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Exploring Allstate Auto Warranty: Plans, Coverage, & Benefits

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Exploring Allstate Auto Warranty: Plans, Coverage, & Benefits

Updated: August 2, 2023

Allstate is an auto insurance company that was founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck, and Co., and became its own company in 1995. Currently headquartered in Glenview, IL, they have since added many auto protection products to their repertoire and are now an extended auto warranty provider as well. Their coverage plans can be purchased at many car dealerships as well as directly from the company.

Read our review to learn more about Allstate's coverage features and benefits and decide if they are a good idea for you.


Trip interruption reimbursement
Rental car reimbursement
Roadside assistance
Flexible plans and payments
Repair shop choice
Cancel any time


Low mileage limits
Not available in California and Massachusetts
Vehicle service contract sample unavailable
Lack of plan transparency online

Quick Stats

Phone Number
(877) 927-7268
BBB Rating
Cancelation Option
Customer Experience
Maintenance Coverage
Maximum Mileage
125,000 miles
Money-Back Guarantee
Number of Plans Available
Repair Shop Choice
Yes, any repair shop of your choosing
Term Limits
Trustpilot Score
4.5 out of 5
Waiting Period
Operating Status
Business Started
Online Quote
Not Available

Allstate: A Brief History & Overview

Allstate is a provider of vehicle protection products that claim to have covered over three million people on the road. They know how important your cars are and have teamed up with dealers nationwide to make top-notch protection plans as accessible to you as possible. Although better known as a car insurance provider, Allstate is actually a major player in the extended car warranty market. Their Extended Vehicle Care plans can be compared to those of the best extended car warranty providers, like CARCHEX and Endurance. They have a variety of vehicle service contracts (VSCs) and car protection products to choose from, making them a compelling choice for almost any kind of coverage requirement. Their coverage ranges from basic to comprehensive protection, depending on your needs, vehicle characteristics, and location. Their service contracts are not available in California or Massachusetts, however.

Their website offers instant quotes based on your state and your vehicle's age, mileage, make, and model. If you're still looking to buy a car and are interested in covering it with Allstate, they will help you find an applicable dealer. Of course, you can also find out for yourself whether your dealer offers Allstate vehicle protection plans by checking online or in person. They strive to make claims easy and promise that you may cancel their plans at any time. With their customized coverage that fits your car's requirements, you may not have to worry about your budget when it comes to auto repairs due to breakdowns.

Should You Choose Allstate's Extended Warranty?

Allstate can provide car owners with robust coverage that extends past the manufacturer's warranties. But what makes Allstate a good option for you? We found these to be their biggest perks:

  • Flexible coverage plans: Allstate lists many parts categories and components that they offer protection for, but it's up to you to specify what you want covered and for how long. Also, they allow you to purchase plans at a dealer or directly from them
  • Coverage is fully managed by Allstate itself
  • You may pick your repair shop: They allow you to use the mechanic or center most convenient to you, provided it is an approved and licensed facility. And they will help you locate one if you can't decide
  • A wide selection of protection products: Allstate offers many plans and products, on top of their warranty and insurance services, to cover your car more comprehensively
  • Low deductibles for qualified repairs: Starting at $50 per repair
  • Cancel at any time: Allstate promises that you can cancel your plan at any time during its term, and they'll refund the remaining pro-rated costs

Why you might not choose Allstate coverage

While there is a lot to entice you about Allstate's auto warranty coverage, we have found a few points that may put you off. They are:

  • No plan transparency: They do not share specifics about their plans and pricing online. You have to speak to your dealership or contact them directly to learn about your coverage options, as they don't share sample contracts on their website
  • Low mileage limits: You may not be covered if you have more than 100,000 miles on the odometer
  • Dealership pressure: Some plans, especially for pre-owned vehicles, might be time-sensitive and need to be purchased with the car
  • Not available in all states: You may not be covered if you live in Massachusetts or California, and optional packages may not be available in other states

Coverage Plans Offered by Allstate Vehicle Protection

Allstate does not share specific prices online for its VSCs since the fees are quote-based and vary based on your location and your vehicle's make and model, age, and odometer reading. We understand that they offer up to five tiers of coverage through dealers, with some plans suited only for new vehicles that are less than four years old with up to 50,000 miles on the odometer. Plans for pre-owned vehicles may only be sold at the vehicle purchase date and can cover cars up to 11 years old with less than 100,000 odometer miles. The following are the plans that Allstate offers:

  • Basic Care: This covers three major parts categories. This is likely their basic powertrain plan, which usually covers the engine, transmission, and drive axles
  • Standard Care: This covers nine major parts categories, although they do not specify which those are
  • Preferred Care: This covers 15 parts categories, which likely includes all the categories found in the next section
  • Premier Care: This is their exclusionary coverage, available for both new and pre-owned vehicles. The contract will state the relatively few components that are not included for coverage, with everything else being covered
  • Wrap Premier Care: This exclusionary coverage is available only for new vehicles. Similar plans are meant to “wrap” around your current manufacturer’s powertrain warranty to add coverage

Plans sold for newer cars may cover them from day one for up to 10 years and 125,000 miles, depending on dealer, location, and vehicle specifications. For used cars, coverage may also start from day one and last for up to five years and 60,000 miles. We cannot comment on plan exclusions or limitations, such as if coverage is voided due to improper maintenance, as it is at other providers, because the company does not supply sample contracts.

