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Unleash Your Business Potential with SpotOn POS

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Unleash Your Business Potential with SpotOn POS

Updated: March 19th, 2024

SpotOn is a payments and business technologies company that offers solutions beyond traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems and payment technologies. As co-founded by Doron Friedman, Matt Hyman, and Zach Hyman in 2017 and located in San Francisco, California, they strive to customize their solutions to fit individual businesses' needs. This review will provide insights into SpotOn POS's features, pricing, support, and customer ratings, helping you decide if it is right for your business.


User-friendly interface
Real-time reports
Extensive features and integrations
High scalability potential
24/7 customer service


Can be a bit pricey
Potential hidden fees
Only compatible with SpotOn's hardware
Additional training required for advanced features


Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Any business size
Trustpilot Score
4.2 out of 5
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Not Available
Pricing Model
Tiered pricing plans with add-ons
BBB Rating
Starting at $0 monthly with processing fees

An Overview of SpotOn

SpotOn is a company that provides tailored Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and integrated solutions to businesses, with offices in the United States, Mexico, and Poland. Their focus on customized technology has made them a strong contender in the POS market. They cater to a wide variety of businesses and merchants within the restaurant and small business industries, including operations like fine dining and fast casual dining establishments, as well as bars, retail shops, automotive retailers, and professional services. Their customer service is often regarded for their expertise, with teams providing 24/7 support. 

Their system simplifies payment processes, makes it easy and affordable for your businesses to accept payments, and offers integrated marketing tools. The company has implemented several measures to ensure data security. They comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), an industry-standard framework for securely handling cardholder data. Their system encrypts sensitive information to protect against unauthorized access and conducts regular security audits to identify and address vulnerabilities. 

SpotOn has received accolades for their commitment to providing quality services and support to businesses in the POS industry; they received the Inc.’s Inaugural Power Partner Awards in 2022, and have received the highest marks in functionality, ease of use, customer support, and value for money in the Capterra Competitive Comparison Report. They also received the Capterra Top Performer Award and were named a top performer in the restaurant POS, bar POS, customer loyalty, and order and delivery service categories by Capterra. SpotOn Transact, the mother company, has an A+ on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

SpotOn Key Features

SpotOn offers tailored solutions beyond the one-size-fits-all approach, offering distinctive features catering to various business needs. Some of their standout POS features include:

  • All-in-one software: The SpotOn POS system streamlines transaction and order management with a customizable interface and intuitive touchscreen to increase your staff's productivity and accuracy. Their interface is meant to be intuitive and straightforward, even for your staff with limited technical experience. A step-by-step guided setup wizard for users through the initial setup process, ensuring a smooth and efficient configuration of your operations. This is designed to minimize your need for extensive training, allowing your team to become familiar with the functionalities quickly
  • Payment processing: Their POS solutions allow you to accept a great variety of payment methods. This includes cash, all major credit cards, and mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo
  • Inventory management: Their real-time tracking allows you to monitor stock levels across all locations and receive automatic low-stock alerts to prevent out-of-stock situations. Intelligent ordering will help you generate purchase orders based on historical sales data and pre-defined reorder points to ensure optimal inventory levels. Ingredient management will allow you to track individual recipe ingredients, enabling better cost control and optimization. Also, variant management for products (e.g., size, color) within a single item simplifies inventory control and streamlines your sales
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): The company offers to design and implement customized loyalty programs to reward your customers and encourage brand engagement. They provide targeted marketing, utilizing your customer purchase history and preferences to send targeted promotions and campaigns, enabling you to increase sales and customer retention. The system will help your restaurant create detailed customer profiles to personalize interactions, improve customer service, and upsell relevant products. Feedback management will gather customer feedback through surveys and reviews to help you identify areas for improvement and enhance the overall customer experience
  • Advanced analytics and reporting: The company's sales & inventory reporting will give you insights into sales trends, identify top-selling items, and analyze profit margins to make data-driven business decisions. You can monitor employee performance metrics like sales volume, order accuracy, and customer service ratings. You can also create customizable dashboards to visualize essential metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). SpotOn translates raw data into actionable insights, enabling your business to optimize operations, identify growth opportunities, and improve efficiency
  • Online ordering and delivery integrations: Their system allows you to integrate with popular online ordering platforms and delivery services to expand your customer reach and cater to the growing demand for online ordering
  • POS hardware: They offer a range of proprietary small business and restaurant POS hardware solutions. Their core options include the SpotOn Terminal, a robust countertop system, and the SpotOn Register, based on the iPad, for greater portability. For restaurants, the SpotOn Poynt Smart Terminal is a handheld device ideal for tableside service. SpotOn Mobile turns your smartphone into a mini-POS, perfect for on-the-go businesses. They also provide Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) to improve kitchen communication, as well as various printers, barcode scanners, and cash drawers. SpotOn's hardware is designed to integrate seamlessly with their software platform, allowing businesses to manage all aspects of their operations from one centralized system. You can customize your hardware package to suit your specific requirements
  • Gift cards and promotions management: This feature will help you manage gift cards, create targeted promotions, and track their effectiveness in driving sales
  • Labor scheduling and payroll: This optional add-on can help you simplify employee scheduling while automating your payroll processes and managing staff costs effectively
  • Mobile app: SpotOn offers a mobile app in multiple languages, allowing you to monitor business remotely, access reports, and manage staff efficiently. SpotOn is cloud-based, allowing access from any connected device, ensuring data security and eliminating the need for software installations. The mobile app lets you manage operations, access key features, and have offline functionality
  • Third-party integrations: Their central hub offers more than a transaction processing system that seamlessly integrates with various applications essential to your business operations. You can streamline your workflow with pre-built integrations using tools like QuickBooks, Mailchimp, DoorDash, and more. Additionally, SpotOn's open API allows you to customize the POS system to suit your needs and workflows. Integrations eliminate manual data entry, reduce errors, and consolidate data from various sources

