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1 VoIP

1-VoIP Residential Review: Prices, Features, and More

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1-VoIP Residential Review: Prices, Features, and More

You are guaranteed a simple and reliable VoIP service with 1-VoIP. The company doesn't specialize in business or residential services as they have both; large enterprises and small start-up businesses can take advantage of their services. 


Flexible pricing
User-friendly interface
24/7 customer support


No web-based SMS service
Lacks video confrencing
Customization options are limited

Quick Stats

Free Desktop App
Not Available
Free Video Conferencing
Not Available
Starts at $8.97

About 1-VoIP

1-VoIP used to be called VoIP Your Life or YVLYmedia, and they started out as a telecommunication company four decades ago. In 2005, they transitioned to a Voice over Internet Protocol service provider bringing in their years of experience along with them. They are headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and have gained a solid platform by offering excellent customer support; this can be seen from the number of reviews they have on various websites. In addition, they aim to provide the highest audio quality, and they advertise a 99.999% uptime SLA. 

The Better Business Bureau, BBB, rated 1-VoIP with a "C," but they are currently not accredited by them. They received three complaints in the last three years. 

1-VoIP Plans


1-VoIP offers customers three plans for businesses: 

  • Metered Plan: With this plan, you pay for what you get. If a business opts for this plan, they will get the option to choose between using their existing phone or selecting a new one. Customers are charged per extension, so an exact number will have to be figured out beforehand. Fax lines, toll-free numbers, and conference bridges can be included for an extra fee.
  • Corporate plan: This plan has the lowest monthly fee, and the company can take advantage of different telecommunication tools.
  •  Professional Plan: This plan has a low starting fee, and it has every feature 1-VoIP has to offer. 
It is important to note that the company differentiates the number of features between plans so that every plan will have access to all features 1-VoIP has to offer. 

1-VoIP Features

The features included with each plan are: 

  • Call recording: All calls made and received can be recorded. Recordings are kept in the online portal for seven days.
  • Voicemail: Each extension gets its own unique mailbox. And it can be reached directly from the phone.
  • Custom announcements: When the company receives calls, its customers can be informed by a pre-recorded announcement. The message is fully customized to fit your message.
  • Custom music: Businesses can choose which hold music they want to play while customers wait.
  • Opt-out of music: Businesses can choose whether or not they prefer a normal ring or music or a combo of both.
  • Digital queues: This feature is flexible and customizable for a smooth transaction.
  • Auto-attendant: Businesses can use this feature to direct callers based on their provided information, and they will be directed to the proper department.
  • Hours of operation call flow: This feature makes it easier for customers to be informed on the hours of operation, so they won't have to stay on the line for too long of the businesses being closed. 
  • Call waiting: This feature helps customers stay in line if you are already on the call; it can also be disabled and enabled for convenience.
  • Cell phone redirect: This feature can be used when an employee uses a cell phone; the call can still be transferred to a four-digit extension. 
1-VoIP has over 40 business features your company can benefit from with no extra cost. 

1-VoIP Costs

The company built its reputation based on its simple pricing with the ability to be flexible. They are straightforward, so no hidden charges, excluded features, and commitment are required. 1-VoIP Business offers three pricing tiers, all of which include the same 40+ features.


  • Value plan: $8.97 per month.
  • US & Canada Unlimited: $17.97 per month.
  • World Unlimited: $23.97 per month.


  • Metered: $14.97 per month.
  • Corporate: $19.97 per month.
  • Professional: $29.97 per month.

SIP Trunking:

  • US & Canada Number: starts at $4.95/month per number
    • Unlimited incoming minutes
    • Free porting
    • Vanity check available
  • SIP Trunking Minute Bundle: starts at $25.00/month
    • Unlimited incoming minutes
    • 2,000 minutes per bundle
    • Customize Minutes bundle
    • No contract or commitment
  • Toll-Free Number: starts at $5.95/month per number
    • 3.5c/minute for U.S
    • 5.5c/minute for Canada
    • Free porting
    • Vanity check available


Companies of all sizes can take advantage of this VoIP. Their prices are affordable and straightforward, so there won't be any extra charges at the end of the month. The features they offer cover all the basic requirements, and your company will get the same options no matter what plan you choose. 

If your business does not have demanding needs, I-VoIP could be the best fit for your company. 

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