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Ovvi POS: Effortless Data Syncing For Your Business

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Ovvi POS: Effortless Data Syncing For Your Business
Business synergy with Ovvi POS

Updated: May 8th, 2024. 

Business owners are now embracing cloud-based tools more than ever. With rapidly evolving technology, POS systems are essential for small businesses, retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores. Ovvi is a distinguished POS provider because of their unique features and effortless data syncing. They make operating your business at home or on the go easy. 

We will examine this POS provider in-depth, offering insight into their features, pricing, and pros and cons. This information will help you decide if this POS provider will help you take your business to the next level.


Full integration with many third-party tools
Affordable pricing options
24/7 customer service response


Does not offer iPad options
Problems with accurate sales tax calculation


Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Trustpilot Score
1.7 out of 5
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Not Available
Pricing Model
Package deals paid annually
BBB Rating

Company Overview

The company started in 2020 and has been making waves in the industry since then. With their headquarters in Stafford, Texas, Ovvi serves many companies, including those in the restaurant, hospitality, and retail industries. This provider offers a complete POS system with comprehensive tools to help businesses keep track of customers, orders, and inventory.

The system streamlines appointments, reservations, and accounting and offers seamless integration with third-party services, making it a breeze for businesses to manage operations. The system integrates seamlessly with various businesses, including bars and lounges, fine dining establishments, salons, CBD stores, food carts, yogurt shops, etc. By addressing the shortcomings other POS providers have left unattended, the provider intends to introduce a shift in the industry.

The company continues to expand their business reach, integrating with Factor4Gift Cards, launching Ovvi Pay CC Processing Terminals & Back Office Platform, and integrating with EVO payments.

Features Overview

This system offers lots of features that work for multiple industries, notably restaurants. Ovvi offers several beneficial features, including:

POS software

You can access your POS and menu globally, anytime, and securely, and easily change your menu, food items, and modifiers while accessing reports that keep you in control and the know. You can easily integrate with Ovvi Tab or Ovvi KDS and keep up with your accounting by fully integrating with QuickBooks, Tally, Sage, and Xero.

Additionally, the system allows you to make critical ordering and financial decisions based on your access to real-time inventory and employee availability reports. Their integration capabilities ensure you will not stop using your existing hardware and third-party programs because they are linked together for a seamless approach to business operations.


The company offers customized hardware solutions to meet your restaurant's unique needs instead of a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach. Ovvi offers a stand-alone bundle with an all-in-one POS system with a 15-inch touchscreen monitor, a J1900 quad-core processor, 4 GB RAM, Windows 10, and 64 SSD HDD.

You can also purchase other hardware options, including customer self-serve kiosks, kitchen display solutions with printers, bar code scanners, bar code label printers, and scale scanners.

Implementation and training

The company sends your POS hardware pre-programmed and ready to operate, making getting started easy. All you have to do is plug the device into a power source and the Internet and call the American-based implementation team, which is ready to help.

If you prefer, you can schedule on-site installation services as well. Ovvi partners with Boom Town to provide nationwide services. They will complete the installation process, and then you can call the training team. This service benefits companies that may need extensive hardware installation, may not have the time for installation, or require extensive technical support.

Inventory management

With Ovvi's inventory management tools, you can view and print detailed analytic reports that allow you to see, at a glance, what products you have in stock and which are getting low. This allows you to inform your staff so changes can be made quickly to prevent stockouts.

With this feature, you can automate your reordering processes and avoid waste, optimize your supply chain for improved functionality, and ensure seamless back-office operations. This is ideal for business owners who track every detail without needing to be on the premises.

Third-party integration

Ovvi fully integrates with many third-party accounting, payroll, delivery, and tax services, including Uber, QuickBooks, Davos/Avalara, Microsoft RMS, and many more.

Payment processing

Offer online ordering to your customers and use the provider's powerful payment processing system to facilitate payments. Staff members can offer table-side payment services to customers for increased convenience, and business owners can use the Ovvi Go Tabs to access the payment processing system. Your customers will appreciate the secure payment platform without the need to hand over their credit cards to staff members.

Reporting and analytics

This company's POS system gives you all the reports and analytics you need to successfully operate your business at your location or on the go. Quickly view profit and loss statements, sales reports, and KPI reports in real-time, allowing you to stay on top of every aspect of your business. This feature is highly attractive for business owners who remotely operate their establishments.

