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NueMD Software Review: Plans, Prices, Features, and More

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NueMD Software Review: Plans, Prices, Features, and More

Since its founding in 1993, NueMD has been a pioneer in the healthcare tech industry. It offers a wide array of cloud-based software for the healthcare industry. The NueMD group has been providing its services, its medical billing services in particular, for practices and customers of all sizes for almost three decades now. Keep reading to learn all about NueMD, including their plans, prices, benefits, features and so much more!


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$149.00 per month

NueMD is an all-in-one, combined medical billing service provider, practice management system, health recording software, and appointment scheduling solution. If you are interested in learning more details about NueMD, keep reading this article!

About NueMD

NueMD is an AdvancedMD company. It is the number one provider of cloud-based healthcare practice management software for small-sized practices. Generally, it offers medical practice management, e-health record, and healthcare billing software services that help physicians greatly. For almost thirty years, it has been a medical software service provider that many can trust their practice with! Their team is dedicated and committed to providing optimum services.

NueMD was specifically designed to help medical professionals and healthcare managers in their arduous tasks. It was also developed with the intent of helping out patients as much as possible. With their software, practices can say goodbye to the challenging tasks of installing, retaining, and updating clinical and financial software. All of this is automated.

The future of healthcare is now with NueMD. The load of your practice’s work can be easily relieved with their healthcare software. The software system is also highly secure, as it is cloud-based. NueMD is proud to claim over seven thousand providers representing almost one hundred specialties as customers.

Features and Benefits of NueMD

NueMD, unlike most medical software, comes with a lot of advanced features. Below, you will find a list of some of those features:

Training options

With their excellent training options, your healthcare team can become excellent at their practice. With healthcare practice management, your practice will only continue to grow!


Their software is entirely cloud-based, and therefore, secure! Their privacy policy is also excellent and trusted by many. So, you can rest assured that your data is safe and sound.

Advanced software technology

With their advanced software tech, you will have access to all of the following features that are guaranteed to grow your practice.

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Medical billing and invoice
  • Schedule management
  • Self-service platform
  • API
  • Multiple users
  • Appointment Management
  • Code & Charge Entry
  • Charting
  • E-prescribing
  • Lab report tracking
  • Secure fax management
  • Drag and drop
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • One-click paper claims

After seeing a good amount of the key features that come with NueMD medical software, you can tell it is a very advanced medical software. Their services are completely unmatched by most in the medical field. Here are some of the most important benefits that come with it as well:

Fast and easy set-up

One of the best benefits of installing their medical software is that it is so easy to do! It takes up no time at all and anyone can do it with very little help.


Another important benefit that will improve your clinical workflow is the reminders. These reminders can be of very heavy importance when it comes to the medical and healthcare industry.

Simple Coding Assistance

Another very useful benefit that sets their software apart is the coding assistance. This is the feature that makes the software system very easy to use and highly accessible to many, in turn.


With their medical software, you do not need to worry yourself over the hassle of legal issues, such as remaining compliant with the currently imposed laws and regulations. The software automatically takes care of all of this for you! Their software is HIPAA legally compliant.

Plans and Prices of NueMD

The standard package of NueMD starts at $149 per month, per provider. If you are interested in more benefits and features to suit you personally, you can request a custom quote by contacting them.

Customer Support at NueMD

Customer support at NueMD is relatively good. There are many ways you can easily contact them in no time. You can either email them at to get in touch with their help desk, or you can call phone support at 800 401 7422 ext 3. Other options for customer support include:

  • Chat
  • Knowledge base
  • FAQs/Forum
  • 24/7 (Live rep)
  • Training options

Final Verdict on NueMD

NueMD is highly recommended by many, and for good reason. Its features are almost too good to be true! With their advanced tools, your practice will become as smooth as never before. We strongly recommend them to any medical/healthcare practice that is searching for high quality and value for its price. With its ease of use and abundant options of resources, NueMD is sure to improve the quality of your practice and enhance the workflow in general.

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