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TouchBistro POS: All Your Restaurant Needs

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TouchBistro POS: All Your Restaurant NeedsTouchBistro POS: All Your Restaurant Needs

TouchBistro POS system is specifically designed for restaurant management. It comes loaded with features and customizations that will aid in streamlining operations, increasing sales, and of course, delighting customers. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to use; how does it do all that? Continue reading to find out!


Easy to use
Fast transaction times
Real-time reports


Software incompatible with some devices
Complaints of lags

Quick Stats

Business size supported
All business sizes
Customer support
Support Center
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price
$69 per month

About TouchBistro

Since 2010, TouchBistro has been providing restauranteurs with the latest technologies to help them run their restaurants better. The road for evolution to TouchBistro is ever-growing. It has powered over 29,000 restaurants, including Gordon Ramsey's!

TouchBistro values passion, collaboration, and respect as they build and provide the best services and innovations to their customers, old and new. It has won several awards over the years, such as:

  • Best App of the Year in the Food and Beverage Category at the International Business Awards
  • Best Places to Work 2018
  • 2020 Best Restaurant ICX
  • Best POS Systems for Restaurants 2019

TouchBistro POS Features


Supported Restaurant Types

TouchBistro supports 13 types of restaurants as follows:

  1. Full-service restaurants
  2. Family style
  3. Fine dining
  4. Quick service restaurants
  5. Fast-casual
  6. Coffee shop
  7. Cafe
  8. Food truck
  9. Brewery
  10. Winery
  11. Bar & Club
  12. Catering 
  13. Bakery

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Floor Plan and Table Management

TouchBistro's POS system comes packed with a floor plan and table management software. It eases your floor and table planning to help you provide seamless table service. It also ensures a smooth guest experience while dining and saves you time by simplifying table assignments for your staff.

You get to add and remove tables, walls, sections, and dining rooms with a few simple clicks. Any change you make will automatically sync with your in-store floor plan. This restaurant layout maker will also let you assign servers to certain sections and tables in the restaurant; this will help you increase productivity and enhance the guest experience.

You can also help your guests transfer tables easily without them losing their bills or interrupting their time. And with the TouchBistro Reservations feature, your guests can easily book tables and choose which seats they want. 

Menu Management

The menu is always at the heart of every restaurant, and TouchBistro's menu management keeps it providing the best for your customers. You can easily build and edit your menu and seamlessly sync your changes to your in-venue and online ordering menus using this tool.

Moreover, you can also add detailed menu descriptions to help servers answer diners' questions, thus improving the guests' experience. Menu management software also aids you in take-out orders by viewing them separately to streamline kitchen operations.

Analytics & Reporting

A successful business or restaurant requires real-time reports and analytics, and TouchBistro offers all that. TouchBistro provides you with more than 50 reports that update in real-time, so you can study the data and make smart decisions based upon them. TouchBistro also packs cloud-based POS reports that you can access from anywhere without being in the restaurant.

TouchBistro also gives insight into your staff's performances and helps you inform scheduling, promotions, and training decisions.

Inventory Management

Inventory management keeps your restaurant running smoothly and your customers informed about which ingredients or menu items are out of stock. Real-time reporting keeps you alert when certain ingredients are almost running out, plus the quantity that needs to be ordered, so you do not waste money or food.

With inventory management, of course, you can record ingredient details, and when new shipments arrive, all menu items with those ingredients will be automatically updated.

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Tableside Ordering

Tableside Ordering not only speeds up the ordering process; it simplifies bill splitting and generally enhance your guest's experience. In addition, tableside Ordering improves table turnover, thus increasing revenue.

TouchBristro easy-to-use systems will have your staff working with it in no time.

The features included in tableside ordering include:

  • Table mapping
  • Tableside ordering
  • Split billing
  • Menu building
  • Customer relationship management
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Integrates with numerous payment processing providers
  • Inventory management

Staff Management

TouchBistro's built-in staff management takes care of your staff, from easy clock-in and out to track your staff's activity. Moreover, it also streamlines payroll and aids in calculating wages. With the staff management tool, every employee gets a staff account to share data more safely and restrict some actions like menu changes.

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QR Code Menu

You can replace printed menus with QR code menus. Using them, you can cut down on printing costs and be more environmentally friendly. You can design your online menu the way you like with your restaurant, and your customer can access it by simply scanning the QR code, and they will be redirected to the menu's URL.

