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AAA Vehicle Protection: Powerful Auto Warranty for Members

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AAA Vehicle Protection: Powerful Auto Warranty for Members

Updated: July 17, 2023

The American Automobile Association (AAA), founded in 1902, is a motor club federation that offers a range of services and products to its members. In a number of states, those include vehicle service contracts that provide coverage for practically all mechanical and electrical components after your manufacturer's warranty expires. The goal of AAA's Vehicle Protection Plan is to shield people from any pricey repairs that could be required while they own a car.

Read on to see what AAA has to offer and whether it is right for you.


$0 deductible at AAA-owned auto repair shops
Rental car reimbursement
No waiting period on some plans


Not available in all states
Benefits and coverage differ by location
Must be a member to purchase


Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Varies between clubs
Cancelation Option
Customer Experience
Maintenance Coverage
Maximum Mileage
175,000 miles
Money-Back Guarantee
60-day money-back guarantee (30 days for pre-owned vehicles)
Number of Plans Available
Repair Shop Choice
Term Limits
12 years
Trustpilot Score
1.4 - 2.8 out of 5
Waiting Period
No waiting period
Operating Status
Business Started
Online Quote
Not Available

AAA at a Glance

Through its federation of 32 motor clubs and more than 1,000 branch offices across North America, AAA offers its more than 61 million members automotive, travel, insurance, and financial services. They consider themselves pioneers and ardent supporters of secure transportation. To many living in the US, a AAA membership is synonymous with the idea of roadside automotive services.

You must join one of their clubs first in order to become a member of AAA, which comes with a number of advantages such as 24/7 roadside assistance, discounts at various businesses, identity theft protection, travel services, and more. Members have access to these advantages as soon as they sign up. And once you join, you can take advantage of and sign up for a number of other services provided by AAA, including their auto warranty program. 

AAA's auto warranty, sometimes called the AAA Vehicle Protection Plan, is offered through AAA clubs in various regions. The AAA Vehicle Protection Plan is available in three or four plan levels for vehicles up to 12 years old with up to 175,000 miles, and covers 100% of the diagnostics, labor, and parts costs for covered repairs on approved claims aside from the deductible. However, the availability and specific details of the warranty may vary depending on the AAA club you belong to, and their website requires you to submit a quote request to learn more about their service details and availability.

Why AAA Vehicle Protection Plan May Not Be Right for You

This provider's extended warranty, or vehicle service contract (VSC), services might seem enticing to their members, but we have found a few issues that we think you might want to keep in mind. Based on your requirements, these drawbacks may be dealbreakers. They are:

AAA's protection plans are not available in most states

Whether the provider's VSCs are available to you depends on the club you belong to or the state you live in. During our research, we found that the majority of clubs' websites do not feature auto warranty plans. Some websites are confusing in this regard, like the one for AAA Texas, which does not explicitly discuss how you may obtain their auto warranty but does mention it, and AAA's sample contract confirms that the state is covered. To find out if you can purchase a VSC, look up your regional AAA website or call their number. Keep in mind that certain regions or towns within your state may not be covered if that state is split between multiple clubs.

You must be an AAA member to purchase a plan

You must first find and join your region's AAA club before being able to purchase any of their services. Of course, membership comes with many perks, such as roadside assistance, discounts on many products and services, travel services, and so on. But you would have to purchase the VSC separately at an extra cost, and other warranty providers will include some of these perks within their service contracts.

Service may be inconsistent or confusing

Due to the different regional availabilities of their Protection Plans, service might not differ from state to state or town to town. There might be some stipulations that you, as a customer, might not be aware of within the contract that give you incomplete service, cost you extra, or are not in line with what other providers offer. For example, we found that if you cancel after the initial trial period, you will not receive a refund, although it would also mean you are still covered until the last day of your last paid-in-full period.

Why You Might Choose the AAA Vehicle Protection Plan

AAA can provide its members with flexible coverage with their Protection Plans, which picks up where the factory warranty leaves off. They promote their plans as fair even for limited budgets, offering many levels of coverage that are tailored to your needs. The advantages they offer are as follows:

Flexible terms

AAA offers you the ability to choose how you want to purchase their warranty plan. You may choose a subscription plan and pay as you go on a monthly basis, with the ability to cancel before the month's end and not be billed further if you no longer need the service. This way, you have no long-term financial commitment to AAA if your priorities change. Alternatively, you may choose a term contract where you would pay once for the entire period of the contract, which may mean big savings in the long term.

No waiting period

If you opt for the subscription plan, not only do you have no long-term commitments, but you also get service from day one. That means you don't have to contend with the long waiting periods of other plans and can have peace of mind knowing you're covered while on the road.

Risk-free trial period

If you opt for the subscription plan, you have the first seven days to evaluate it and cancel with a 100% refund, or 20 days if you're in Maryland, Mississippi, Wisconsin, or Wyoming. For term contracts, you may have between 30 to 60 days to evaluate, depending on whether your vehicle is new or pre-owned. A full refund will not be issued if you have initiated or filed a mechanical claim or utilized any of the other benefits offered, but we still think that this is a good perk.

