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Epos Now: Can It Unlock Your Business Potential?

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Epos Now: Can It Unlock Your Business Potential?

Updated: March 11th, 2024

Epos Now is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system suitable for retail and hospitality businesses seeking feature-rich, cost-effective, and third-party integration capabilities. Epos Now was established in 2011 by current CEO Jacyn Heavens, and is based in Norwich, UK, with operations in several countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Would their services fit your business needs and budget?

In this review, we will discuss Epos Now's services, advantages, disadvantages, customer reviews, and reputation. Researching your POS systems options and finding the one that suits your needs best is essential, and we aim to help you decide if this company offers the solutions you require.


Intuitive interface
Live support and training
Cloud-based POS
Robust integration capabilities


Complex pricing structure
Limited design options and customization issues


Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Any business size
Trustpilot Score
4.4 out of 5
Customer Experience
Transparent Pricing
Pricing Model
Subscription-based model with add-ons
BBB Rating
Starting at $39 monthly

Epos Now Overview

Epos Now provides cloud-based, or 'electronic,' point of sale (EPOS) solutions designed for business owners across various industries, including retail and hospitality. They aim to help many types of businesses, including clothing stores, pharmacies, bookstores, food trucks, hotels, restaurants, and so on. Their POS services come with many features, including a comprehensive sales management solution that helps companies streamline their sales processes. Additionally, their system allows companies to track inventory levels, set alerts for low stock, and automate reordering to optimize inventory management.

Epos Now provides businesses with powerful tools to engage with customers effectively, such as customer rewards and loyalty programs. Their system offers a mobile app for businesses to manage operations remotely, providing convenience and flexibility. It integrates with various third-party applications and add-ons to enhance its capabilities further, streamlining operations and improving efficiency. Their pricing plans are meant to accommodate businesses of all sizes, depending on the number of terminals, features, and required support level. They implement several security measures to protect customer data and ensure secure payment processing for businesses. These measures include encryption, tokenization, secure payment processing, adherence to industry standards, user access management, regular maintenance, and dedicated helpdesk or support lines. 

Epos Now enjoys a good reputation within their industry and was recognized with several awards, including the top spot as the "Best Restaurant POS System with Best Capabilities" in's 2023 list, Frost & Sullivan's 2021 Global Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in 2021, the Princess Royal Training Award, and the Green Apple Environmental Award. However, they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Epos Now Features

These features make Epos Now a comprehensive cloud-based POS solution for any business looking to optimize its sales processes, manage inventory efficiently, and engage with customers.

  • Dashboard interface: Epos Now is commended for its user-friendly nature and limited technical experience. The platform boasts a clean and organized layout, facilitating effortless navigation to find necessary functionalities. It is suitable for retail and restaurant settings and optimized for touchscreen devices. Additionally, Epos Now provides customization options to help you tailor it to your specific requirements
  • Sales management: They offer a comprehensive sales management solution that helps you streamline your sales processes. It allows merchants to track sales data in real time, monitor top-selling items, and gain insights into customer behavior. It also facilitates efficient inventory management, making it easy to add new items, manage stock levels, and track variants
  • Inventory control: The system allows you to track inventory levels, set alerts for low stock, and automate reordering to optimize inventory management
  • Customer engagement: They provide you with powerful tools, such as customer rewards and loyalty programs, to engage with customers and retain them effectively
  • Payment processing: Their POS system integrates with major payment providers, allowing you to accept various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, WeChat Pay, and more
  • Mobile functionality: They also offer a mobile app that allows you to manage operations remotely, providing convenience and flexibility
  • Troubleshooting and technical support: Epos Now provides a dedicated helpdesk or support line for quick and efficient troubleshooting, ensuring smooth operations
  • Integrations and add-ons: They offer a wide range of integrations with over 100 third-party applications. These app integrations allow businesses to automate tasks, eliminate manual data entry, and streamline workflows, potentially saving time and reducing errors. Additionally, integrations can unlock new features and capabilities beyond the core functionalities of Epos Now, allowing businesses to cater to their specific needs

Epos Now Pricing & Plans

Epos Now pricing may seem unclear as their website does not provide all the necessary information in one straightforward place. That said, they suggest merchants buy the hardware and software together, but they don't specify whether you can use your pre-existing hardware and pay a monthly fee. 

  • The Complete Solution: Their website advertises a one-time discounted price of $349 for hardware and software instead of $1099. This POS system includes a countertop POS terminal with a 15.6" full HD touchscreen and built-in 80mm printer, powerful Epos Now POS software, an air card machine with Epos Now Payments, a high-quality, secure all-metal cash drawer, and personalized onboarding and training
  • The Upfront Deal: They also offer an upfront deal for $39 monthly or $449. This price requires a 12-month service contract, and according to the website, all discounted prices require a $79 monthly subscription
  • Add-ons: The company offers other add-ons like KDS (Kitchen Display System) and online ordering, in addition to hardware bundles, for an additional cost. Some of the associated costs are not advertised, and you should generally contact their sales team for a quote that fits your business needs

