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Where Efficiency Soars to New Heights: Patriot Payroll Review

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Where Efficiency Soars to New Heights: Patriot Payroll Review
The ins and outs of Patriot Software's payroll service.

Updated: February 28th, 2024. 

Patriot Software, which has more than thirty years of experience in the industry, specializes in providing small businesses with payroll solutions that are efficient, straightforward, and affordable. Designed with unwavering commitment, their software has been carefully constructed to enable organizations to protect their most valuable assets—money and time. Furthermore, they demonstrate an unwavering dedication to customers through their paramount concern for the protection and integrity of their data.

This review offers an overview of Patriot's features, costs, benefits, limitations, and customer experience, which will help you make well-informed choices regarding streamlined administration.


Transparent pricing
Live chat
Nationwide reach
Employee self-service portal


Add-on features
Payroll is not automated
Limited third-party integrations


Quick Stats

Free Trial
30 days
Pricing Option
Monthly flat rate/ Per employee
Transparent Pricing
Customer Experience
$37 per month and $4 per employee or contractor
Trustpilot Score
4.9 out of 5
BBB Rating

Patriot in a Nutshell

Patriot, headquartered in Canton, Ohio, was established in 2002 with a mission to provide accounting and payroll solutions to small business owners throughout the United States.

Patriot has received recognition for their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, as demonstrated by winning the Best Overall Technology Success Story Award in 2017 and the Editor's Choice Award from CardRates in 2023, which stand as evidence of their commitment to delivering customized solutions that address the specific requirements of their customers.

Their software includes contractor payments, tax filing services, and unlimited payroll processes, among other crucial features. Furthermore, they provide an employee portal for easy access to pay stubs and documents, integration with accounting, time and attendance, HR software, and setup support to ensure a seamless client transition.

They maintain a customer-centric approach, prioritize simplicity and dependability, and continue to equip small businesses with the necessary resources to thrive in the current business climate.

Patriot Software Key Features

If you decide to navigate the different options of Patriot payroll software, you will find it packed with versatile features that make it worth every penny. Some of the main payroll features of their software are as follows:

Payroll software

Patriot Software's solution stands as a comprehensive platform, providing many features that assist organizations in streamlining their payroll processes. Employers can distribute payments through direct deposit while determining each employee's pay rate and frequency. Their software also includes unlimited payroll runs and unlimited users, free of charge, and allows you to modify hours and deductions based on your employees.

They also place a premium on efficiency and ease of use, granting access from any internet-connected device to process direct deposits for customers who qualify within two days or the standard four days, which makes them an adaptable and user-friendly option for payroll management. Additionally, their software is designed with ease of use in mind, granting access from any internet-connected device; this means that employers can process payroll from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Additional features

  • Employee self-service: Patriot provides customers with a free employee portal called MY Patriot. This portal enables employees to access paychecks, print receipts and reports, modify personal information, oversee direct deposits, and make changes to crucial tax filing documents, all from a single dashboard 
  • Tax filing and compliance: Patriot Software not only maintains compliance in all 50 states by handling the filing and depositing of state, local, and federal taxes, but they also ensure that you are informed of the most recent rules and regulations. In addition, Patriot handles the submission of quarterly and year-end taxes, including the 940, 941, W-2, and W-3. They ensure that the payroll tax filings are completed accurately and in a timely manner. Even when an error occurs, Patriot assumes coverage for any penalties
  • Payroll reports: Patriot Software simplifies payroll administration for organizations by providing important payroll reports that guarantee adherence to regulations. Their reports provide insightful information on pay rates, employee demographics, tax returns, and more, which allows for well-informed decision-making and facilitates achievement. All the reports they generate are simple to create, download, and print whenever needed
  • Integration capabilities: Patriot Software provides native and third-party integrations to optimize the efficiency of your business processes. You can easily integrate with the Patriot accounting software or use Intuit QuickBooks Online or Desktop for comprehensive financial management. Moreover, you can synchronize seamlessly with their in-house time and attendance software or QuickBooks Time to view, approve, and send time cards. Lastly, you also have the option to integrate with their HR software for advanced HR services and functions 
  • Security and data privacy: With a SOC 2 certification, Patriot strengthens their commitment to data privacy and security. This voluntary certification indicates the security protocols, encryption measures, and stringent access controls that a business has implemented and the standards upheld through rigorous audits

Patriot Software Prices & Plans

Patriot offers two payroll software subscriptions, each of which includes unique features and is priced according to the number of features it has. The plans they offer are as follows:

Basic payroll plan

The Basic plan includes essential features such as unlimited payrolls, multiple pay rates, and customizable hours and deductions. This plan is priced at $17 plus $4 for each employee or 1099 contractor, and although it is priced affordably, functionality is not sacrificed. A free employee portal, the ability to generate electronic or printable W-2 forms, and real-time adjustments to pay rates are all offered for enhanced convenience. Furthermore, it ensures streamlined operations by integrating seamlessly with accounting software, time and attendance systems, and HR platforms. In addition to receiving integration support and free expert software support, customers are assisted with free payroll setup and enjoy a seamless experience from setup to execution.