"Disappearing Deductible" or "Reduced Deductible"

Your deductible, typically between $100 and $250, would be reduced to $0 if your vehicle is repaired at a AAA Club-Owned Repair Facility. If, instead, it is repaired at a AAA-approved repair shop, it can be reduced to as little as $50. This means that although you have the freedom to choose from certified repair shops, you can benefit by getting your repairs done at an AAA facility.

Many AAA perks

AAA's plans do have many advantages, aside from what we listed above. Those include the pre-existing AAA membership perks, as well as:

  • Repair shops are paid directly, which means no hassle for you, especially if you get serviced at an AAA-owned facility and pay no deductible
  • No physical examination is required to enroll your car, though a waiting period may apply
  • Self-approval for emergency repairs, up to $500
  • Plans are transferable to a new owner if you sell your vehicle
  • You may be able to receive 0% financing for up to 24 months

AAA Vehicle Protection Plans & Prices

If you're perusing through the various AAA club websites, you will see that they do not share plan details, such as coverage inclusions and exclusions, plan levels, and prices. As with a lot of other providers, they require you to call or submit a form request for a quote. However, we found some sample contracts at the AAA Club Alliance service area's site that outline four distinct plans with different coverage levels, and it is from the subscription plan contract that we will be pulling this information, seen below. There may be different plans presented to you, depending on your region and the club you belong to.

Deductibles generally vary between $100 and $250 but may be lower, and as previously mentioned can become $0 if you repair at an AAA-owned shop. Prices are quote-based, so you would have to contact AAA to discuss your unique costs. Also, there may be some notable exclusions or limitations, so make sure to read your contract carefully and ask your representative lots of questions.


This is the basic coverage option and includes the powertrain parts of most lower-tier plans. It gives protection to gasoline and diesel engines, transmissions, drive axles, and many of their related components. It will also cover turbochargers, as well as both standard and automatic transmissions, both front- and rear-wheel drive components, and some seals, gaskets, and fluids as part of a covered service. This plan includes the benefits of all plans, which include rental car or alternative transportation reimbursement that includes taxi and ride-share expenses, as well as trip interruption reimbursement for expenses due to breakdowns more than 100 miles away from home.


This plan covers the same basic powertrain parts as the Bronze plan, adding AC and heating components. The same benefits are also offered here.


This plan may be considered their comprehensive inclusionary option, as it offers a large list of vehicle parts. On top of all that is listed above, this plan also covers parts and components for engine cooling, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical, hybrid, and plug-in electric, on-board modules or systems, entertainment and navigation systems, and chassis.

You also have the option to add Rideshare coverage on top of this plan for an extra charge. This extra option qualifies you for "business use" of your vehicle, such as using your car for Uber or Lyft driving. Keep in mind, however, that this option does not allow for “commercial use” of your car, such as using it as a police car, ambulance, taxi, or any other kind of work vehicle other than a rideshare vehicle.


The Platinum Plan is the highest level of protection that AAA has. This is an exclusionary plan, which means that every part or repair may be covered except those explicitly stated as being excluded in the contract. Some of those exclusions include any repair due to a manufacturer's defect, accidents, pre-existing conditions before the start of the contract, crime, acts of nature, and more as stipulated in the contract. If you opt for this coverage, make sure to read it carefully and ask specific questions about these exclusions.

As with the Gold plan, optional Rideshare coverage can be purchased.

Who Is AAA's Auto Warranty For?

AAA's vehicle protection plans, or VSCs, can appeal to many types of drivers and vehicles. As with other providers, they don't go into detail about their eligibility criteria for coverage. However, this is who we think a AAA service contract may suit:

Existing AAA members

If you're already a long-time member of an AAA club and enjoy their many membership benefits, it makes a lot of sense to buy extended auto warranty coverage from them as well. Not only would it likely be less costly than going to another provider, but you might feel like you are in better hands based on your ongoing relationship with them. Being able to count on them as a trusted source for all your auto services and benefits, as well as travel services, shopping discounts, insurance, and more, is a comforting idea, for sure!

Hybrid or electric car drivers

If you own a hybrid or electric car and you want to extend your warranty for it, you will find that not all providers will offer the necessary parts coverage. But if you opt for the Gold or Platinum plans at AAA, you will find those parts included, along with a large list of other electrical and mechanical parts categories, including your entertainment system.

Rideshare vehicle drivers

Generally speaking, most warranty providers will not allow you to use your car to make money because it puts more miles on the car and causes more wear and tear, which can increase the likelihood of needing repairs. So if you drive for Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare company, what are you supposed to do? Luckily, AAA offers optional coverage on their Gold and Platinum plans for an added fee. With it, you can focus on making money without having to worry about unexpected repair costs.