Parts covered in plans

Although Allstate does not state what is specifically included for coverage in their three inclusionary plans, they do outline three basic categories of parts and the benefits that a vehicle service contract (VSC) may cover, depending on the extent of protection you choose. Please make sure to refer to your contract, which the dealership or Allstate salesperson would supply you, for the full coverage details, including all covered components within these categories. That being said, these are the general categories covered:

  • Powertrain: This category is the focus of most basic car warranty plans, including Basic Care. It includes arguably the most vital and perhaps costly parts of a vehicle, which are the engine, transmission, and drive axles. Allstate's coverage also includes hybrid or electric car-specific parts like electric drive motors, generators, and electric vehicle power regeneration units. If applicable, all internally lubricated parts, seals, and gaskets are covered within these parts
  • Core systems: In this category, Allstate specifies some other parts essential to a vehicle's mechanical and electrical functions besides the powertrain. Those parts are the brakes, suspension, steering, engine cooling, fuel system, and electrical. For hybrid or electric vehicles, you may be covered for such components as electric vehicle inverters or converters, battery chargers, and power converters. As with the powertrain parts, seals and gaskets may also be covered here
  • Comfort and tech: This category encompasses components that are not essential to a car's operation but make operating it safer, more comfortable, and fun. The component categories are the AC and heating, convenience tech like cruise control systems, and safety tech like automatic emergency braking systems

Additional included benefits

These extra features are included as standard with any extended service contract you may choose at Allstate, and they match the benefits other providers offer. They are:

  • Roadside assistance: This includes lock-out assistance, towing, and other services for which you are covered for no more than $100 per "occurrence"
  • Alternative transportation: They cover up to $40 a day, for no more than seven days, for taxis, ride shares, or car rentals while you wait for your car to be serviced
  • Trip interruption: They may reimburse "unplanned expenses" at no more than $500 per occurrence if your breakdown occurs more than 100 miles away from home

Optional benefits

Allstate offers two optional packages that may be added on top of your warranty coverage. If you opt for them, you will not be charged a deductible for the services and may not even have an occurrence or claim limit. They are:

  • Tire and Wheel Coverage: This option covers tire replacement, as well as wheel repair and replacement if the damage interferes with the air-tight seal of the tire. This includes the price of mounting, balancing, tire pressure sensors, valve stems, and tire disposal
  • Windshield and Dent Repair Coverage: With this option, windshield cracks, and chips that are smaller than 6" long and 1.5" wide are fixed. It also covers small, non-paint-requiring exterior cosmetic dings and dents under 4 inches. This option is not available in Arizona

Allstate’s Other Protection Products

Besides the extended vehicle care services discussed above, Allstate has several other car protection products that may also be purchased. You can think of them as additional optional packages, like the above tire and wheel coverage option, or as products that can be purchased on their own. The following is a list of some products that they advertise:

  • Paint & Fabric Defense: Vehicle protectants are treated to the surfaces of your car's interior and exterior to help shield it from spills of any kind, with no deductible
  • Tire & Wheel Protection: They will pay for the expense of having your tires or wheels fixed or replaced if they are harmed by road hazards
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP): If you total your vehicle and your insurance payout is less than what you owe, this provides you with protection for the difference
  • Excess Wear & Tear Protection: This option is suitable if you are leasing your car, as it covers up to $5,000 in fees for dings, dents, seat stains, and other wear and tear damage
  • Theft Deterrent: This option includes a variety of theft-deterrent products that may be added at the dealership. They make your car easier to track and deter burglars. This program also compensates you if your car is stolen and isn't found within 30 days

Complete Protection

This category of protection plans will cover your car for mostly cosmetic damage, including exterior ding and dent repair coverage, or protection against rips in your seat fabric. Allstate boasts that it will "protect your vehicle inside and out." This shares some additional benefits you will find under Extended Vehicle Care plans, specifically those of roadside assistance and alternative transportation reimbursement.

There are six levels of coverage for this protection, the lowest of which, Bronze, only covers key, fob, or remote replacement along with the previously stated benefits. The highest is Platinum Plus, which covers you for paintless dent, windshield, interior, cosmetic alloy wheel, and other tire and wheel repairs and adds trip interruption reimbursement benefits.

Who Is Allstate Vehicle Protection For?