SpotOn Pricing & Plans

SpotOn POS has multiple pricing plans that cater to different business needs. 

  • Quick Start Plan: This plan includes a cloud-based POS system, service and support, third-party integration, marketing tools, reporting, capital loan management, and review management, all accessible from a single dashboard without a monthly fee. The hardware includes a 15" SpotOn Station, guest-facing display, stand, cash drawer, and receipt printer. The software and hardware costs include processing fees. Additional features and software are available for an extra fee
  • Counter Service Plan: This plan is for counter-service businesses. It costs $99 per month plus $3 per employee. The features include cloud-based point-of-sale, employee management, reporting, marketing tools, online ordering and delivery, capital loan management, and review management. Additional features and software are available for extra fees. The hardware includes a 10” SpotOn Counter, stand, guest-facing display, cash drawer, and receipt printer. Financing is available for $850
  • Full-Service Plan: This plan is for full-service establishments with counter services. It costs $135 per month plus $3 per employee. The features include cloud-based point of sale, online ordering, marketing tools, and more. Additional features are available for extra fees. The hardware comprises a 15" SpotOn Station, stand, cash drawer, receipt printer, and kitchen display system. Financing is available for the Station ($750) and KDS ($600)
  • Customize Your Plan: You can modify this plan according to your business's unique needs and requirements. Contact the sales team for more details

SpotOn offers different hardware options for POS systems at varying prices, including station POS, counter POS, and kitchen display system screens. The in-person processing rates vary based on the subscription level, ranging from 1.99% + $0.25 for Counter Service, Full Service, and Customize Your plans to higher rates for Quick Start subscribers. The company offers various software add-ons such as web development, web hosting, appointment management, and online ordering for additional monthly fees. If you use their payment processor, expect transaction fees ranging from 1.99% + 25¢ for standard credit and debit card transactions to 2.99% + 25c for keyed-in, international, and corporate transactions.