Full Service plan

At a monthly service fee of $37 and $4 per employee or contractor, the Full Service payroll plan provides access to all of the features of the Basic plan. In addition, several premium features are provided to facilitate payroll management further. Those services consist of comprehensive tax filing and free workers' compensation integration. Patriot handles the filing and deposit of federal, state, and local payroll taxes and year-end tax filings at no additional charge. Additionally, Patriot guarantees clients the accuracy of their tax returns, providing them with compliance and total peace of mind. Their mobile-friendly design and complimentary 401(k) integration offer their customers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution. Furthermore, for each state where tax payments are processed, Patriot charges an additional $12.

Patriot also provides HR and Time & Attendance software, starting at $6 per month plus $2 per employee and payroll services. These software tools provide businesses with extra workforce management and human resources administration resources.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Working With Patriot


  • Nationwide reach: With a presence in all 50 states, Patriot's services guarantee businesses nationwide access to their all-encompassing payroll solutions
  • Transparent pricing: Patriot provides pricing plans that are straightforward and transparent, allowing businesses to understand their costs and budget accordingly
  • Self-service portal: The MY Patriot employee portal allows employees to individually administer their payroll data, enhancing employee efficiency and transparency and developing trust and confidence between both parties 
  • Ease of accessibility: Employers can access Patriot's platform from any internet-connected device, offering flexibility and convenience due to their cloud-based accessibility feature
  • Free trial: Patriot allows businesses to examine their software and gain hands-on experience with its functionalities for 30 days before committing financially
  • Contractor pay: Patriot's payroll solutions accommodate diverse workforce needs by supporting traditional employees and 1099 contractors
  • Unlimited payroll: With the limitless runs included in both Patriot plans, businesses can process as often as necessary at no additional cost
  • Live chat: Patriot offers live chat support, which resolves customer inquiries in a timely manner and contributes to customers' overall satisfaction
  • Multi-location capability: By being compliant in all 50 states, businesses can administer payroll and tax filings when managing multiple physical branches and employees in different states


  • Lack of international support: Patriot's service offerings are restricted to domestic enterprises, and the platform does not provide global payroll processing assistance. Their services are catered towards businesses in the United States and employees residing in the US
  • Limited third-party integrations: Although they provide integration capabilities, the selection may be restricted compared to other providers, providing integration only with Quickbooks
  • Some features come as add-ons: Certain features, such as their time and attendance and HR software, may necessitate supplementary charges, potentially escalating the overall expenditure for businesses searching for all-encompassing payroll solutions
  • Limited to small businesses: Strictly tailored for small businesses with 1–500 employees, Patriot's payroll software does not accommodate the scalability requirements of larger organizations with detailed payroll requirements
  • Payroll is not automated: In contrast with other payroll software companies, Patriot does not automate payroll runs on a monthly basis, and employees are required to input the information for every run manually
  • Tax filing comes at a higher price: Although Patriot takes care of tax filing and compliance, businesses must upgrade to their full-service plan and face supplementary charges for this service. Additionally, if a business files in multiple states, they will pay extra costs per state and month

The Customer Experience

The customer feedback regarding Patriot is a composite of positive and negative remarks, which offer significant insights into how the company runs and customer satisfaction. Although Patriot does not hold Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation, they have an A+ rating. Additionally, they enjoy a stellar reputation on Trustpilot, with a remarkable 4.9 out of 5 rating, and on G2, with a solid 4.8 out of 5 rating.

Positive feedback

Positive reviews underline Patriot's outstanding customer service, emphasizing their ability to provide assistance and respond quickly to inquiries. The customers also praise the added convenience of live chat, as it contributes to an improved overall experience. Numerous users highly regard them due to their affordable pricing and features. In particular, many customers praise the intuitive interface, automatic tax payments, and unlimited payroll function.

Negative feedback

On the other hand, negative feedback shows improvement opportunities. Certain users encounter difficulties in locating particular payroll reports within the system. Several users criticized the lack of access to their past payroll and employee data following account deactivation due to many factors. One customer complained that Patriot failed to file their second-quarter 941 taxes, resulting in the company owing a significant sum due to the penalty. Patriot responded and paid the penalties the customer owed.

Approaching reviews with caution is highly important, as they represent the experiences of a certain number of customers and may not accurately represent their customers as a whole. Customers also tend to leave more negative feedback than positive ones. Although Patriot may face occasional challenges, they have responded to and resolved many customer complaints, especially those on the BBB, by either solving the issue completely or explaining the customer's complaint. 

How Can I Get in Touch With Them?

Patriot Software offers a range of customer support channels to help customers with their problems. You can get in touch with their support staff by phone at 877-968-7147 or by email at They also have a live chat feature available for those who need help immediately.

For existing and potential customers, you can access their dedicated FAQ page specifically tailored to each service, get helpful information from their blog, find support from their help center, and even schedule demos to have a closer look at their software before making a purchase.

The Bottom Line

Patriot Payroll Software has provided streamlined and cost-effective solutions to small businesses for over three decades. A strong emphasis is placed on simplicity, dependability, and data security, and their software includes vital functions such as unlimited payroll runs and seamless integration with accounting and HR software. Patriot facilitates operations by offering tax filing services, contractor payment options, and an employee portal designed to be intuitive, assuring adherence to regulations and accuracy. In the pursuit of dependable payroll administration, Patriot is distinguished as a reliable partner by providing all-encompassing solutions customized to organizations' specific requirements.

Before deciding on this provider, take a look at our reviews, comparison tool, and blog page to find the best payroll software for your business and gain insights into the industry as a whole.

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