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Aircall Review: Powerful Communication Solutions

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Aircall Review: Powerful Communication Solutions

Aircall is a business phone service that started in 2014 and has five different headquarters distributed in the most lively cities, including New York, London, Paris, Madrid, and Sydney. The company now has about 500 employees and more than $226 million of funding; thousands of customers also use it in 84 different countries.


Multiple customer support options via email, phone, and live chat
Customizable plans and flexible payment options
Serves many industries and business sizes


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Quick Stats

Free Desktop App
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Free Video Conferencing
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Starts at $30/month per user
Supported Operating Systems
Android and iOS
Supports Bluetooth Headsets
Web-Browser Compatible
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Aircall integrates with many platforms and apps, which serve almost every purpose, including help desk, eCommerce, CRM, HR and recruiting, data, and reporting. You shouldn't even care about finding a suitable option for your business industry. The company caters to different industries, particularly financial services, healthcare, eCommerce, retail, travel, and hospitality. Let's get to know more about the service in detail.


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Aircall Phone System Solutions

Aircall discloses its solution based on different aspects; the solution your need for your business varies based on the use case, or in other words, use purpose, role, and industry. Once you define your needs and know which is the best fit for your business, you'll be ready to pick a solution.

Solutions based on the use case

Aircall cloud-based phone system solutions serve any purpose. Whether you need call center software, phone system, or remote solutions, you can find a good pick.

  • Call center: Using Aircall doesn't require technical consultants or complex gadgets; all you need to get started is a computer, a headset, and an internet connection. The setup process can ve done within a few minutes, and then you're ready to invite new agents and keep your business available as long as you want. Teams can smoothly work together with the ability to collaborate on calls through the shared inbox, add comments or tags, and follow up with a certain coworker.
  • Phone system: The phone system presented by Aircall can be a great solution for businesses that might need to scale up as time passes, making it good for your current team and tomorrow's plans. The phone system is highly customizable to suit people in more than 100 countries and adjust the system as you want, all from desktop, web, or mobile apps. Customers' information is one thing that might concern any business owner, and how to keep track of each customer's needs and queries, Aircall automatically syncs call details to your helpdesk and CRM, saving the time wanted while switching back and forth between different systems.
  • Remote: Work from home, the office, or your favorite coffee shop with the cloud-based phone system presented by Aircall. On top of that, teams can work remotely and stay connected with the latest technology. Teammates can schedule and allow other team members to know whether or not it's possible to take calls, or they can simply toggle their presence with an on/off option. To keep the business up and running smoothly, you need to keep track of performance and metrics. Managers can gain visibility into team activity with the Live Feed. They can also see who's available, who's on a call, and how long customers have been waiting.


Solutions Based on the Role

The role of the team makes a difference in your best-suited solution; roles vary to include sales, IT, and support. Let's discuss them in detail:

  • Sales: Boost your sales numbers and performance with a dedicated phone system that is friends with your CRM. Using Aircall saves you the time wasted on low-value tasks, such as logging calls, and you can trigger automated workflows and manage call activity, salesforce, HubSpot, and other leading CRMs.
  • IT department: Give users the autonomy to configure their own settings, schedules, and call distribution in just a few clicks, and no hardware is required, only an easy-to-use dashboard and phone app that anyone can access from a mobile device or a laptop.
  • Support: Aircall helps save time and offers your customers the best experience they can get by reviewing the previous context and knowing the issue before making the phone call. The system allows taking notes inside the phone app and creating custom tags.


Solutions based on the industry

As we said earlier, Aircall caters to a decent number of industries. We'll discuss them all in this section. Other industries can make use of the service, but to make sure of that, you'll need to reach out to one of the company's representatives and make sure that Aircall serves your business the best. Here is the list of industries in detail:

  • Financial services: Security matters when communications are about sharing financial information or processing payments. That's why Ailcalls uses TLS 1.2 and AES 256-bit encryption to secure your data. The service also helps you keep a close eye on critical KPIs like missed call rate, calls per agent, and agent availability. But that's not all; read more about Aircall features for financial services.
  • Healthcare: As a patient, it's important to get a personalized experience and trust the facility. The system helps you access patients' history and tailor every interaction to suit their case. Information and data shared between your teams and patient can't be compromised, but you shouldn't be worried about this as all calls and communications are protected with end-to-end encryption, HIPAA compliance for handling Protected Health Information (PHI), and requirements imposed by regulations such as GDPR.
  • eCommerce and Retail: Get your customer data all in one place with Aircall eCommerce tools and deliver the best shopping experience they can get. The system integrates with the merchant platforms your store is built on, such as Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. In order to offer your customers the best experience ever, you need to keep an eye on what interests them the most, the best-selling products, and what can be done to improve sales; to achieve that, you can track all call activity live in the Activity Feed and quickly adjust workflows to meet demand.
  • Travel and Hospitality: Aircall allows you to book, make reservations, check payment statuses, and offer memorable travel experiences by picking up faster and reducing resolution time. Besides, it leverages collaboration features like call transfer, call assigning, shared contacts, and shared to-dos to work as one team.



Aircall integrates with a handful of notable CRM services, such as HubSpot,, Salesforce, REISift, amoCRM, and Copper, besides other eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, eDesk, and Kustomer, and a large number of help desk options, including Help Scout, HappyFox, Freshdesk, and Planhat.


Aircall Phone System Pricing


If you look for a flexible business phone service that serves your business the best yet fits your budget, Aircall can be a good pick. You can save up to 25% when you choose the annual subscription, but if you don't like to commit long, you can head to the monthly subscription that starts at $30 per user, let's compare the three different plans presented by Aircall:

Essentials Plan

The Aircall Essentials plan is available for $30 per month per user when subscribing annually and $40 per month per user if you choose the monthly subscription. This solution is easy to set up, integrate, and manage. This plan includes the following: Unlimited calls within US & Canada, more than 95 integrations and API access, call recording, IVR, voicemail, click-to-dial, phone support, and the ability to send and receive SMS.

Professional Plan

The Aircall Professional plan is available for $50 per month per user when subscribing annually and $70 per month per user if you choose the monthly subscription. This solution helps productivity and performance and boosts business growth. This plan includes Salesforce integration, advanced analytics, reporting, live call monitoring, call tagging, dispositioning, advanced support features including queue call back, advanced sales features including Power dialer, and a dedicated account manager.


Custom Plan

This plan is tailored to fit your business requirements, and the details are given through a phone call with one of the company's representatives. It includes unlimited calls worldwide, custom analytics, custom onboarding, API developer support access, service-level agreement (SLA), and many other features based on the business size, industry, and needs.


Ease of Use

The company's setup of Aircall is fast and simple. Users first need to download the application to their device. Then they can log in and get started with making calls. Users can also build teams, configure settings, and edit their account settings. Other options are available through the dashboard, including managing calls, requests, and assignments using Aircall's Android and iOS applications. The interface is user-friendly and designed to save users any possible confusion or distraction.


Customer Support

Aircall customer support options are excellent, and the team is responsive and knowledgeable. They offer their assistance via phone calls at +1 888 240 6923, email, and live chat. If you feel more like reading about the service or would like to hear from real customers, you can read user feedback or head to the resources, including blogs, knowledge base, and customer stories.


Final Verdict

Aircall is one of the leading companies in the field of VoIP. So far, it has served more than 10.000 companies and a multitude of solutions that are good for healthcare, eCommerce, retail, financial services, and other customized solutions based on the size of the business and the industry.

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