SpotOn Advantages

  • Tailored solutions: SpotOn offers pre-designed plans for specific business types, like restaurants, cafes, and retail, as well as a customizable option to suit your specific needs. From basic functionalities to cutting-edge features like CRM, inventory management, and loyalty programs, they cater to diverse business requirements
  • Mobile compatibility: They empower you to manage operations and access critical features remotely through their mobile app
  • Multilingual support: They can cater to businesses with diverse staff or customer demographics
  • Pre-built integrations: To help you connect with widespread applications in accounting, marketing, inventory management, and payment processing
  • Open API: This technology enables developers to build custom integrations with virtually any software or system, fostering a well-connected business ecosystem
  • Cloud-based system: Their system is accessible from any device with an internet connection, ensuring data security and eliminating the need for local software installations
  • Offline functionality: Basic functionalities like processing transactions remain operational even during internet disruptions. Your data syncs automatically upon reconnection
  • 24/7 customer support: They will assist you with various channels (phone and email) for troubleshooting and inquiries.
  • Data-driven decisions: Their robust reporting and analytics features allow you to gain valuable insights from consolidated data to make informed business decisions
  • Improved customer engagement: You can build stronger customer relationships through loyalty programs and targeted marketing tools

SpotOn Disadvantages:

While SpotOn POS offers numerous advantages, it's crucial to acknowledge potential drawbacks that might not be suitable for every business:

  • Pricing structure: The company’s pricing might be slightly higher than some competitors, especially for basic plans. When evaluating the overall cost, consider additional costs like hardware, payment processing fees, and software add-ons
  • Limited free trial: While they offer a free plan on their website, it comes with many additional fees and contract considerations. Also, information regarding a free trial isn't readily available, making it challenging for businesses to thoroughly test the system before committing
  • Additional training for advanced features: While the core functionalities are user-friendly, some advanced features require additional staff training, especially in businesses with complex needs

The Customer Experience at SpotOn

The company receives primarily positive feedback from customers online. They hold a high review score of 4.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot, and similar scores of 4.4 out of 5 on G2 and Capterra. Users praise its ease of use, scalability, and features, but some have pricing and customer service issues.

Positive reviews

Many users commend the system's intuitive design and ease of use. Reviewers have highlighted that staff require minimal technical knowledge for daily operations. Customers appreciate the ability to choose from pre-designed plans or build customized solutions tailored to their specific business needs. Some users acknowledge the diverse functionalities offered by SpotOn POS, including inventory management, CRM, and loyalty programs. Others have praised the availability of a mobile app for remote access and managing operations. Customers also value the ability to integrate SpotOn with various third-party applications, streamlining workflows and centralizing data.

Critical feedback

While SpotOn POS has positive feedback for their user-friendly interface and diverse features, some user reviews and testimonials highlight specific areas for improvement. SpotOn's pricing structure is slightly higher than that of some competitors, especially for basic plans. Some note that additional costs like hardware, payment processing fees, and software add-ons can add up. A readily available free trial option would make it easier for potential customers to thoroughly test the system before committing to a paid plan. Some users have mentioned that advanced features require additional staff training. Additionally, some users report encountering occasional glitches and challenges with customer service response times.

SpotOn Transact has an A+ on the BBB, but receives a moderate amount of complaints there. They reply to customer complaints fairly promptly, and seem to resolve the issue within a few days.

Customer Support at SpotOn

SpotOn provides around-the-clock assistance through various channels, including a dedicated phone line at 877-814-4102 and an email at Their knowledge base provides articles, FAQs, and troubleshooting guides. 

The Final Verdict

SpotOn may be a valid choice to consider if you need a feature-rich, mobile-compatible system to manage your business efficiently. Their small business and restaurant POS systems come with many useful perks like inventory management, CRM, loyalty programs, and online ordering integrations. Also, their systems work offline and can be accessed from any device.

SpotOn offers excellent customer service with 24/7 support through phone and email. The company has received positive reviews for its user-friendly features, scalability, and diverse functionalities. Although their services may be priced higher and require additional staff training for advanced features, they may still be a good investment. With additional staff training, you can take full advantage of the system's capabilities. SpotOn's intuitive solutions and integration capabilities strive to eliminate manual data entry and provide valuable data insights for informed decision-making.

Depending on your business size, capabilities, and preferences, only you can decide whether SpotOn is indeed a great fit for your needs. To help you in your purchase decision, visit our reviews page to explore the best POS systems dominating the market. Our comprehensive comparison tool will help you find the perfect fit for your business by pitting your favorite companies against each other. If you need more information on industry-specific standards, check out our blog, which has numerous articles to guide you in making the right decision. We want to help you choose the most suitable POS system to help you reach your business goals.

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