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Star2Star VoIP Review: Features, Solutions, and Plans

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Star2Star VoIP Review: Features, Solutions, and PlansStar2Star VoIP Review: Features, Solutions, and Plans

Star2Star is a unified communications company launched in 2006. Since then, the company has been offering top-notch technology to support the workflow and offer multiple high-quality communication options with customers.


Excellent customer support
Flexible plans and customizable solutions
Fully-featured unified communication options


Prices aren't disclosed on the website

Quick Stats

Free Desktop App
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Free Video Conferencing
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Supported Operating Systems
iOS and Android
Supports Bluetooth Headsets
Web-Browser Compatible
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Star2Star offers a wide variety of communications to simplify the work and help clients connect from anywhere, no matter their location. Services presented by Star2Star include collaborations, voice services, video conferencing, and messaging.


Star2Star VoIP Features

The good news is that businesses of any size can benefit from the services, besides supporting multiple work environments, whether on-premise or virtual. Let's discuss the features in detail:

Team collaboration

TeamHub supports Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Edge. The software allows sharing files and other content, sending messages in channels and groups, and integrating your toolkit of solutions into one collaboration platform.

The TeamHub software is also a good option for those who want to have full management of their communications. In general, using the TeamHub allows channel and personal workplace management, file and content management.

The software supports all forms of messaging, including channel, direct, and group messaging, video call integration, notifications, and user support.

Supports multiple industries

Star2Star VoIP solutions are suitable for a wider range of industries: Education, employment, financial services, government, healthcare, hospitality, legal, manufacturing, retail, restaurants, and quick services.


Good for different business sizes

Whether you own a small, medium, or large business with high requirements, no matter your business size, you'll find a good option. Let's explain this further if you run a business with 10 to 100 users with a small budget to work with, this VoIP has what you're business needs, it offers unified communications, call recording, cost reduction, disaster avoidance and recovery, and many others.

For medium-sized businesses, a VoIP system with multiple communication options is a requirement, but they also need a user-friendly communications system for employees to master. Star2Star is a good fit that has both flexibility and efficiency.

Star2Star offers a range of products and services that meet the needs of midsize businesses and help them cope with the challenges they face every day.

Every business has its own structure and needs, but there is a belief that large enterprises can experience more communication struggles than small businesses. Star2Star enterprise communication solutions provide a flexible and customized communications system that is a good fit for your company's day-to-day needs.

Flexible working environment

Whether your employees are in-house, working remotely from home, or anywhere around the globe, they need to be able to easily and seamlessly respond to customers' inquiries and questions. The same flexibility is required when it comes to customers who need to reach out, making Star2Star a reliable option for both employees and customers by offering a variety of VoIP solutions to meet all needs.

on top of that, support staff, sales teams, and administrators will have special tools and communication options necessary to their functions and role. Also, you don't have to get stuck with features you don't really need, this is why a customized Enterprise VoIP option allows you to pay for features you need.


Star2Star VoIP Solutions

There is a suite of services presented by Star2Star to enhance your business's communications and provide your customers with high-quality options. The services are explained as follows:

Cloud unified communications

The company has end-to-end unified communications solutions with selections ranging from on-premise cloud features suite to connected workspace and packaged applications. Here are the major services that fall under this category:

  • Business voice: Business voice is an easily deployed and intuitive solution that provides superior VoIP quality, flexibility, and reliability. The communications presented by Star2Star simplify and streamline your business operations.
  • Connected workspace: Modern business processes have been changed by remote work, and this change required more flexible collaboration tools; applications, cloud-optimized storage, and desktop services from anywhere. Start2Star cloud-based workspaces allow engagement and help increase productivity through highly secure connections.
  • Urgent notifications: This feature allows sending notifications regarding urgent calls to preset text and email endpoints when triggered by an altered action.
  • Employee alerts: Employee Alerts allow administrators to track and request acknowledgment of receipt and encourage instant engagement from employees, it also allows sending alters through SMS texts and email to all employees or selected ones.
  • Disaster Avoidance and Recovery: StarRecovery™ is an innovative disaster recovery system that allows your business to sustain telephone service despite the power, telephone, and Internet outages or even destruction of your facilities.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

This feature allows keeping business contacts, files, and workflows with you wherever you are. You can easily manage productivity and simplify your IT requirements with the virtual desktop infrastructure.

VDI solutions integrate with your current workflows to beef up communications and collaboration across the different departments. Level up your employees' efficiency and provide personalized customer relationships with a seamless end-to-end client experience from any device.

In short, virtual desktop infrastructure empowers your workforce with access to all of their tools from anywhere while using their device of choice.

Star2Star Prices and Plans

Star2Star VoIP allows you to choose from flexible pricing and equipment-leasing options to make shifting to VoIP even more cost-efficient.

In order to add more flexibility, Star2Star offers 5 plans supporting businesses with different needs and sizes: Professional Bundle For Microsoft Teams, Professional Bundle, Collaboration Bundle, Customer Service Bundle, and Contact Center Bundle. Let's put these plans in a side-by-side comparison:

Professional Bundle For Microsoft Teams Professional Bundle Collaboration Bundle Customer Service Bundle Contact Center Bundle

This plan covers the Enterprise Voice service, besides the Microsoft Teams integration to enhance communications.

Features: Professional Bundle Microsoft Teams covers the Star2Star Business Voice, text messaging, application with employee alerts, and high-quality business voice

The Professional Bundle is an all-in-one collaboration and communication for all business sizes

Features: The professional Bundle covers the following services (business Voice, text messaging, Team Hub software, Sangoma Meet, and Employee alerts

The collaboration Bundle covers all Professional Bundle offers plus the features we'll list down.

Features: Team Hub, text messaging, Sangoma Meet, and digital fax functionality



The Customer Service Bundle covers all we mentioned with the Collaboration Bundle plus the features mentioned below.

Features: Service Insight, expanded Team Hub features, real-time, in-depth business analytics



The Contact Center Bundle is the most comprehensive Star2Star plan with plus full-featured Contact Center Solution.

The Contact Center plan is designed to enhance the customer experience


Customer Support

Star2Star offers multiple support options including email, tickets, and phone support at (941) 234-0001. After reviewing customers' feedback, we can recommend Star2Star as one of the best VoIP providers with excellent customer support options.

The knowledge base page is extensive and comprehensive with information about how to use, install, configure and support many other issues to read about, and it offers a library of operational assets and up-to-date content to help you sell and communicate.

The website has links to all the company's social media accounts, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, which you can visit to see what other people think of the service and its latest news, solutions, or updates.


Final Verdict

Star2Star is one of the leaders in the business phone system industry, it serves businesses of every size, and allows full management of your system. Like many other VoIP providers, Start2 Star doesn't clearly disclose its cost and pricing criteria on the website, but whenever you're considering the service as your VoIP provider, you'll find multiple ways to reach out and find the answer to all your questions and concerns.

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