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Aloha POS Review: For Medium and Large Restaurants

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Aloha POS Review: For Medium and Large Restaurants

Keeping your restaurant running seamlessly is no easy task without the help of an inclusive point-of-sale system that will streamline your operations, satisfy your customers and help your business grow. Aloha POS can do that for your restaurant and more, as it understands your needs and your restaurant's.


Easy to use
Fixed and mobile hardware
Contactless payment


Prices not transparent
Unaccredited by the BBB

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Medium and large businesses
Customer Experience
Support Center, email, and phone call

Aloha POS provides solutions to the challenges you might face in the foodservice industry; it builds a bridge between you and your customers by offering a fast and friendly ordering experience and loyalty programs to keep them coming back for more. It also automates many processes for you and takes out the headache of doing them yourself.

Aloha POS has been in the foodservice industry for twelve years, and it sure knows how to solve your problems and make running your restaurant more manageable and more efficient.

Aloha POS Features

Fixed and Mobile Hardware

Aloha POS uses a mixture of fixed and mobile hardware for its point-of-sale system to balance your restaurant’s operations. Mobile versions of the software allow you to create multiple locations so you can access your branches from one place without having to be on-site physically.

NCR Aloha provides purpose-built hardware for your restaurant. Fixed hardware includes:

  • 10” POS Terminal
  • 12” POS Terminal
  • 15” POS Terminal

Each terminal has a sleek design, and all are high-performing delivering maximum uptime and reliability and can withstand harsh conditions.

In addition to terminals, NCR Aloha offers kitchen hardware built to withstand kitchen contaminants and heat. For example, the NCR KC4 Kitchen Controller simulates order routing and operational flows; it is highly efficient, offers simple serviceability, and has flexible mounting.

The NCR Bump Bar is used to interact with the kitchen controller, allowing staff to delete or manage orders with a button push. It is designed for extended durability and usage and has programmable keys to fit your kitchen’s needs.

NCR KT2200 Kitchen Touch Display is a large LCD touchscreen with a full-HD glass screen display. It is enclosed in stainless steel to resist kitchen containments and ultimately allows kitchen staff to oversee and manage more than one order at once.

The NCR’s mobile hardware includes the Orderman Handled Devices built for tableside orders to shorten queues. In addition, the NCR 7779 NCR Aloha’s partner Aava Mobile provides Tablets that offer excellent mobility and flexibility which suit any restaurant. Built-in NFC allows contactless payments to be made on the go.

Finally, NCR Self-Ordering Kiosks allow customers to order independently and help you cut down long queues.

Online ordering

Aloha POS offers a fully customizable online ordering web portal to boost your sales. In addition, you can integrate your menu on the online portal and brand it with your restaurant’s logo to make it all your own.

With online ordering, you reach more customers and elevate your restaurant’s branding, which ultimately leads to increased ROI.

Customer engagement

Engaging with your customers is a necessary procedure for any business to keep them satisfied. Aloha POS provides loyalty programs and gift cards to keep your customers coming back for more. You can easily manage promotions and deal with physical and virtual cards for all your restaurant’s locations.

Aloha POS also allows you to track customers’ details like their birthdays to personalize your engagement further and make it memorable.

Secure payments

Aloha POS lets you accept and process all payment types such as:

  • Cash
  • Credit cards
  • EMV
  • EBT Cards
  • RFID
  • Mobile wallets

Tokenization and point-to-point encryption (P2PE) are used to enable secure payment data routing hackers do not intercept such sensitive data. QR codes are also used to utilize contactless payments, and you can generally keep track of all payment devices and pin pads.

Real-time reports and analytics

Aloha POS provides 380 standard reports, which can be scheduled and emailed regularly. Real-time reports also break down sales data by hour, day, revenue center, order mode, and category. With scorecard ranking, you also get insight over which employees sell the most and the best times to schedule them.

Back office

Administrative tasks are simplified with Aloha’s Back Office features which automate payroll functions and restock inventory. Moreover, you also get employee management features that offer employee scheduling, a swap request, and a message board. Inventory management is also included as well as a centralized warehouse for ordering, receiving, and reporting.

Kitchen production

Kitchen production solutions make your kitchen operations faster and more productive. Order is automatically routed to kitchen stations that are not busy and grouped by mode or terminal.

More features include an accurate time estimate for order preparation and delivery, in addition to an ‘order ready’ display for guests and drivers.

Aloha POS Integrations:

Aloha offers several third-party integrations to provide more solutions to your restaurant. Their top partners are:

  • Deliverect
    • It connects third-party delivery platforms like Deliveroo and UberEats to your restaurant.
  • Flipdish API
    • Easily integrates online and offline orders.
  • Zip Schedules
    • Offers employee scheduling and shift planning.
  • QuickBooks
    • Accounting software to sync with your point-of-sale system.
  • Paychex
    • Automates payroll processes.
  • Craftable
    • Provides restaurant, table, and floor management.
  • OpenTable
    • For guest reservations.

Aloha POS Cost

Aloha POS prices are all quote-based, so you will have to consult their team to get a quote. In addition, pricing depends on your restaurant’s size, services, equipment, and other variables.

Customer Support

You can contact Aloha’s support team through email, phone, and fax.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (615) 385-4275
  • Toll free: (888) 353-4275
  • Fax: (615) 385-2889


Aloha POS offers excellent solutions for medium-sized and large restaurants with its comprehensive features and integrations. In addition, kitchen production tools keep kitchen operations running smoothly with purpose-built hardware that can withstand kitchen conditions.

Back-office tools also automate inventory management and payroll processes with zero human error, thus maximizing order and efficiency. In addition, customer experience is enhanced with loyalty programs and gift cards and an online ordering web portal that you can customize with your branding.

There is a lack of transparency with its prices as they are quote-based, so you will have to make a phone call to get more information regarding prices and plans.

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