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NCR POS System Review: All-in-One Solution

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NCR POS System Review: All-in-One Solution

If your business falls under any of these categories: Food services, petroleum, online sales, or retail, you might want to read through NCR POS solutions. NCR produces POS hardware and software that fit a wide range of industries and businesses of every size and need.

There are multiple solutions on the website. That's why we suggest reaching out either with NCR directly or with one of the local suppliers. Also, discussing the best product based on the business size and requirements is crucial to avoid choosing the wrong product and help weigh your options.


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Learn more about NCR POS solutions and products, including Silver POS, Emerland POS, Counterpoint POS, and more).

Who Is NCR POS for?


After comparing a large number of the POS providers out there, we're confident that NCR offers the broadest range of POS software and hardware. However, you might want to check the estimated cost and ensure that no fees are waiting for you in the future.

But which industries can make get the best of the service? NCR POS is best for:

  • Bank and credit unions: So far, there are about 15,000 banks and credit unions powered by NCR, including First Citizens Bank, Wood and Huston Bank, Harborstone Credit Union, Bay Federal, and many more. NCR has gone the extra mile offering a digital banking platform, business banking solutions, channel services, and ATM enterprise apps.
  • Restaurants of different sizes: NCR Aloha POS was designed with restaurants with various needs in mind, this POS solution serves restaurants of every size, and whether it's one small pizzeria or restaurant franchise, NCR boosts your sales and brings the best customer experience. You'll have full control over the following: Back office, consumer engagement, eCommerce, kitchen, payments, reporting and analytics, hardware, and other services.
  • Stores with complex sales types: NCR’s wide variety of features make it a good fit for bookstores with a coffee shop, groceries, groceries with fuel pumps. This is a feature that you can find with other POS providers. However, the fact that NCR was designed for this purpose makes it greatly more advantageous.
  • Gas stations: NCR offers the EMV-compliant OPTIC system, allowing cashiers to control everything from their stations and manage retail, snack counters, and car washes. It also supports contactless payment options with touchless payment and video screens.
  • NCR telecom and technology solutions: NCR keeps its enterprise modern and updated to thrive in a digital world. It designs, deploys, and manages the Azure HCI Edge Stack solutions offering digital signage, SelfServ kiosks, and customer experience consulting.

How Much Does NCR POS Cost?

NCR has a multitude of software and hardware options with flexible pricing options. Unfortunately, prices aren't disclosed on the website, but we could refer to the customers' reviews and get an idea about the estimated cost.

For NCR Silver, the cost starts at $165 per month and includes the hardware and the POS system, plus the payment processing fees. In order to avoid any future surprises, it's always recommended to contact one of the company's agents to discuss your options and know the estimated cost.

You can arrange for a demo. However, NCR doesn't provide a free trial or free version to get familiarized with the features and the POS system. Instead, an agent from the company can assess your requirements and provide suggestions on the best POS solution for your business. The website has a directory to search for NCR POS providers in your area based on the industry, country, and state.

Despite the fact that NCR POS serves a handful of industries, the pricing is so complex and not transparent. Considering the long-term contracts, this might be one of the reasons why customers complain about the unclarity regarding the overall cost.

NCR POS Solutions and Products

NCR offers a wide array of POS and software products, which we detail below:

NCR Silver POS

This product is the primary POS presented by NCR which has a lot to offer and fits a wide variety of use cases, such as running an online store without a physical location, and can be good for a chain of stores. Quick-service restaurants can also find it easily manageable and packed with advanced features.

The POS system manages to handle gift cards, discounts, returns, loyalty programs, and all types of sales. If you're an employer who has many employees with different skills and tech-knowledge levels, this can be a great fit due to its flexibility and ease of use.

Employees can clock in and out of the system and you can set categories based on departments, accountabilities, positions, or management level. The system calculates prices and handles variations with high efficiency.

Stores with different departments, food counters, or other services, can print kitchen tickets, and integrate kitchen display systems too. Employees management is never easier with the customizable reports that show who's on duty, sales rates, time clock data, and multiple shifts. Performance can also be monitored through each employee's sales and commitment to the working hours.

The NCR Silver POS offers multiple dashboards in the back office section to keep track of the inventory, store performance, customer analysis, and employee data. This information helps you set loyalty programs and customize gifts and coupons for loyal customers, or to drive more people to your store.


NCR Counterpoint POS

NCR Counterpoint is a versatile system that allows tracking inventory and is good for standard retail or a complex one that requires considering variations, expiration dates, and weights. You can adjust items, categories, do inventory count, and transfer items between different departments/locations. There is a report that provides suggestions on which items need to be removed from the store, or sent to other stores, you can also add the delivery, warranty fees, or assembling.

NCR Counterpoint POS allows assigning multiple barcodes with different pricing for discounted stock or prices changes based on location/store, such as stores located in the airport or in the mall. 

NCR loyalty program

Loyalty programs presented by NCR are highly customizable, with a decent number of marketing tools and customizable receipts. NCR also offers additional marketing tools and loyalty programs to boost businesses even better.

NCR Emerland for Groceries

NCR Emerland POS is a cloud-enabled retail POS system that suits almost any grocery store configuration and any store size, which means if you run a small deli or bandwidth bar or a large store with multiple departments and fuel pumps, NCR has everything you need to manage your business.

NCR Emerland can be deployed within months and integrated with NCR hardware and software. The system helps create insightful analytics tools that deliver a view of the business across stores and channels.

Customers can scan and pay for items as they move through your in-store aisles using their smartphone or a handheld scanning device, all with the NCR Fastlane Mobile Shopper.


This is one more feature presented by NCR for convenient and easy payment options, using the EMV-ready outdoor payment terminal and contactless EMV-compliant solution. The terminal is cloud-based and supports media management tools with the latest payment security features, including E2EE data encryption. The terminal is available in two sizes to fit major pump brands: 12” version and 5” version.

Ease of Use and Customer Support

NCR can help you install the software offering local training and provides a decent number of guides that you can refer to and read about the service in more detail. In addition, the customer support center is 24/7 available, and you can reach out for technical support or advice and tips on how to use the system; they'll support you all the way long.

Phone: 1-800-225-5627

Email: [email protected]

Additionally, there is a contact form that you can fill out with your full name, industry, phone number, email address, country/state, and a message with your inquiry/issue, then click on the "Submit" button.

If you're on the website already, you might have noticed that there's a live chat support option, that's a very convenient option if you have a basic question or would to get instant assistance.

Last Say

NCR POS is one of the leading companies in this field, offering a wide selection of both software and hardware options, making it a good fit for almost every business of every size. However, pricing can be complex and not clearly disclosed on the website. That's one reason why we suggest reaching out to get a comprehensive idea about the service and how much it'll cost you.

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