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Simphony POS Review: Top Features, Pricing, and Products!

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Simphony POS Review: Top Features, Pricing, and Products!

Based in Columbia, Maryland, Simphony POS is a business management solution point of sale system introduced by Oracle Micros Hospitality, which is a management systems company. This POS system is mostly designed for restaurants, venues, theaters, coffee shops, theme parks, and cafeterias. 


Great flexibility and solution support
Easy to use software
Smooth processing of ordering and payment methods


Poor customer support
Most adjustments to the program involve an additional purchase.

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small business restaurants
Customer support
Phone, live chat, FAQs, blogs, community forums
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price

Simphony POS Brief



Simphony POS is developed by Oracle Micros Hospitality, a management systems company. This company provides customers with a wide variety of POS solutions to help them manage their small business restaurants. Moreover, they offer both the software and hardware products that any small restaurant owner might need.

Simphony POS is most suitable for quick-service restaurants, table service restaurants, bars, and pubs. Micros POS Oracle solutions offer their customers many benefits, including:

  • Conversational ordering platform.
  • Improved kitchen and floor communication.
  • Clean user interface with engaging live content.
  • Reliable offline capabilities.
  • Completely integrated sales system for better customer service capabilities.
  • Remote access to real-time reports and analytics.
  • Mobile POS support with digital menu boards, mobile payment, and online ordering.
  • Cloud-based convenience.
Fun fact!
Starbucks POS system actually runs on Oracle Simphony!

Oracle Simphony POS Pricing

Oracle offers three payment plans for its Simphony POS system:

Essentials plan - starting at $55

The Essentials plan is perfect for small restaurants, bars, and cafes that need a reliable POS system with low membership costs and a small IT footprint.

Plus plan - starting at $75

The plus plan is suited for multi-location, franchise operators, and restaurants that require more flexibility, and advanced features.

Quote-based plan

Contact Oracle's team to provide you with a custom quote and package that fits your business if you are not sure which plan suits you best.

Simphony POS Hardware Requirements



Simphony POS offers a unique enterprise approach; it applies service-oriented architecture (SOA) with its MICROS 9700 POS suite. Its system allows easy scaling and back-office capabilities to support a thousand outlets.

To support your POS system, you will need to purchase the appropriate Oracle components such as the MICROS Workstation 6 series, kitchen display systems, Tablet 700 series. Optional hardware includes self-serving kiosks, customer displays, bar code readers, and many more peripheral devices. You can also have your data stored either at Oracle's data centers or locally within your Simphony POS storage.

Simphony's terminals are elegantly designed with high-definition touchscreens and anti-glare technology that improves visibility in bright locations and hides fingerprints. Simphony POS hardware is also built sturdy to withstand harsh conditions of restaurants.

Simphony POS Features

Simphony POS is an all-inclusive point-of-sale system for restaurants. It can manage your back-of-house, front-of-house operations, and kitchen from a cloud-based server.

Simphony allows you to manage all your restaurant's locations at once, to achieve consistency in pricing, menu management, and promotions and loyalty programs. Inventory management is also a crucial feature of any point-of-sale system that lets you keep track of your ingredients in stock and alerts you when you are running low on so you can order more in time.

Simphony POS also has a flexible API and can integrate with over 85 vendors to provide extra features and services. 

More features include:

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Simphony POS will organize and compile your business's data in the form of dashboards to provide you with real-time reports and analytics that are easy to understand. These reports are all available on the cloud so you could access them anytime and from anywhere.

Moreover, the system will allow you to track promotions and compare how well they financially perform across multiple locations, which ultimately allows you to make smarter business decisions.

Inventory Management

Inventory management simplifies the stock management workflow in your business. It keeps track of all inbound and outbound items and automatically reducts an ingredient when an order is made.


inMotion is a mobile application offered by Oracle's Simphony POS, it allows you to access your business's reports and analytics from anywhere.

Labor Management 

Also known as employee management in other point-of-sale systems; labor management simplifies staff management which includes assigning roles, shifts, and schedules. Moreover, it also provides you with clearer visibility of labor costs and staff performance.

Customer Support

You can contact customer support by phone on the following numbers:

General inquiries: +1.650.506.7000 or +1.800.392.2999

Sales: +1.800.633.0738 (US)

You can get a free quote and consultation through Oracle's website to figure out your business's needs. A knowledge base is also available to assist you with any problem you may be facing while using their point-of-sale system.

Final Thoughts

Simphony POS is a comprehensive and industry-specific system for restaurant businesses, it offers a wide range of features found in leading POS systems that ultimately help you grow your business and manage it seamlessly. Simphony is also cloud-based, which allows you to access its data and reports from anywhere using its inMotion smartphone application.

Overall, Simphony is a great point-of-sale system to consider using for your restaurant as it has competitive prices and top-notch hardware and software features.

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