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Penn Warranty Corporation Review: Pros and Cons

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Penn Warranty Corporation Review: Pros and Cons

Penn Warranty Corporation Review: Pros and ConsPenn Warranty Corporation Review: Pros and Cons


Affordable prices compares to other auto warranty providers
More than 15,000 dealership to choose from
Roadside assistance across all the US


Prices and features aren't disclosed on the website
The website doesn't provide multiple support options
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Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Not disclosed
Cancelation option
Not discolsed
Customer Experience
Maintenance coverage
Not disclosed
Maximum mileage
Not disclosed
Money-back guarantee
Based on a prorated refund to the lien holder if the vehicle is stolen or totaled. Other refunds are determined by the state disclosures listed on the back of our contracts
Number of extended warranty plans available
Not disclosed
Repair Shop Choice
Term limits
Car make, model, or condition
Trustpilot Score
Waiting period
30 Days

When people buy a car from the manufacturer, they usually inquire about the available protection options in the event of a breakdown or damage. The vast majority of providers offer a limited auto warranty that covers only what makes a vehicle run, such as engines, transmissions, and drivetrains, but once these few months of coverage have ended, the vehicle becomes unprotected.

To cover almost all repairs for a long time, you will have to opt for a trusted extended warranty company. In our review, we will help you find out more about one of the leaders in vehicle service contracts, Penn Warranty Corporation. The company has been offering its services for more than three decades, but let us help you decide if it is the right one for your vehicle.

Penn Warranty Corporation is one of the leaders in the field, with more than 30 years of experience and about 15,000 dealers across the US to choose from. The website doesn’t state much about the price, but you can call the customer support number on the website and discuss your needs.

Penn Warranty Corporation Top Perks

Here's what you'll get with Penn Warranty Corporation:
• More than 15,000 dealers to choose from
• Affordable price compared to other auto warranty providers
• Roadside assistance
• Vehicle service contracts are transferrable

Unfortunately, the company’s website doesn’t share much of what it has to offer, but we could refer to its clients and get an idea about its plans and features. The website does not state much about the cost either. However, customers can also give you insightful reviews based on their actual experiences.

Penn Warranty Corporation Features


Get coverage beyond the manufacturer's with an extended warranty that covers a wide range of fixes and repairs. Repairs may be covered for new, remanufactured, aftermarket, or, in some cases, used parts, depending on how much they cost and how easily they can be found.

Moreover, if a covered component is worn beyond a manufacturer’s service limits, it is covered. This includes such items as rings and valve guides.

Unlike many other auto warranty companies, Penn Warranty Corporation does not require that parts covered by the warranty be oiled from the inside.

The company doesn't impose its own selection of mechanics and repair shops. Instead, customers can choose their own place to have their vehicles repaired, as long as the repair shop or mechanic is certified and trusted.

Penn Warranty Corporation Plans

The website doesn't show certain plans or features, but after taking the time to navigate the website, we found that the company links to its plans and customers' eligibility in the FAQs section. You can choose from the following plans:

  • Elite contract: This is the most comprehensive plan offered by the company; it has all Gold/Platinum features, plus other repairs that you can find in the contract.
  • Gold/Platinum: Besides the Basic Plan features, this plan covers power accessories, unlimited mileage, terms up to 48 months, and air conditioning.
  • Standard: Besides the Basic Plan features, this plan covers power accessories, unlimited mileage, and terms up to 48 months.
  • Basic: This affordable selling tool provides excellent coverage and is available in durations ranging from 6 months (7,500 miles) to 36 months (45,000 miles). You receive a 10% commission on each contract.
  • Genesis: Comprehensive coverage that includes air conditioning, unlimited mileage, and automatically renews monthly. You receive a commission check once a month for every active contract you have.

If you still need to know more, there is a contact form to fill out with the required information, such as your full name, email address, phone number, and message, submit a ticket, and allow the company time to call you and discuss your plan, budget, and cost.

Some factors might affect the estimated cost, including your car's model, year, make, and mileage. If you have a new car and the limited warranty is still valid, you should wait until after it's expired.

Consider the following to determine what coverage plan is right for you:

  • How many miles will you drive a month?
  • How long do you plan on owning your vehicle?
  • How much will it cost you in repairs over the life of your vehicle?
  • Not all plans are available in all states.

Ineligible car makes/models:

Alfa Romeo, any altered vehicle, Bentley, Dodge Viper, dual rear wheel vehicles, Ferrari, hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles, kit cars, Lancia, Land Rover, Mercedes-AMG, M-Series BMW, Mustang Cobra, Porsche, Range Rover, Rolls-Royce, special interest or collectible vehicles, Sterling, and vehicles over one ton.

All contracts have a $100 per occurrence charge.

How to File a Claim

To open a claim, please follow these steps:

  • Take your car to any repair shop or mechanic of your choice. The repair shop will call the company's customer service department at (800) 356-9441 to open a claim before making any repairs.
  • One of the adjusters will take care of the claim and contact the repair facility to verify the failure of your car and request a repair estimate.
  • An authorization number will be issued for the repairs that are covered by your service contract. Please note that an authorization number must be received prior to starting the repair of covered components.
  • The repair center will review with you the options you have for repairing your vehicle, including your deductible and any other expenses.
  • After the vehicle has been repaired, the invoice should be submitted for payment. You or the repair center may submit your invoice via fax (570) 270-3365, email, or postal service.
Note: In some cases, your claims adjuster may contact you to review your claim. Your vehicle must be at a repair center for a claim to be opened.

Customer Support

You can contact Penn Warranty Corporation Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, through their toll-free number, +1 (800) 356-9441. You can also choose to fill out a contact form with your email address, phone number, message, and full name, and one of the company's agents will reach out to you.

Final Verdict

Penn Warranty Corporation offers a wide range of dealers across the US so that you can be sure to find a repair shop near your place. The company offers five different plans for a fee of $100 per occurrence. Here is our final verdict: This option is a good fit for used car drivers on a budget. However, if you're not confident with your choice, make sure to ask all your questions and discuss the budget, plans, and requirements before signing any contracts.



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