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TouchBistro POS: A Comprehensive Cloud-based Restaurant Management System

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TouchBistro POS: A Comprehensive Cloud-based Restaurant Management System

Updated: March 4th, 2024

TouchBistro POS is an expansive cloud-based system, founded in 2010 and headquartered in Toronto, that caters exclusively to the restaurant industry. They aim to facilitate and simplify restaurant operations, with a comprehensive platform that provides front-of-house, back-of-house, and guest engagement solutions. If you are looking for a new POS system for your restaurant and are considering TouchBistro, check out this detailed review of their features, advantages, disadvantages, customer reviews, and customer support.


Easy to use
Fast transaction times
Real-time reports


Software incompatible with some devices
Complaints of lags

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
All business sizes
Trustpilot Score
3.8 out of 5
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Monthly contract, with add-ons
BBB Rating
Money-Back Guarantee
Not Available
Starting at $69 monthly

TouchBistro POS Overview

This Toronto-based company was founded in 2010 by Alex Barrotti, and they strive to offer a comprehensive POS system for the restaurant industry that simplifies operations and enhances the guest dining experience. With features like table, reservation, and delivery management, TouchBistro caters to full-service restaurants, cafes, bars, and food trucks. Its affordable, easy-to-use, and scalable features make it a leading solution designed to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction for restaurants of all sizes.

TouchBistro offers many specialized features, such as online ordering, reservations, inventory management, menu customization, tableside ordering, staff management, reporting and analytics, and customer loyalty programs. Their solutions allow restaurants to efficiently manage orders, payments, and customer interactions while gaining valuable insights to optimize their operations. The company has also implemented various security measures to safeguard sensitive data, similar to what banks use to transmit data between your device and its cloud servers; this makes the data unreadable during transmission.

TouchBistro has received several awards and recognitions, including the 2020 ICX Association Elevate Awards and Canada's Top Growing Companies. In 2022, G2 recognized TouchBistro as a Leader in the Restaurant POS Grid Report. However, they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

TouchBistro POS Features

TouchBistro POS is an extensive restaurant management platform designed to meet your specific needs as a restaurateur, no matter what type of establishment you run. Here are some key features:

  • Front-of-house solutions:
    • POS system: TouchBistro provides a fast, reliable, easy-to-use cloud-based system to handle high transaction volumes and detailed menu structures
    • Payment processing: TouchBistro's system can accept various payment methods, like cash, debit and credit cards, and digital wallets. TouchBistro Payments provides a seamless payment processing solution for in-venue and online transactions, making it an excellent restaurant payment processor. Moreover, TouchBistro Payments provides offline payment capabilities, allowing restaurants to continue making payments even without an internet connection 
    • Customer-facing display: This allows you to make orders accurately and improve customer experience
  • Back-of-house solutions:
    • Kitchen display system (KDS): This system helps you connect the restaurant and the kitchen staff to ensure timely orders
    • Profit management: Helps you simplify inventory management, saves time, and maximizes profitability to streamline and simplify daily operations
  • Guest engagement solutions:
    • Online ordering: Integrated online ordering solution to reach new customers and turn them into regulars
    • Loyalty programs: Drive customer loyalty through points collection and redemption features
  • Menu management: They provide you the capability of creating custom menus by allowing you to add, update, and change menu items. Additionally, their cloud-based access allows for real-time updates across all your devices
  • Hardware compatibility: TouchBistro is compatible with iPads, iPod touches, Apple TV devices, and other hardware like cash drawers, cash register printers, payment processing card readers, and so on
  • Reporting and analytics: They provide over 50 reports for detailed insights into your sales data, staff performance, and inventory management. Their accounting reports can be exported and shared with your management staff members

TouchBistro POS Plans & Pricing

TouchBistro POS advertises various prices for their customizable plans, so your costs may vary depending on your restaurant's needs. They don't list many plans, but do state that their POS plans for Front of House solutions start at $69 a month per license, and include menu management, floor planning, table management, staff management, reporting and analytics, tableside ordering, and integrations. 

However, you have to request a quote for their payment processing services, which accept all payment types and encompass hardware and software aspects. They state that their payment solution also comes with transparent pricing, integrated POS functionality, and support for various payment methods, including contactless and digital wallets. You also need to contact them for pricing on their Customer Facing Display solutions.

They do list their initial pricing for their Back of House and Guest Engagement solutions as add-ons to the core license, and their starting prices are as follows:

  • KDS: $19 monthly; this will enhance order accuracy and ensure a smooth guest experience in your restaurant
  • Profit management: $330 monthly; this will help you manage the inventory, automate accounting processes and maximize profitability
  • Online ordering: $50 monthly; this feature helps customers order takeout and have them delivered directly  
  • Reservation: $229 monthly; helps you to smooth the bookings and manage the restaurant's capacity for a delightful dining experience for all your guests
  • Gift cards: $25 monthly to create digital and physical cards
  • Loyalty program: $99 monthly; helps you retain customers and turn them into regulars
  • Marketing: $99 monthly; TouchBistro Marketing provides automated customized promotions to reach your target customers

Keep in mind that these costs may climb with more advanced features and needs.

