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AT&T VoIP Review: Great Legacy and Modern Solutions

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AT&T VoIP Review: Great Legacy and Modern Solutions

AT&T has a long history in the field of communication. The company has a suite of solutions and caters to families, individuals, and multiple business sizes. Services presented by AT&T include wireless broadband networks, AT&T fiber, disaster recovery, public sector services, and finally what our main focus- the AT&T business solutions.


Flexible and customizable plans
Serves all business sizes and multiple industries
Excellent customer support options
Wide range of services available


Requires having some technical skills to run the system
Slightly higher international calling rates

Quick Stats

Free Desktop App
Not Available
Free Video Conferencing
Not Available
Starts at $25.40/month per user

In our review, we'll walk you through all you need to know about AT&T VoIP solutions and how the service help businesses thrive and focus on offering the best customer experience.

AT&T Business Features


AT&T focuses on delivering top-notch security with all business VoIP solutions, also dynamic and on-demand network platforms. No matter your business size or industry, AT&T has all a business requires to thrive by offering collaboration features, excellent customer support options, cost-effective plans, remote communication options including fax, text messages, and high-quality phone calls, automatic call recording, toll-free minutes, and many other features that we'll discuss in detail.

AT&T caters to small, medium, and large businesses by offering a wide variety of solutions based on business needs. The company offers wireless, internet, voice, and many other products. Let's see how it serves each business:

Highly secured communications

AT&T has moved away from the customized in-premises technology to support a more cloud-centric and virtualized landscape, bearing in mind the importance of maintaining secure communications and keeping your user's data privacy at the top of priorities.

The company safeguards digital assets and detects cyber threats. It also ensures that every aspect of your system is highly protected by offering secure endpoints, networks, and cybersecurity consulting services.

Other security features include using secured WAN infrastructure to mobile endpoints with standards-based security enhancement (private IP, firewall options, access control, traffic isolation).


AT&T supports ts users with 5G, workforce management, messaging connectivity, and mobile management. The service is also tailored to fit every business needs, with no extra cost paid on unnecessary features that benefit your business.

On top of that, businesses need to keep their customers engaged, with AT&T can be achieved using the company's archiving platform from Smarsh, customized business messaging, and smart message suite.

Voice and collaboration

The company offers intuitive and user-friendly tools to enhance productivity and communicate effectively by combining video meetings, voice, and messaging. There are multiple options to choose from in terms of voice and collaboration, including AT&T Cloud Voice from Microsoft Teams, AT&T Phone for Business, AT&T Office@Hand, Webex Calling with AT&T, SIP Trunking, AT&T IP Toll-Free, and many other solutions based n each business requirements.

Internet and networking

Besides the multiple voice solutions presented by the company, there is also a handful of networking solutions to offer a fully-featured customer experience with ethernet solutions, SDN, VPN, and internet connection plans.

The internet solutions are fast, secure, and advanced to guarantee that your business is always up and running. The VPN is an essential requirement for cloud providers, business partners, and offices. For a more secure and reliable internet connection, AT&T offers scalable solutions to connect to your Wide Area Network (WAN) seamlessly. Let's not forget to mention its secure Wi-Fi solutions with guaranteed speed and reliability tailored specifically for your business.


Digital phone features

Besides all other features we mentioned above, AT&T offers the following based on the solution you choose:

  • Unlimited calling nationwide, plus Canada and Mexico
  • Voicemail-to-text notifications and transcription
  • Bundle pricing with no contracts or complex equipment required
  • 20+ traditional calling features


AT&T Business Plans and Cost


As stated above, AT&T offers a decent number of features with all its plans, plus fiber internet options, making it one of the richest VoIP providers on the market. All plans come with unlimited calling nationwide, plus Canada and Mexico, voicemail-to-text notifications and transcription, bundle pricing with no contracts or complex equipment required, and 20+ traditional calling features.

AT&T has different packages based on the suite you choose. Overall, the company has three main selections: Digital Voice, Traditional Local Voice, and Office@Hand.

Traditional Local Voice

This plan offers AT&T phone, fiber internet, 100 Mbps speeds starting at $99/month plus taxes and fees. This option comes with multiple calling features to handle the inbound and outbound calls, besides the ability to view your voice, internet, and messaging activity, and other features on one monthly bill.


AT&T Office@Hand

This option offers a flexible cloud-based solution with multiple communication options, such as voice, fax, text messaging, and audio and video conferencing, so that workers can be more productive in the office or on the go. Here are the packages listed under this plan:

  • Standard Edition: This package is available for $25.40/month per user with month to month term. The plan includes unlimited users, toll-free or a local number, 1000 toll-free minutes per month, 100 HD video seats, and unlimited internet fax.
  • Premium Edition: This package is available for $36.25/month per user with month to month term. The plan includes unlimited users, toll-free or a local number, 2500 toll-free minutes per month, 200 HD video seats, unlimited internet fax, automatic call recording, and Salesforce integrations.


Digital Voice Plans: AT&T Business Fiber

This plan offers your teams a competitive edge with 99% proven reliability, fast connection, and secure communications. This plan contains more than the basic business requirements offering powerful internet to stream videos, get multi-user VPN connectivity, and access cloud applications. Let's compare the three different packages:

100 Mbps speed 300 Mbps speed Speeds up to 1 GIG

Price: $75 /month, and offers the following:

  • Supports audio and video streaming, and a Wi-Fi network for customers

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Quick installation within 3 business days

  • Static IP available

  • AT&T Internet Backup is available

Price: $90 /month, and offers the following:

  • Supports large transfers of data perfect for e-commerce operations

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Quick installation within 3 business days

  • Static IP available

  • AT&T Internet Backup is available


Price: $150 /month, and offers the following:

  • Enables seamless collaboration

  • 25x faster upload speeds than cable

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Quick installation within 3 business days

  • Static IP available

  • AT&T Internet Backup is available


Customer Support

You can reach out directly at 888.680.8738 to ask more about the service and find out whether or not it offers what your business needs or you can simply head to the official website and fill out the request info form with your basic information and allow one of the agents some time to get back to you.

There is also a help center with detailed and thorough information about how to get started, billing, account, orders, and troubleshooting. The more informative resources can be found on the website, the blogs page, which you can visit and read about the company's vision, technology, security features, and real customers feedback.

If you like to chat with one of the company's agents, the official website has a live chat option for free and is available to answer your questions. However, if you want to get a comprehensive answer, it's better to contact them directly.


Final Verdict

AT&T is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market, with multiple products to make life easier and communications better handled by family members, small, medium, and large businesses. You can have a great deal if you choose to make a purchase online, and the company can help you find the right solution for your business if you're still not very confident with what fits the best.

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