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Lightspeed: Exceptional POS Features

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Lightspeed: Exceptional POS FeaturesLightspeed: Exceptional POS Features

Lightspeed provides your business with the best software and hardware that best fit your needs. It has exceptional inventory management features, which lets business owners take complete control of their inventory, tracking it in multiple locations, adding product variations and keeping track of it, and using integrated catalogues to order inventory whenever and wherever.

Lightspeed is browser-based and cloud-hosted. This means that all of your info is stored on the company's servers and are sent to you by cloud. 


Robust inventory management
24/7 customer service
Compatible with many devices


Issues take long to be resolved
Transaction fees are a bit high
Can be a bit slow at times

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small and large
Customer support
24/7 email, phone, live chat and social media support
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price

Lightspeed Features


Lightspeed comes with various features designed to take your business to the next level of success. 


Employees can utilize their iPads to help the customers pay from anywhere around the store. Lightspeed accepts payment through credit cards, checks, gift cards, and cash. Refunds to customers can be easily done and without needing their credit cards at hand.

Contactless payment

You can make things easier and safer for your employees and customers with contactless payment. Lightspeed supports all popular payment methods (credit, debit, and gift cards). You also get an EMV terminal when you sign up.

Digital receipts 

Lightspeed cares about providing eco-friendly services. So, while you can still print out a receipt on paper, you will also have the option to send it to the customer's email immediately after completing the payment. 

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Inventory management

You can import ad upload your products' catalog on Lightspeed using a CSV or Excel file. After uploading your catalog, you can then classify your items according to size, style, and color. You can also create as many custom fields as you need. Items can further be classified by giving each item a serial number so you can keep track of your stock. 

Last but not least, the company allows you to create vendor catalogs to keep track of your stock and order new stock directly from your POS device. You can also transfer stock and items between your different stores. 

Customer management

One of the best features Lightspeed offers is customer management; the system offers multiple features to help you strengthen your relationship with your customers. You can create databases at your stores to build profiles for your customers and save their payment info (with their permission). You can also view the sales history of each customer to determine their habits and give them discounts accordingly.

You can also create a loyalty program with a reward system to give customers points each time they buy something. 

Employee management

Lightspeed offers a feature where employees can enter a PIN to punch in and out. This system keeps track of each employee's working hours, sales, and overall performance. You can also assign custom roles for each employee and decide their level of access to the system. 

As for new employees, the system has multiple webinars to help them understand and get familiar with the POS. 

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Merchants and managers can analyze data on sales, inventory, staff performance, and more through more than 40 templates. Data comes through real-time reports that give an overview of the findings and analyze everything in detail, laying out the facts and numbers in front of the responsible people. 

Loyalty programs

You can use Lightspeed's loyalty programs to offer your customers points in exchange for their loyalty; they can receive points every time they buy something. You can also send one-time custom deals on birthdays or to VIP shoppers. 

This feature comes only with the Advanced plan, but if you use the Lean or Standard plan, you can still pay additional costs to have it.


If you have a physical store and an e-commerce website, you can manage both at the same time with Lightspeed POS. It offers you 50 ready-made and customizable templates you can use to design your website. Once your website is ready and live, you can streamline all processes concerning sales and inventory across all of your physical and digital stores. 


The Lightspeed app marketplace has a huge variety of apps you can use to further benefit from its features. These apps are very inclusive in every field you might need, including accounting, payment processing, e-commerce, marketing, CRM, reporting, invoicing and payroll integrations, and much more. 


All modern retailers work across multi-channel, and Lightspeed is aware of that. And so, you get to: 

  • Synchronize a store's online and physical inventory
  • Reports of sales across all channels
  • The full customer purchase history
  • Built-in SEO
  • Integrations with Facebook and Instagram
  • Marketing campaign measurements for online and physical stores
  • Shipping flexibility
  • Product pickup

Customer service

Customer service at Lightspeed is quite exceptional with all plans. Customer service includes a free onboarding session, Monday-Friday live chat support, 24/7 phone support, many guides, and webinars. Clients are also matched with a dedicated account manager to help them find and get in touch with the needed person as soon as possible. This type of customer service cannot be found in every POS out there; it takes a great POS system to provide you with such service. 

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Lightspeed Plans and Pricing

Lightspeed offers three plans as follows:


Lean  Standard Advanced
Retail POS Yes Yes Yes
Registers (additional registers + 29 USD/mo) 1 1
Integrated payments Yes Yes Yes
Accounting N/A Yes Yes
eCommerce N/A Yes Yes
Omnichannel Loyalty N/A N/A Yes
Analytics core N/A N/A Yes
Lightspeed payments card-present rate 2.6%+ 10c

2.6%+ 10c

2.6%+ 10c

24/7 customer support Yes Yes Yes
One-on-one onboarding Yes Yes Yes
Additional free training Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated account manager  Yes Yes Yes
Starting price (paid monthly) $79 per month $139 per month $239 per month

Lightspeed also has the Enterprise plan; it has everything in the Advanced plan, and:

  • Unlimited personalized onboarding and launch services
  • Personalized consultation services
  • Dedicated premium support team
  • API consultation and support
  • A dedicated customer success manager
  • Preferred Lightspeed Payments rates

To get the Enterprise plan, you need to fill a form to get a quote and get in touch with the responsible people so they can let you know how much you would have to pay and what other features and services you would receive. 

As for the payment of the first three plans, if you want a lower price, you can sign a contract for an annual payment instead of a monthly payment; prices become as follows:

  • Lean - $69 per month instead of $79.
  • Standard - $119 per month instead of $139.
  • Advanced - $199 per month instead of $239.

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Final Words

Lightspeed is a great POS that you can use no matter what your devices are, as it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. Lightspeed has so many features that can be personalized to fit all of your needs and more. If you already have a POS and want a better one, or if you still are thinking about getting a POS for your business, Lightspeed is the answer. 

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