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Aspen HR Review: Revolutionizing HR Solutions for Modern Businesses

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Aspen HR Review: Revolutionizing HR Solutions for Modern Businesses

Published: December 21st, 2023

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in California, Aspen HR, much like the resilient aspen trees it draws inspiration from, strives to foster a connected community of HR professionals and businesses. They offer PEO services that handle many of your administrative and HR needs. The company's personal and collaborative approach emphasizes partnerships over transactions to ensure compliance, address employee needs, and attract top talent.

This review will thoroughly examine Aspen HR's PEO services, their benefits and drawbacks, prices, and the customer experience. Keep reading to learn if this provider is the right PEO solution for both you and your business.


Cloud-based platform
Access to expert help
EPLI implementation
Personalized services


Limited industries served
No demo available


Quick Stats

Business Size
Customer Experience
Expert HR Guidance
BBB Rating
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NAPEO Member
ESAC Accreditation

Aspen HR at a Glance

As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Aspen HR offers comprehensive human resources services, covering vital functions like HR payroll, benefits administration, retirement plans, and strategic HR guidance. With thirteen offices spanning eleven cities nationwide, Aspen HR caters to companies of all sizes, providing specialized HR packages tailored to various industries. 

The white glove PEO approach sets Aspen HR apart, prioritizing a direct and thorough service model with a single point of contact and rapid response times. Whether hiring new employees, managing workplace conflicts, or handling payroll and attendance, Aspen HR's range of services is designed to proactively anticipate your business needs.

Certifications & Industry Connections

Aspen's HR professionals, certified by SHRM and HRCI, are C-level experts dedicated to excellence. With IRS certification and ESAC approval, they prioritize accuracy in tax matters. Their services extend to various industries, employing a customized approach for portfolio companies, startups, alternative investments, tech firms, and life sciences companies.

Aspen HR’s Services & Features

Aspen HR’s white glove PEO aims to automate all the day-to-day HR functions to eliminate the cost of paying an employee to perform those functions. Let’s take an in-depth look at the software and the tasks it can do for you. 

HR compliance tasks: The company is familiar with compliance laws in all fifty states, so you can hire remote or hybrid employees in other states without doing your own research. Aspen can help with ADA, EEO, and FMLA compliance and ensure your company follows state and US Department of Labor guidelines on compliance laws. They’ll also provide compliance posters to hang in your workplace. Should you have any questions about compliance, a highly trained team of HR professionals is available to help with a quick turnaround on responses. 

Hiring help: Aspen HR will assess your company's hiring needs to determine which positions need to be filled more urgently. They’ll help your company with the hiring process and perform recruitment duties. The software’s talent assessment tool can sort through the applications to help you find the best help possible. Aspen’s automated system will provide the necessary paperwork if your workplace requires background checks. They’ll even create job descriptions for core positions in your company. 

Training and onboarding: Aspen HR provides help designing employee manuals for training purposes. You’ll also receive guidance on how to train managers to interview and hire employees and how to deal with termination processes. When you hire new employees, Aspen HR can help with the onboarding process, including helping employees get enrolled in medical, dental, and other insurance programs, as well as enrolling in retirement benefits. Aspen’s system is set up so that employees can set up direct deposit and other payroll functions themselves, saving time and hassle. 

Claims and benefits: Aspen HR understands that offering good employee benefit plans will help you find and retain top talent for your company. They’ll help you manage unemployment and disability claims, as well as worker’s compensation. Aspen HR partners with nationwide insurance and other companies to provide a host of benefits for your employees, all at a lower price than traditional HR programs.  

Culture development: Your company’s atmosphere and culture are vital for creating a top workplace that will hire qualified professionals. Aspen HR is dedicated to providing strategies to help you improve your work environment and increase employee engagement. They’ll manage calendars, help employees and employers recognize and stop harassment, and provide extensive company culture and workplace training for all employees. 

Payroll, clocking, and leave: Aspen HR provides a fully automated system for payroll and clocking. Employees use a dashboard system that allows them to take charge of their own needs, including setting up direct deposit, checking pay stubs, and managing sick leave and time off. 

Aspen HR Pricing

Based on our research, Aspen HR prices their services based on a cost-per-employee structure. This means PEO costs are paid by taking a percentage from monthly employee paychecks. It’s important to do your due diligence and know the cost per employee before signing up for PEO services to ensure your budget can cover the cost. 

Costs vary with each company and situation. You’ll have to consider the services provided, the number of employees in your company, and the size of the company itself. For an accurate pricing quote, fill out a form on their website or contact their sales team.

The Best Things About Aspen HR

Cost savings

The most significant benefit of using Aspen HR’s PEO is saving money. Traditional HR departments are expensive, with several employees who usually perform separate functions. A PEO can automate the majority of these tasks, often rendering the need for an HR department entirely unnecessary.