Allstate offers plans for many types of drivers and vehicles. While they do not go into detail about their eligibility criteria for coverage, this is who we think Allstate's Vehicle Protection plans may suit:

New car buyers

If you are in the market for a new car and want the peace of mind of having it protected for a longer time than the factory warranty offers, then perhaps an Allstate Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) is for you. A vehicle's original bumper-to-bumper warranty may only cover it for the first three years and 36,000 miles, when it's less typical for issues to arise. Allstate plans can be purchased at the dealership, extending the coverage term to up to seven years and 100,000 miles of comprehensive protection if you opt for their premium plan at the dealer. That level of protection, along with the typical service perks, can be really attractive to you if you're buying a new car and don't want to worry about unexpected costs creeping up beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Used car buyers

If you're thinking of buying a used car in good condition whose manufacturer's warranty will expire soon, you might consider an Allstate service plan. You may purchase a VSC at the dealer, and Allstate provides a chat function on the website to help you find dealers that offer their contracts. You may also buy them directly from the provider by requesting a quote on their website. Allstate Vehicle Protection plans are ideal for customers who want to customize their coverage options to fit their specific needs, and you may opt to cover only the parts that you are most worried about in your new purchase. Keep in mind that the vehicle you purchase may not be covered if it has high mileage or is older than four years old, according to some online sources, but we recommend you seek a quote from Allstate before making your vehicle purchase decision.

First-time warranty buyers

If you're unsure about whether you need to extend your warranty on your car or about the level of coverage you can afford, you might appreciate Allstate's flexibility. They promise easy plan cancellation at any time, refunding the remaining amount as calculated on a pro-rated model. They also promise that your vehicle may be repaired at any licensed repair shop, so you may not have to change your preferred service center, and they will handle most of the communication with the repair shop. All you would have to do is pay the deductible.


If you use your current family car frequently or plan to buy a family SUV for a variety of uses, you don't want to have to worry about breakdowns. Your family's trips and responsibilities might be stressful enough by themselves! Being able to cover your car comprehensively for up to seven years and 100,000 miles, service it at any qualified center comfortably, and cancel at any time might appeal to you.

Customers needing all-in-one protection

Most car warranty providers will only provide services to cover certain mechanical and electrical breakdowns and repairs. And, sure, the features of Allstate's extended vehicle care plan may match those of other providers, but the company offers many other products for your vehicle. If you desire a one-stop shop for all your car's protection needs, you might think of Allstate. Not only do they famously sell car insurance, but they also offer tire and wheel protection, interior and exterior paint and fabric defense, theft deterrents, and 'complete' protection for key fobs and cosmetic damage. Those products and plans might have to be purchased separately, but few companies allow you to cover your car completely at one source.

Allstate Extended Warranty Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Allstate Insurance has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but their vehicle protection services have an F rating and are not accredited by them. However, there are no reviews and very few complaints about them for their car warranty services at the BBB, so their low status there might be due to a lack of information. They hold a 4.5/5 review rating at Trustpilot, which is quite good, although there are only a moderate number of posted reviews. Most of the customer reviewers lauded Allstate for their support and claim representatives' prompt response times and courteousness, and the majority seemed satisfied with their level of service and cost savings. However, according to our research, some customers do complain about inadequate repair coverage and slow customer service and feel Allstate's vehicle protection plans aren't worth the bother.

A lot of positive reviewers seem to be long-time, devoted Allstate clients who can only say positive things about the business, though many posted short, generic reviews that we recommend you take with a grain of salt. At the same time, negative reviews were relatively few, and not all of them went into helpful detail.

We think that user evaluations can help you form an opinion of a provider, but it's wise to avoid using them as the only word on a business. We recommend you also contact the warranty provider and ask them many questions about the topics that concern you and your car, then compare your findings to what others say. We also recommend doing your own comparison research into other providers' offerings so that you can make the best purchase decision for your unique needs.

Customer Service at Allstate

If you would like to know how much an extended warranty, or technically a vehicle service contract, from Allstate would cost, you will need to fill out and submit a form with some basic information or call the company and request a personal quote. Allstate's customer service strives to make it easy for people to solve any questions or problems they may have. For general questions, including requesting a quote, call 1-888-251-6441.

For 24/7 roadside assistance, call 1-877-204-2242. To file a claim, call 1-877-204-2242.

Final Words

As a reputable and trustworthy provider of auto-related services, Allstate can be a great option for a lot of people seeking to extend their car's auto warranty coverage. Allstate Vehicle Protection has a variety of coverage options that you may find provided for reasonable prices at your dealership, and you may save up to 50% if you buy directly from the provider. And since Allstate seems to know how stressful and expensive auto repairs and upkeep can be, they provide a variety of other options for car protection to help you stay within your spending limits and also provide you with peace of mind.

Allstate protection plans can offer comprehensive coverage, which can save you money over time, along with some helpful plan benefits like roadside services, limited trip interruption reimbursement, and rental car or alternative transportation coverage. They promise service transparency and deductibles as low as $50, and their reputation among customers is generally very positive. However, some customers report claims or support taking longer than needed or coverage being less than advertised. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the extent of coverage or pricing for a certain plan because the company does not share these details on their website, preferring you to contact them or a dealer for a quote.

Before purchasing coverage, you should always thoroughly read the contract so that you are aware of everything that isn't covered. We also recommend doing your comparison research into other extended auto warranty or vehicle service contract (VSC) providers to make the best decision for your budget and requirements. There are many other providers catering to all budget levels who may suit your needs, and we think you can find one that's perfect for you!

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