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BBSI: Full Review and PEO Services

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BBSI: Full Review and PEO ServicesBBSI: Full Review and PEO Services

BBSI offers businesses of any size and kind a wide range of PEO services that go beyond what traditional PEOs usually offer. BBSI will pair you with a team of dedicated specialists seeking to understand your business and its challenges in every area of HR, risk, safety, and business strategy. Continue reading our full BBSI review to know more.


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About BBSI

BSSI started out as a staffing company in 1972 and has grown to become a leading Professional Employer Organization. BBSI is fully accredited through the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) Client Assurance Program, which is the gold standard for PEOs. Moreover, BBSI has obtained a SOC1 report from the independent CPA firm, ensuring appropriately restricted access to important data.

BSSI customizes its PEO prices depending on the business's size and needs. You need only reach out to their team to get started and get your custom quote, plus you can request a live demo of their platform to see it in action.

BBSI Services

Business Strategy

BBSI will assign you a dedicated business partner with whom you will kick off your BBSI relationship. Together, you will plan in-depth strategic sessions to uncover your business's current health, future plans, and any obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals. After a few meetings, your dedicated BBSI team will construct a detailed business blueprint that highlights opportunities and objectives for critical areas like:

  • Finance and profit
  • People and culture
  • Products and services
  • Risk and safety
  • Future growth

Your BBSI team will keep you on track with what needs to be achieved and will encourage you to push your boundaries to aim higher.

Human Resources

After your BBSI team and business partner analyze your company and build your company's blueprint for growth and optimization, BBSI will assign you an HR expert to provide you with the guidance, training, and support that turns your managers into leaders and build a culture that attracts and retains talent.

Your HR expert will lay out the details of laws and regulations and their potential ramifications in plain language, so you are prepared to make the adjustments you need and mitigate any compliance risks. BBSI will offer you a free Employee Handbook template so you can pick and choose the sections and policies most relevant to your company and start building a better company culture.

Payroll Administration

BBSI will assign your business its own payroll professional with years of experience processing payroll for businesses of any kind and size. BSSI offers its proprietary payroll portal, myBSSI, which makes it easier and more efficient to manage your payroll from your phone or desktop.

Your payroll consultant will manage your timesheets, checks, paperwork, compensations, and payroll and ensure your processes comply with laws and regulations.

Retirement Benefits

BBSI offers its clients access to its best-in-class multiple employer 401(k) program. Its qualified retirement plan frees you from enrolling in a state-mandated plan and offers you the flexibility to design the plan terms to support your business's unique needs. Your BBSI team will handle all the administration management, including regulatory requirements, so you can focus on growing your business.

Risk and Safety

BSSI promises a proactive approach regarding risk and safety, as your dedicated BBSI Risk Manager will help you curate a positive workplace safety culture. Your BBSI Risk Manager will analyze your business operations and processes and identify any potential safety hazards that pose a risk to you and your employees.

Then, a risk mitigation roadmap will be developed to help your team to action to improve your workplace safety culture. BSSI will offer workforce safety training, certifications, and the latest information regarding new regulations.

Staffing and Recruiting

BBSI has an intuitive recruitment process that utilizes the latest methods and candidate screening techniques to identify the most qualified people for growing your business. The recruitment process has six steps:

  1. Align and understand your hiring standards and expectations
  2. Assess your workplace risks to eliminate safety concerns
  3. Refine your interview strategy to streamline the hiring process
  4. Identify your perfect pick
  5. Screen and perform background checks and pre-employment drug screens
  6. Onboard and assist in ensuring a smooth transition

Technology Solutions

BBSI offers its clients its own intuitive and reliable platform where they can perform their HR and payroll operations seamlessly. BSSI's clients praise its user-friendliness and its ability to streamline all their business information in one place for easier input and access.

Its payroll features packs pay stub access, payroll calendar tools, batch payroll options, and time clock integrations. HR features include employee administration, where you get time off request review, performance evaluation, benefits management, and electronic onboarding.

Lastly, the platform also has reporting tools that allow you to schedule auto-generated reports and give you the ability to export reports and customizable real-time reporting dashboards.

Workers' Compensation

BBSI offers unique pay-as-you-go premium options for workers' compensation plans that adjust with your business. BSSI will pair you with a risk consultant to evaluate your safety culture, identify risks, and offer solutions. BSSI's pay-as-you-go model adjusts with each payroll cycle to follow the ebb and flow of your business cycle.

BSSI Plans and Prices

BSSI does not advertise any prices for its PEO services. You are recommended to reach out to their team by filling out a short form enlisting some information about you and your business, and they will get in touch with you to know more and customize a price specific to your business's size and requirements.

Customer Support

You can reach BBSI's team by phone at 1-800-494-5669 or by submitting and filling out the short form you will find on their website. BSSI offers a variety of resources such as articles and webinars to help get started and know more about its PEO services.

Final Words

BBSI is an inquisitive business that aims to understand your business inside and out and provide you with all the services and consultations you need to grow your company with the best talent in safe and healthy workplace culture. It offers payroll administration, staffing and recruiting, workers' compensation programs, and a range of HR and business consulting services. Reach out to BBSI's team to begin your journey with their team of dedicated professionals.

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