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CoAdvantage PEO Review: Tailored HR Solutions for Small Business

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CoAdvantage PEO Review: Tailored HR Solutions for Small Business

Updated: October 16th, 2023

CoAdvantage, a leading Professional Employer Organization (PEO), specializes in managing HR matters. Operating as a PEO, they provide external support to businesses, addressing a wide range of HR needs. Their team of certified professionals excels in handling diverse employee and HR-related responsibilities, offering innovative solutions that ensure seamless and efficient HR operations behind the scenes.


Expert HR guidance
Extensive features


Not a member of NAPEO
Lack of transparency
No mobile app
Not accredited by IRS or ESAC


Quick Stats

Business Size
Customer Experience
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Expert HR Guidance
BBB Rating
Trustpilot Score
NAPEO Member
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ESAC Accreditation
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Understanding CoAdvantage

Founded in 1997, CoAdvantage has over two decades of experience providing HR services. They work with around 4,500 clients in all 50 states, focusing on managing various HR tasks for small businesses in different companies.

Their services include creating employee benefits, ensuring workplace safety, processing payroll, filing taxes, managing finances (like direct deposits), tracking employee work hours, and more.

While CoAdvantage doesn't have certain certifications from the Employer Service Assurance Corporation (ESAC) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), they do have an A+ rating and are accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2020. 

Businesses & Industries

They don't seem to offer their services to medium or larger companies, only to small companies. They also don't offer any information on the industries and businesses they serve; however, you can contact them and ask for a quote. If you are a medium or large business owner in need of a PEO, ADP TotalSource might be a good option for you.

Highlighting the Major Features of CoAdvantage

They offer an array of services designed to streamline HR management for small business owners. Here's a breakdown of some of their key offerings:

  • Risk and compliance: They ensure your business is up-to-date with the latest legal requirements by offering a dedicated risk management consultant to help minimize HR-related risks through guidance on workers' compensation, safety programs, and more
  • Payroll services: From calculating wages to managing tax filings, they handle all aspects of payroll, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors
  • Employee benefits: This provider offers comprehensive employee benefits programs, helping you attract and retain top talent. These benefits include health insurance, dental, vision, and more
  • HR technology: They offer a user-friendly HR platform (CoAdQuantim) that has a customizable design and mobile capabilities. It simplifies various HR-related tasks, including employee onboarding, time and attendance tracking, and reporting
  • Recruitment and onboarding: They offer an efficient hiring process by accessing larger candidate pools and providing consultative guidance
  • HR administration: They support your employees' well-being with their employee assistance program that provides counseling, support services, and growth with training and development programs

In addition to the above, they also offer a wide variety of educational resources for their members for knowledge and skills development, including their CoAdvantage HR blog, webinars, the COVID-19 Business Resource Center, and the Business Referral Program.

CoAdvantage doesn’t advertise their prices online. However, you can contact them to get a custom quote to suit your business.

The Benefits of CoAdvantage 

  • Expert HR guidance: CoAdvantage brings years of experience and a team of HR professionals to the table, ensuring that your HR processes are managed by experts
  • Extensive features: As mentioned above, they offer a wide range of services, such as payroll, benefits for employees, risk management, HR technology, employee support programs, hiring, learning and development, and HR compliance. With this wide range of services, businesses can find HR options that are perfect for them all in one place

The Drawbacks of CoAdvantage

  • No mobile app: CoAdvantage doesn’t offer a mobile app, which may be a limitation for businesses and employees who prefer the convenience of accessing HR-related information and services on mobile devices
  • No demo: They don’t provide a demo of their services, which can make it challenging for potential clients to assess the platform's user-friendliness and features before committing to their services
  • Not a member of NAPEO: They are not a member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), which might raise concerns for some potential clients who value affiliations with trusted industry organizations
  • Not accredited by IRS or ESAC: The absence of accreditation by the IRS or ESAC may be seen as a drawback by businesses seeking additional certifications to ensure the trustworthiness and capabilities of an HR service provider
  • Lack of transparency: There is a lack of transparency with this provider when it comes to the industries they serve and their plans and prices, which can create uncertainty for clients who require clear information before they make their final decision

What Customers Are Saying About Them

While CoAdvantage doesn't have any reviews or ratings on well-known sites like TrustRadius or the BBB, they do have a few customer reviews on G2 and a 3.6 out of 5 rating. This may make it hard for potential customers to get full feedback, but it's important to look at the reviews that are available because they give useful information.


Many users appreciate CoAdvantage's user-friendly HR platform, which simplifies various tasks such as onboarding and time tracking. The intuitive design has made it easier for businesses to manage their HR processes efficiently.

A few users noted that while the platform is user-friendly, they experienced occasional glitches or delays, such as the password function, which affected their day-to-day operations.

Guidance and support:

Customers often commend CoAdvantage's support team for their expertise and prompt assistance. The dedicated compliance team ensures that businesses remain in compliance with ever-changing labor laws.

Some users have said that response times can be different, and some are worried that customer support may be delayed during busy times. Other customers complained that the provider made fundamental mistakes in tax management and filing, resulting in large fines.

Is it worth it?

Most customers find that their services are well worth the investment. The time and cost savings, coupled with expert guidance, can significantly enhance HR operations, making it a strategic decision for businesses looking to grow and succeed.

While the majority of reviews are positive, a small percentage of users have expressed concerns about the initial cost, services, and support, especially for smaller businesses.

CoAdvantage Customer Service

You can easily contact them online through email at or by phone at (855) 351-4731. You can also fill out a form at their client care center for general inquiries. 


CoAdvantage offers a comprehensive suite of HR services that can significantly benefit small businesses across various industries. With over two decades of experience, they have honed their expertise in HR management, helping clients navigate the complexities of compliance, payroll, benefits, and more.

While there are some potential downsides, such as the lack of transparency and demos for users, the advantages of partnering with CoAdvantage can be helpful for many potential customers. Their commitment to usability, expert guidance, and ongoing support has earned them positive reviews from many satisfied customers.

When considering alternatives to CoAdvantage, it’s important to explore other PEOs on the market. Take the time to compare the services and pricing of different PEOs to find the best fit for your business. Consider your specific needs and requirements, read customer reviews and ratings, and even schedule free consultations with potential PEOs to discuss how they can meet your HR needs. 

Don't forget to evaluate the value and ROI of each option, ensuring you make a good decision for your company. All of this information and more can be found on our PEO comparison and review pages to help you make the best decision possible.  

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