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CoAdvantage Review: Plans, Pros and Cons, Solutions, and Alternatives

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CoAdvantage Review: Plans, Pros and Cons, Solutions, and AlternativesCoAdvantage Review: Plans, Pros and Cons, Solutions, and Alternatives

CoAdvantage is a leading HR solution provider that was founded in 1997. With hundreds of employees and thousands of happy customers, CoAdvantage has earned its reputation as a smart HR solution provider and a professional employer organization (PEO). Continue reading this article if you want to know more about CoAdvantage and decide whether it is the right PEO company for your business.


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“Smart HR Solutions for your Business.” As an employee leasing company with many awards in recognition and excellent customer ratings and reviews, CoAdvantage might just be what your business is looking for.

A Brief About CoAdvantage

CoAdvantage is a professional employer organization (PEO). This means that they are specialized in leasing expert employees in the HR field that can help manage, maintain and take care of all of your business’ HR tasks and functions.

Their network is focused on managing and handling human resource duties. Some of these duties can include, but are not limited to, developing compensation or benefit bundles, administering payroll, filing taxes, filing W-2 forms, managing financial issues (such as making direct deposits), tracking employee time, and so much more!

The CoAdvantage team pays excellent attention to your business so that they make sure it grows! Now, your industry has the potential to become the best possible version of itself. Their team provides professionals in the field that can handle difficult HR-related tasks such as payroll processing and tax management.

As a PEO company, CoAdvantage will support your business in all HR areas. Their team of certified professionals will offer guidance, training, support, and more! Their ground-breaking solutions are designed to keep all of your HR operations running smoothly. With their expertise, you can enhance productivity and increase the value of your business.

CoAdvantage has been helping small businesses succeed for over two decades. The outcome of collaborating with them is bound to be a fruitful relationship that will lead you to success. Keep reading for more on CoAdvantage, including features, solutions, and benefits!

Features, Solutions, and Benefits of CoAdvantage

CoAdvantage is focused on providing some of the best HR solutions for industries that your business can capitalize on. Here are some of the solutions they offer, in addition to some features and benefits that will help your business as well!


Some of the many solutions provided by them include:

  • Payroll Processing

With CoAdvantage’s professional payroll services and solutions, you can have all of your payroll processing, and related tasks, taken care of easily.

  • Benefits Administration

With this solution, you can access Fortune-500 type benefits at very affordable costs and rates.

  • Risk Management and Compliance

Now you can easily create a workplace that is entirely compliant with the current laws and regulations of the day. You can easily avoid legal issues as well.

On top of the solutions above, you will also be getting the following solutions that will help you conduct all of your HR tasks securely, effectively, and efficiently as well:

  • CoAdQuantum HR Technology
  • Recruitment Services
  • Partner Programs
  • Employee Development

So with their solutions, your business can be completely transformed! You can also find the following features and benefits with them as well.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Benefits
  • HR Administration
  • Expert and Certified HR Professionals
  • 24/7 Web Access
  • Employee Onboarding

So, with all of these features and benefits you can get, you now can recruit, train and retain some of the best employees on a national scale. Their services are promised to be high in value and quality, and you are guaranteed your money’s worth. Their packages are very cost-effective.

All of the above features, benefits, and solutions were designed with the intent of solving human-resource-related problems. With CoAdvantage, you no longer have to face issues with payroll, staff compensation and benefits, compliance, risk management, and more. Their professional employees can stay up-to-date when it comes to federal or state work regulations and take care of any legal and financial issues. With all of this taken care of, you can focus on your business in a much more centralized way that allows you to maximize your productivity and increase revenue.

When you in invest in CoAdvantage PEO, you can back any time or money you spent on administration in the past. With all of the above, you can reduce liability, save money and time, and eventually make much more money.


In addition to all of the above, CoAdvantage also offers a wide variety of resources including:

  • Blog
  • Webinars
  • COVID-19 Business Resource Center
  • Business Referral Program
  • CoAdvantage Partner Portal
  • SourcePointe Resources
  • FAQs
  • W-2 Reprints

With all of this, you simply cannot say no to CoAdvantage! Keep reading to see the plans and prices for their services below.

Plans and Prices of CoAdvantage

CoAdvantage does not advertise its prices online, unfortunately. However, you may contact them today to get a custom quote to suit your business! Keep reading below to know all of the different ways you can contact them right away.

Customer Service at CoAdvantage

Customer service and support are always available, and helpful, at CoAdvantage. They are genuinely dedicated and they care about their customers. It is so simple to get in touch with their client care center team.

You can visit them on-site at any of their offices, including their headquarters in Tampa:

3350 Buschwood Park Drive, Suite 200. Tampa, FL, 33618 United States

Or you can easily contact them online through email at [email protected] for sales or at [email protected] to reach their client care center for general inquiries. You also have the option of calling them directly at 1 (855) 351-4731 for sales or at 888-925-2990 or 800-868-1016 for support. You can also fill in a form on their website for them to get in touch with you. You might also find the answers to your questions on their HR portals online.

They also have social media accounts you can contact them on via direct messages. You can find their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. They have a YouTube channel as well.

Alternatives to CoAdvantage

CoAdvantage is an excellent choice for many businesses and is dedicated to delivering value. However, if you find that, for some reason, it is not the right option for you, then here are some great alternatives we have reviewed as well. One of them may be just what you are looking for.


With Paychex, you will get a dedicated team of experts that can give you a wide range of HR solutions services! You can read our full Paychex PEO review to learn more.


BBSI is another excellent PEO service provider! With BBSI, you no longer need to worry about any of your HR tasks. You can read our full BBSI review to learn more.


With Justworks, you can streamline all of your HR tasks. It is another perfect option for you to consider. You can read our full Justworks PEO review as well.

Conclusive Statement on CoAdvantage

Our final verdict on CoAdvantage is that they concentrate on business growth, covering all important HR tasks, and high-quality customer care. It has many excellent features and benefits, which are very important for helping businesses. If you are looking for a great employee leasing company to outsource with, then CoAdvantage is definitely an excellent contender! We highly recommend it for your business.

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