth knowledge on rejections. The task manager will provide you with transparency and real-time updates on your claims. Moreover, DrChrono will provide you with your own dedicated account manager that will provide you with answers and help over any issue or questions, and they will provide you with monthly performance reports.

The EHR software packs accurate medical coding that will help you minimize rejection and increase your patients' procedures coding. You can easily save and input the codes you use most with your billing profiles.

Last but not least, DrChrono's RCM team will offer you front-end management advice as they overview your practice's front-end workflow and give feedback on improving transactions.

Mobile EHR and Integrations

DrChrono offers a mobile version of its EHR software for iOS devices. The mobile application is cloud-based and provides seamless integrations with patient engagement, scheduling, clinical workflow, and medical billing to provide you with optimum efficiency.

DrChrono has an app marketplace on its website that enlists a wide range of app integrations you can connect with its software for further capabilities and enhancements.

DrChrono Plans and Prices

DrChrono offers four subscription plans for its software; each comes with a set of features and solutions. All of its prices are quote-based, as DrChrono will adjust the price according to your practice type and size. You can also request a free live demo to see their EHR software in action before committing to a subscription.

Prometheus: EHR & Practice Management

Some of the features this plan provides you with are the following:

  • Patient Check-in and Kiosk + App
  • Patient Portal + App
  • Appointment Profiles
  • Credit Card Processing and Storage
  • Unlimited Email Reminders
  • 100 Text Reminders
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts
  • Telehealth
  • Specialty Specific Form/Template Library
  • Medical Form/Template Customization Tools
  • Integrated Photo and Drawing Tools
  • Fully integrated EHR mobile Apps
  • Direct Messaging
  • Autogenerated Superbills
  • Autogenerated CMS 1500 forms

Hippocrates: Advanced EHR & Practice Management

This plan packs all the features in the Prometheus plan, in addition to the following:

  • Task Assignment and Management
  • Patient Flags
  • Scheduling Widget for Website
  • Extended Lab Integration
  • Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Checks
  • 150 Text Reminders

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Apollo: EHR, Practice Management, and Medical Billing Software

All the Hippocrates plan features are offered in this plan, plus:

  • Fully Integrated Claim Management Tool
  • Claims submission to iHCFA forms
  • Workers Comp and Auto Claims
  • Claim Submission via Emdeon
  • and/or Trizetto (Gateway)
  • Electronic Remittance Advice & ERA Auto Posting
  • 300 Text Reminders

Apollo Plus: EHR, Practice Management & Revenue Cycle Management Services

The Apollo Plus is the fully-featured package from DrChrono; it packs everything previously mentioned, in addition to:

  • Comprehensive Billing and Coding Services
  • Denial Management
  • Patient Collections/Statements
  • Monthly Financial Performance Reports & Review
  • AR Management
  • Dedicated Support Phone Line
  • Dedicated Billing Specialist & Manager
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Customer Support

You can reach DrChrono's team by phone by calling (844) 569-8628 or texting (650) 215-6343. A support center is also available on their website; it offers a variety of resources on all of its features and solutions.

Final Thoughts

DrChrono is one of the top EHR software providers for healthcare organizations. Its platform and solutions offer numerous comprehensive features and tools that will transform the way you operate your practice industry. Its patient-oriented tools will also boost your patients' engagement, simplify their billing, and provide a satisfying care experience.

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