Epos Now Advantages

  • Adaptability: They have a user-friendly interface that suits businesses with minimal technical expertise
  • Increased accessibility: Their cloud-based software allows businesses to access real-time product, sales, and employee performance information anywhere— whether from a web browser or mobile device
  • Scalability: They offer tiered plans to cater to businesses of various sizes, allowing you to scale the POS system to your needs as they evolve
  • Extensive integration capabilities: Their system integrates with over 100 third-party applications, covering various categories like accounting software, inventory management, loyalty programs, online ordering, e-commerce platforms, marketing platforms, and payment processing
  • Improved efficiency: Epos Now uses integrations to automate jobs, which helps eliminate manual data entry and streamline workflows, save you time, and decrease the possibility of errors in your restaurant
  • Mobile POS: Their iPad and tablet system enables tableside ordering and enhanced restaurant customer service
  • Support and training: Epos Now provides round-the-clock support plans, personalized onboarding, and unlimited training and coaching to ensure they support your business at every step
  • Regular maintenance: They update the software once a month and apply security patches to protect against potential vulnerabilities
  • Competitive pricing: Their base plans start at a relatively affordable price compared to those of some competitors
  • Security measures: The company implements various security measures to safeguard customer data and ensure secure payment processing for businesses, including encryption, tokenization, adherence to industry standards, and user access management

EPOS Now Disadvantages:

  • Limited transparency and hidden fees: While base plans start at a competitive price, the actual cost can become complex due to additional fees for specific features and add-ons (e.g., online ordering, e-commerce integration, advanced reporting). Also, potential contract obligations and early termination penalties can increase overall costs
  • Functionality: The user interface lacks the visual appeal of some competitors, according to some users online. Also, the mobile app has less functionality than the desktop dashboard, hindering on-the-go tasks. Finally, while offering some offline capability, you may still require a stable internet connection for total utilization

The Customer Experience at Epos Now

Epos Now is not BBB accredited and is not rated, but they receive fairly positive reviews from customers online. They hold a high rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot and 4 out of 5 on G2. However, they receive a somewhat lower 3.3 out of 5 rating on Capterra, with users complimenting their easy-to-use interface and adaptability, but with concerns about their customer service personnel and the changing price structure with the add-ons. 

Positive reviews

Users appreciated the intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing them to train employees quickly and easily. They were praised for their ability to grow with businesses, from single outlets to corporate entities with multiple locations. Some customers find Epos Now a good value for money, with a base plan that meets their needs and additional features available at reasonable prices. Other customers applauded the cloud-based software's instant access to real-time data from anywhere, allowing businesses to manage their operations remotely. Many users highly valued that their software can integrate with other applications, and others thought of the mobile POS app as a great way to improve customer service and efficiency, with features like tableside ordering and taking payments at events. Finally, their customer support team was praised for their responsiveness and ability to answer questions and resolve issues. 

Critical feedback 

However, some customers have raised concerns, such as reports of unexpected fees beyond the advertised base plan cost, which included setup costs, payment processing charges, or additional training costs. Some felt that the user interface may need more visual appeal and customization options than some competitors. Such reviewers also thought that the mobile app might provide less functionality than the desktop version, limiting your ability to perform tasks on the go. While the platform offers some offline capabilities, relying solely on offline functionalities may restrict operations, requiring a stable internet connection.

Some users also reported challenges with customer support, including slow response times, difficulty reaching representatives, limited knowledge, or unhelpful responses from support personnel. Some users say managing and setting up multiple integrations can become complex. Users also complained that plans may have contractual obligations that bind them to the service for a specified period.

The Customer Support at Epos Now

They offer various customer support options. They are available 24/7 through phone support at 855-434-3767 and live chat. Epos Now provides a knowledge base with articles, FAQs, and tutorials on various topics related to the system. It also has online community forums where users can connect and share knowledge.

You can purchase an extra support subscription, where you can choose either a Standard or Premium package, which gives you access to email support or technical support hotline services during working hours.

Epos Now: The Final Verdict

Epos Now is a cloud-based point-of-sale system and payment provider for businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. They provide a comprehensive sales management solution that includes features for managing inventory levels, setting alerts for low stock, and automating reordering. They also provide tools like customer rewards, loyalty programs to engage customers, and a mobile app to help you remotely manage your operations. The company offers various pricing plans for businesses of all sizes, and implements different security measures to protect customer data and secure payment processing.

While they present as a cost-effective and scalable POS solution with numerous third-party integrations, they have a few potential drawbacks, such as limited offline functionality, additional features costs, and mixed reviews. Therefore, before deciding on a POS system, you must carefully evaluate your needs, budget, and priorities.

Whether launching a convenience store or managing a restaurant chain, choosing the right POS system is crucial. Only settle for the systems that meet your business needs. To learn more, visit our reviews page and explore the best POS systems dominating the market. Also, our comprehensive comparison tool will help you find the perfect fit for your business. If you need more information on industry-specific standards, check out our blog to access many articles that will guide you in making the right decision. Trust us to help you choose the best POS system and take your business to the next level.

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