For example, rather than hiring a compliance specialist who will need pay and benefits, a PEO system automatically compares existing employee practices with compliance laws to ensure workplaces are operating properly. 

Personalized services

Aspen HR partners with your business and acts as a “co-employer” to your workforce. As such, Aspen truly cares about your employees because they share responsibility for them. 

Industry accreditations

Aspen HR is a fully ESAC-accredited provider. This ensures excellence in HR expertise by hiring the best professionals through rigorous vetting processes and compliance with all industry standards.

Cloud-based platform

All essential functions, including tax paperwork, payroll documents, claims, classification reviews, insurance documents, and retirement information, are streamlined into a simple, all-in-one paperless system. Aspen HR ensures that all necessary tax documentation is filed in a timely and efficient manner. 

Competitive benefits packages

PEOs offer much more affordable benefits, a service that typically costs companies a fortune. Benefits are essential to hiring and keeping good employees, but the price can be staggering, especially for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Aspen HR stands out by offering cost-effective employee benefits, encompassing major medical plans such as dental, vision, life, and disability coverage. Their commitment extends to additional perks like Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Access to expert help

Aspen HR employs an expert HR team that can answer questions and provide guidance and support. These professionals are easy to reach without the hassle of going through a call center or waiting on hold.

The goal is to reach you as quickly as possible and answer your questions in a professional and friendly way. Aspen HR takes pride in the fact that they answer inquiries 75% faster than other companies. 

Implementing EPLI

Aspen HR provides their client businesses with Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) for further risk management strategies. With Aspen HR, companies are protected from potential lawsuits filed by employees. These employee-related issues can cover wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, breach of employment contract, and more.

Aspen HR Cons

Limited industries served

Aspen HR strategically aligns their services with specific industries, tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of alternative asset managers, financial services, FinTech, software, life sciences, and professional services.

While this industry-focused approach is a strength, businesses outside these sectors may find a more generalist HR service better suited to their needs.

No demo available

A notable consideration when evaluating Aspen HR is the absence of a demo for their services. This could be a drawback for businesses seeking hands-on experience or those who prefer to explore the functionalities of Aspen HR before committing. 

Lack of transparency

They provide limited information on specific features of their service, and there's a lack of transparency regarding pricing details. This could pose a challenge for businesses looking to understand the functionalities and costs associated with Aspen HR's services.

Can My Business Benefit From Using Aspen HR?

Aspen HR’s PEO is an excellent option for any type of business, but certain types may benefit more from a PEO approach than others. Small businesses with limited staff and resources are usually best suited to a PEO plan because they can get the necessary HR help without breaking the bank and get lower-cost employee benefits. 

PEO plans allow a third-party company to “co-employ” employees alongside the business owners, which can cause differences of opinion. If you prefer to retain sole management of employees within your company, then going with an Administrative Services Organization (ASO) will better suit your needs. 

PEOs are not ideal for companies looking to expand into foreign markets or merge with foreign companies. Other countries will have different HR models and workplace cultures, which can make it challenging to find one HR solution for all employees. If you seek an HR provider to shoulder all risks and liabilities as the employer, rather than partial responsibility like a PEO, an Employer of Record (EOR) emerges as the optimal choice.

If you choose this route, Aspen HR offers AES, an EOR service allowing employers outside the United States to hire U.S. citizens. 

What Are Customers Saying About Aspen HR?

Because Aspen HR is a relatively new company, there aren’t a lot of reviews from customers for the company as yet. They currently lack a company profile on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Trustpilot, making it challenging to comment on the customer experience. Posing essential questions before committing to them is crucial to comprehensively understanding their professional services.

Additionally, exploring case studies provided by Aspen HR can offer valuable insights into the tailored solutions they have previously offered to clients, providing a practical lens through which to assess their capabilities and suitability for your specific needs.

Customer Support

With offices in eleven cities across the country, Aspen HR is willing and able to reach out to any request anytime. They offer multiple contact methods for seamless communication. You can reach them at (833) 601-1820 or via email at Existing customers can contact support at Alternatively, use their webpage to submit information and promptly connect with their sales team members.

When you need support or have questions answered, Aspen HR offers one point of contact for each department so that you won’t be shuffled around from department to department. The HR professionals hired to provide guidance and support are C-level employees with extensive training and experience. 

The Bottom Line

In summary, Aspen HR provides HR solutions with a personalized touch, catering to diverse industries such as alternative asset management, FinTech, and life sciences. As a PEO, their White Glove services automate HR functions, covering compliance, hiring, training, benefits, and more. 

The benefits of working with Aspen include cost savings, personalized services, industry accreditations, and more. However, there are potential drawbacks to consider, such as limited transparency, the absence of a demo, and serving a limited number of industries.

Perhaps you’re wondering more about the world of PEO services and would like more in-depth information about these providers. If so, visit our blog for additional information. Further, you can read more PEO company reviews, and if you’re contemplating other vendors and are ready to dive headfirst, use our comparison tool to help with your decision. 

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