Hesitant warranty buyers

If you're not sure about needing an auto warranty or whether you can afford it, then AAA may be right for you. You can choose their pay-as-you-go subscription payment method with any of their plans and pay month-to-month with no long-term commitments. You would receive a full refund if you cancel during their 7-day trial period, and if you cancel after that, you will not be billed further. And you get contract services from day one, allowing you to truly evaluate the service and see if it makes sense for you, although some limitations may be applied.

Drivers with families

AAA offers many membership rewards that we touched on before. As the driver of a family car, you can benefit from the wide range of services and discounts offered by a membership. Additionally, it's crucial to have coverage for the numerous potential breakdown issues your car may encounter. Plus, being able to get all your roadside, insurance, warranty, and travel needs met from one source could simplify your purchase and payment decisions so you can focus on the more important things in your life.

Reviews for AAA Vehicle Protection: Is It a Good Deal?

The reception of AAA and its certification status can vary among different clubs. It is important to note that each club may have a unique experience and accreditation.  With the Better Business Bureau, some clubs are in great standing while others do more poorly, and sometimes the same club name will yield widely different results. For example, the AAA - The Auto Club Group, which is registered in Nebraska and serves 14 U.S. states, the province of Quebec, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, has an A+ rating, is BBB-accredited, and responds well to its few customer complaints there. However, another account called "AAA Auto Club", registered in Florida, has an F rating, is not accredited by the BBB, and has many more complaints against it. Other clubs' standings fall in the middle, like "AAA Car Care Plus", which is not accredited by the BBB and has a B+ rating.

AAA has received many reviews online, and the results are mixed. On Trustpilot, you can find several account pages devoted to AAA, where the scores range from poor to middling, ranging between 1.4 to 2.8 out of 5. Many complaints claim that the provider misrepresented the extent of coverage and would not cover many items as promised, or not to the full amount. In fact, some reviewers say that the provider would only pay for an aftermarket, or remanufactured, part because it was less costly. Some have had unsatisfactory and slow customer support or claims experiences, and some say that the company would not adhere to their cancellation promises and may bill or withdraw payments after the fact. Others claim they were generally overbilled and had bad experiences with 'pushy' salespeople.

There are some positive reviews, even if a few seem to directly address negative review issues. Some users offered muted compliments, describing the company as reliable and prompt, while others went into some detail and talked about how they were covered or reimbursed right away for their car damages. Some reviewers talked about the provider going above and beyond with their services and customer support. Keep in mind that while these review pages are not tied to any one region's AAA club, customer satisfaction may vary greatly between clubs.

We take customer reviews with a grain of salt. Consumers may be more motivated to leave feedback for a big company when they have had poor experiences than with good ones, and that certainly seems to be the case here. Reading through online complaints and reviews, we also notice a disparity between what customers claim is covered and what the provider says in reply. Some AAA members may have been misled about the extent of their coverage, but that might not always be the case. Some customers may complain about their batteries not being replaced or being charged for it, but batteries are not covered in an auto warranty plan, and the general AAA membership may only cover their delivery and installation.

Also, take note that some features of higher-tiered plans do not show up on less comprehensive ones. It often falls to you, as a consumer, to ask many questions and read the contract thoroughly to ensure you know where you stand. We always recommend you compare other warranty providers to make sure you're getting the best coverage for your vehicle and budget.

Customer Support at AAA Vehicle Protection

The contact information for AAA will depend on the club that serves your state or region. If the AAA Club Alliance serves your area, you can call 1-800-323-4300 to get a free quote or any other information. You may also contact AAA by messaging the support team via their social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. You can go to the AAA general website, which will redirect you to your region's website, for your club's specific contact and social media information.

You can download their app from the App Store or Google Play, if your region's club offers it.

Final Thoughts on AAA Vehicle Protection

AAA's car warranty can offer useful protection against expensive repairs. If you are a member of your regional AAA club and you like their roadside and travel services, as well as the other perks and discounts they offer, opting to purchase a AAA vehicle service plan (VSC), or Vehicle Protection plan, may be a no-brainer. You would be able to pick the best type and level of plan to suit your needs and budget, regardless of whether your automobile is a new model or an older vehicle, while potentially enjoying some cost savings because of your pre-existing relationship with AAA. They offer coverage for a large list of electrical and mechanical parts, more than many other providers, and have some attractive membership perks as well. As a reputable, long-running auto services company, we think that AAA is definitely worth considering.

Of course, your club might not offer an extended warranty coverage plan, or if it does, it may not be up to the standards of another club's offerings. Reviews of their warranties online are mixed, and customers seem to disagree with each other about whether the provider offers quick and comprehensive service or if they misrepresent coverage or wrongly deny service. We know that some consumers may not do their due diligence by asking all the right questions and reading the contract before signing, but at least some complaints are certainly legitimate.

When it comes to taking care of your car's repairs due to mechanical and electrical failure, you want the peace of mind of knowing you have the perfect coverage for your requirements. Your area might not be serviced, or perhaps you still weren't sure about their services after calling them. We recommend you do your comparison research and go to other auto warranty provider's websites to look over their features and pricing before making a purchase decision. We think you'll find a plan that's perfect for you!

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