Payroll and HR

This dynamic system allows you to keep track of employee hours, manage raises and tips, and schedule payouts. The company's time clock ensures you know who works and how many hours they have worked in the current pay period. Busy restaurant owners will appreciate not worrying about failure to pay on time and enhanced employee management, and employees will appreciate the prompt payments they receive because of this integrated system.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

The company's customer relationship management software allows you to enhance or start a customer loyalty program. You can easily link your customers to your reward system to improve customer retention, allow them to earn reward points with each purchase, and cash them in for discounts and special gifts.

Order customized gift cards directly from the company, manage multiple locations, and allow for seamless activation, loading, and redemption, allowing customers to redeem across multiple locations.

Kitchen display solution

Ovvi makes connecting your kitchen and retail POS systems easy to ensure everything runs well. With the help of the provided filters, the kitchen staff can easily receive and track client orders, sorting them by status. Lost orders or long wait periods for customers are things of the past. Due to the intuitive and straightforward interface, your kitchen staff can operate quickly and efficiently.

Pricing & Plans

The provider offers flexible pricing plans that appeal to many budgets. Customized pricing depends on the features and hardware selections you make.

POS software

For just $69 a month, paid annually, this software package offers over 600 features, including inventory, employee, and back-office management.

Hardware Bundle

The company promises this bundle offers the best pricing, but pricing has not been made public.

For a flat installation fee of $75 per device, this comprehensive service occurs over the phone and includes remote installation, comprehensive training, EMV terminal setup, and Go Live support.

Credit card processing

Although they are not a merchant service provider, they act as a credit card processor. The pricing for this service is not advertised; however, the company states that pricing is competitive and has a fee for each transaction.


  • Customizable options: Ovvi POS solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Although they offer out-of-the-box integration for most businesses, some will want to take advantage of customization options that allow them to fine-tune their software, hardware, and tools. These customization options give you the confidence to excel at running your business
  • Customer support: You can expect full tech support from American-based experts who can remotely access your POS system and provide fast solutions
  • Free demo: Ovvi provides this service to help potential customers make informed decisions. These online demos allow you to fully envision how the system works, test features, and explore the customization options
  • Multi-location management: If you operate multiple locations, this POS provider offers everything you need to manage them all. Their capabilities allow for a holistic view of all operations and remote management
  • Flexible payments: Customers can use the payment method they prefer, whether online, at the table, or your checkout desk. Ovvi makes taking multiple payment options easier with debit, credit, or gift card payments


  • Lack of pricing transparency: Although Ovvi offers some pricing information, it is recommended that you call to determine the prices for hardware bundles and payment processing transactions. This could be an inconvenience, as some do not have the complete information to decide on a provider
  • No iPad or tablet hardware: The company only provides touchscreen terminals for now, while some customers prefer iPad or tablet options

User Reviews & Testimonials

While Ovvi, like many other POS systems, has garnered mixed reviews on consumer rating sites, it's essential to consider various perspectives. Unfortunately, we could not find a business profile page on the Better Business Bureau. However, Ovvi has garnered a rating of 1.7 stars out of five on Trustpilot and 3.6 out of 5 on Google Reviews.

Customers mention the company offers excellent customer service, and they like that the provider can access their POS systems remotely. Customers also expressed that the software and hardware are easy to use and intuitive. Reviewers also discussed the seamless interaction between the front retail hardware and kitchen displays and said this system is ideal for multi-locations.

As for negative reviews, some reviewers were dissatisfied with the customer service department and said employees were not on the same page. Some reviewers also stated that the system continuously locked out their employees. Finally, reviewers said the company lacks responsiveness, making getting a refund difficult.

Regarding the company’s response, they respond to critical reviews and offer insight and help. Ovvi appears concerned about customer satisfaction and works to make things right when customers are unhappy.

What Customer Support Options Do They Offer?

Ovvi is committed to helping their customers operate their POS software. They provide many options for customers to receive help, including a support website where they can review FAQs and support articles. You can contact customer support at (346) 767-6884.

Fill out their online form if you would like to schedule a demo, or email them for information at


In conclusion, Ovvi offers an all-in-one POS solution for companies in many industries, including restaurants, retail, bars, salons, and much more. They offer flexible pricing plans but need more transparency on their website. The system is user-friendly, and the company provides comprehensive training, 24/7 United States-based support, and remote access to your POS system.

Ovvi integrates perfectly with over 25 partners, such as Uber Eats and QuickBooks. With scalability and enhanced security, this POS system makes operating your business stress-free.

Many customers are thrilled with their features and customer service, while others complain about a lack of customer service response. Some appreciate the ease of use, but other reviewers complain about broken systems that never seem to work.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if this provider is right for your business management needs. It would be best if you researched, and we encourage you to compare Ovvi with other POS providers in our extensive selection of reviews. We also offer a blog page that educates you on POS systems and their evolving technology.

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