To create your QR Code Menu:

1: Tell TouchBistro about your restaurant in the form provided on their website, and they will provide you with a URL.

2. Input your restaurant's logo and menu URL in the QR code menu generator.

3. Print your QR code and place it at every table.

TouchBistro's POS Integrations

TouchBistro integrates with top software and payment collaborates that candidly make their POS all-inclusive for your restaurant.

TouchBistro Partners

  • Accounting
    • MarginEdge
    • Xero
    • Sage
    • QuickBooks
    • Shogo
  • Business Insights & Analytics
    • MarginEdge
    • Avero
  • Inventory Management
    • MarginEdge
    • Optimum Control
    • Freepour
    • Craftable
    • MarketMan
    • BevCheck
  • Online Ordering Aggregators
    • Deliverect
    • Ordermark
  • Payment Processing
    • EVO
    • Barclaycard
    • Square
    • Moneris
    • Worldpay
    • TSYS
    • Chase
  • Staff Scheduling & Payroll
    • Push Operations
    • 7Shifts

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TouchBistro POS Pricing and Products

Unlike other POS providers, TouchBistro is partnered with several payment partners which give you a flexible payment rate for every transaction instead of a flat one, depending on the type of card the customer pays with, the processing volume, and other risk criteria. 

TouchBistro POS Pricing starts at $69 per month.

Products for Customer Engagement

  1. Reservations – starting at $229 per month. Includes:
    • Unlimited bookings
    • No cover fees
    • TouchBistro POS integration
  2. Online Ordering – starting at $50 per month. Includes:
    • Direct ordering from website to POS
    • Instore pickup or delivery
    • Third-party app integration
  3. Gift Cards – starting at $25 per month. Includes:
    • Multi-location reconciliation
    • Digital gift cards through Customer Web App
    • Track gift card purchases and redemptions
  4. Loyalty – starting at $99 per month. Includes:
    • CRM to capture guest details
    • Customize rewards
    • Customer web app
    • Marketing tools

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Products for Restaurant Operations

  1. Self-Serve Kiosks – starting at $69 per month
    • Improves productivity
    • Provides detailed reports
    • Customizable screen
  2. Digital Menu Board - starting $20 per month
    • Keeps your menu up to date
    • Easy to read displays
    • Adds mouthwatering, high-quality pictures
    • Minimal hardware
  3. Kitchen Display System - get a quote online from TouchBistro
    • Instant on-screen tickets
    • Kitchen Impact Printer integration
    • Intuitive touch screens
    • Meal packing tools
  4. Customer Facing Display - get a quote online from TouchBistro
    • Reduces ordering errors with confirmation
    • Customizable screen to display branding
    • On-screen promotions

Hardware Products

Many devices can be integrated with TouchBistro's POS systems. However, TouchBistro recommends the following hardware for best integration:

An iPad is necessary to run TouchBistro's POS system.


TouchBistro recommends using the following:

  • iPad 9.7" (2018, 6th generation)
  • iPad Mini 5 (2019)
  • iPad Air (2019, 3rd generation)

Mac Mini

This is required for multi-iPad setups. It stores all of your data in a central location.


TouchBistro uses the AmpliFi HD Mesh router. As a result, it provides a broader connectivity range for customers and employees across your restaurant's site.

Cash Drawers

TouchBistro recommends an RJ12 model; if it is not available, other models should also be compatible.


Star Micronics impact and thermal printers are recommended. However, the platform does not work with USB or parallel printers.

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TouchBistro will provide you with hardware prices in a quote when you settle for a plan.

Customer Support

Customer support is available 24/7 through email and phone; they are dedicated to quick responses to all kinds of inquiries. They also have separate lines for different regions: 

North American: 1-888-342-0131

Latin America:+52-55-8526-2122

United Kingdom: +44-0800-051-3311

Everywhere else: +1-416-363-5252

An extensive help section with video guides is also available on their website to help you with any topic regarding all their services and features.

Last Thoughts

TouchBistro certainly delivers to its promises, is comprehensive, and makes up for what it lacks with its 3rd party integrations. It has a variety of features and a point-of-sale system that fits every restaurant type and size. Real-time reports on every aspect of your restaurant will help you make the best decisions to increase your profit and take the best care of your employees.

If you are unsure whether TouchBistro is the right pick for you, you can try their services in a demo before purchasing the whole package.

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