TouchBistro POS Advantages

  • Intuitive interface and experience: Their system promises to be quite easy to use so that even your staff with minimal technical experience can pick it up quickly, thus reducing training time and costs. Also, the system operates on iPads, allowing servers to take orders tableside, improving efficiency and customer service
  • Cloud-based and offline functionality: You can access the system from any connected device, which offers flexibility and remote management capabilities. However, certain features, including order taking, continue to function without an internet connection
  • Order management: You can take orders accurately and eliminate paper tickets via the KDS, reducing errors and speeding up your service 
  • In-depth reporting: TouchBistro generates detailed sales reports, as well as reports on labor costs and other metrics to gain insights into your restaurant's operations and help you make informed decisions
  • Business scalability: They can accommodate businesses of various sizes, from small cafes to large restaurants, and their services grow to suit your increasing needs
  • Robust security measures: They employ industry-standard security measures to protect customer data
  • Third-party integrations: Their platform integrates with third-party services like accounting software and loyalty programs

TouchBistro POS Disadvantages

TouchBistro POS, despite its many advantages, also has some limitations that users should consider:

  • Limited device compatibility: TouchBistro works exclusively on Apple devices, limiting your options if you prefer other operating systems for your business. The compatibility with only Apple devices may pose challenges if you use different hardware platforms or prefer more flexibility in device choices
  • Feature costs: The cost of TouchBistro can add up quickly as you pay for each additional feature you require, potentially increasing the overall expense of the POS system
  • No free trial: TouchBistro does not offer a free version or trial period, requiring you to commit to a contract before thoroughly evaluating if the system meets your needs

The Customer Experience at TouchBistro

TouchBistro holds a high G2 rating of 4.3 out of 5, with various reviews emphasizing TouchBistro's superior customer experience. They have a 3.9 rating out of 5 on Capterra. They also received a 3.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with many users highlighting the customer service provided by TouchBistro to be outstanding; however, there are some concerns about integration issues with credit card processing systems. TouchBistro replies to most of this customer feedback in a short time. However, they hold an F rating on the BBB, with a moderate number of customer complaints to which they don't respond publicly. 

Positive reviews

Many users have praised TouchBistro's restaurant management system, including its user-friendly interface, for its ease of use, which helped reduce staff training times and costs. Other users have applauded TouchBistro's features, like inventory, table, and order management, which have streamlined operations, minimized errors, and improved service speed. Users have also appreciated the system's tableside ordering, mobile payments, and contactless options for improving customer convenience and satisfaction. Also, several online reviews praise TouchBistro's intuitive user interface, exceptional customer service, cloud-based solution, affordable price, and fast support line. 

Critical feedback

While TouchBistro boasts positive aspects like ease of use and improved operations, it's also important to acknowledge the negative reviews. Some of the most common criticisms include the pricing, as small business owners found the base price and additional features expensive. Others have noted that TouchBistro payments lack transparency. Some users report unresponsive or unhelpful customer service, while others say the support representatives might need more knowledge to address specific issues. Users seemed to have encountered bugs or glitches, causing disruptions in their operations. Also, as TouchBistro is only fully compatible with some hardware, users were required to purchase particular equipment. Additionally, users expressed concerns about long-term contracts or difficulty switching to other POS systems due to data migration complexities. Some felt misled about the system's capabilities or required equipment during sales. 

The Customer Support at TouchBistro

TouchBistro provides excellent 24/7 customer support via their toll-free numbers at 1-888-342-0131, their general contact number at 1-855-363-5252, email at [email protected], or via live chat support right from their website. TouchBistro offers a support page with many helpful topics, as well as a blog and community hub.

The Final Verdict

TouchBistro POS is a restaurant system that enhances operational efficiency, guest experience, and profitability. Its pricing structure provides a cap on monthly users and makes it suitable for small operations with basic needs and large businesses. The system offers features to boost profitability, enhance guest experience, and streamline operations. While TouchBistro POS provides robust features tailored to the restaurant industry, it has some limitations, like device compatibility, cost structure, and the lack of a free trial.

Overall, TouchBistro POS provides a solid foundation for restaurant operations, yet it may present some challenges for those who prefer alternative operating systems or require greater flexibility in hardware selection. That said, it's essential to review the particular details of the plans and add-ons on the TouchBistro website or contact their sales team to determine the most suitable option based on your required features, budget, and number of users. 

Whether you are about to launch your first cafe or have a chain of restaurants, check out our reviews page to learn about other great POS systems, and then compare the different systems against each other. If you need help understanding industry-specific standards, we have many articles on our blog that you may find helpful. We aim to help you choose the POS that fits your business needs.

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