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Epos Now

Epos Now: The POS System That Has It All

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Epos Now: The POS System That Has It All

Epos is the point of sale system that includes it all in one package. It will meet all your requirements to run a profitable and future-proof business. It’s one of the best systems you can get for your business, read our full review of Epos to know why.


Easy-to-use system
Inclusive business systems
Variety of features
Great Customer Support


Expensive hardware
Some customization issues

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small and large
Customer support
Support Center, Live Chat, Epos Now Community, and Guides
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price
$39 per month

Epos Now POS Supported Industries

Epos Now point-of-sale system supports various retail and hospitality businesses such as:


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Cafe
  • Quick-Service
  • Bakery


  • Apparel Store
  • Convenience Store
  • Electronics Store
  • Gift Shop
  • Vape Store
  • Liquor Store

Epos Now POS Features



Epos Now systems can give you all the insights you need to make your business decisions smarter. With Epos, you can:

  • Customize your reports to your needs
  • Access reports and data from everywhere
  • Track sales, profit, and trends in real-time
  • Identify your best-sellers and non-sellers for smarter promotions and pricing

Order management

This is a great feature offered by Epos Now; it allows your customers to easily send orders to the kitchen directly, and when the workers receive the orders, they immediately start preparing them. This feature is really great, as it saves your customers and employees time and effort.

Tableside ordering will also reduce contact between workers and customers; customers can make tableside orders and payments using Epos Now's credit card or EMV readers directly from their tables. 

Epos Now also syncs with the leading food delivery apps to help you reach more customers and make better revenue. 

Staff management

With staff management, you receive full transparency over your staff and when they check-in and check out. The Epos Now system also generates staffing hours, and pay, in addition to generating employee reports to identify top performers. Integrated staff management tools also aid in streamlining labor costs.

With Epos Now's Deputy, you get:

  • Easy scheduling - you get to manage your team and use the drag and drop schedule builder. 
  • Real-time labor costs - you get to see your wage costs and compare them to the revenue, which will help you have a healthy labor cost percentage. 
  • Precise timesheets - every employee will be automatically connected to the system where you can see when they log in and out and their breaks and lunch and any other interruptions. 

Epos Now also has an HR Personnel Management tool where you get to streamline all of your business' operations with Epos Now's Deputy, so you can schedule everything for your employees, run payroll, and track their daily performance more efficiently and easily.

Deputy can also send your employees and team members the schedule you create via SMS, email, or the official Deputy app; this will ensure that your employees will never forget about their shifts or any changes made to the schedule. If a team member asks for a day off, with Deputy, you can easily find someone else to fill in for them.

Inventory management

Inventory management gives you full transparency over your inventory and cuts down unnecessary stock ordering. With Epos Now, you get a smarter way to manage your inventory. For example, you can order stocks in minutes and create alerts when you are low on stocks. Not only can you create alerts but also enable automatic purchasing so you actually never run out of stock in your business.

Inventory management in Epos Now is cloud-based with the best software you can find, his men's that you don't even need to go to the actual store or warehouse to check on your inventory. Moreover, you can also view your inventory levels from any location or device and manage them between multiple locations, from anywhere around the world. 

Inventory management also provides easy barcode management. The system comes with a good efficient barcode scanner which will allow you to scan products easily upon being purchased.


Epos Now offers security measures to protect your business and abolish fraud. For example, you can prevent unauthorized access with pin numbers and swipe cards, and such user restrictions can control who can offer discounts and refunds. Most importantly, you get to keep sensitive information safe.

With Epos Now's exceptional security, you can rest assured that your customer's payment data is always safe. You can protect any data from thieves and even from any employee who should not have access to certain levels of info; the system allows you to give different levels of access to each employee with passcodes. This way, you will make sure to block out any unauthorized access from getting to your system. 

Hardware devices

Epos offers several point-of-sale hardware devices on its store market, such devices include:

Pro Ethernet Order Printer - $370

Handheld Ordering Tablet - $189

Pro Cash Drawer - $73

Staff Swipe Cards - $58

Barcode Labels - $40

Wireless & Bluetooth 2D Scanner - $263

Handheld Retail Tablet - $189

Pro Customer Display - $134

Pro Magnetic Swipe Card Reader - $58

Customer management

Customer management is vital to any business’s success. Epos Now systems can help you gather your customer details as they purchase to grow your database. As your customer database grows, you will be able to build smarter marketing campaigns and set up loyalty schemes to reward regular customers as well.

As you do that, you get to understand your customers and what they like.

Epos Now Plans and Pricing

Complete POS System - $249 (Total) or $39 (Per Month)

  • Epos Now Pro-C15W terminal, including water-resistant touch screen and solid-state drive
  • Epos Now Retail Software
  • 90mm Thermal Epos Now GX Receipt Printer
  • High Quality secure all-metal cash drawer
  • Installation, configuration, and training

Epos Now Software – Pay Monthly $39

  • Complete visibility and control of your business, inventory, and staff.
  • Access our AppStore through our award-winning and easy-to-use web-based Back Office.
  • Scalable from a single business to corporate businesses with multiple locations.
  • Any standard receipt printer, barcode scanner, or customer display pole (only Epos Now supported).
  • Products can be easily added or edited to suit your business.

Final Verdict

Epos Now has a POS system that is designed for almost every business type. You need only select the system that suits you best. Every system package also includes training that customers have described as simple and fast, not taking more than 15 minutes!

Starter kits are also available for small businesses to get started with Epos Now point-of-sale system and grow with it as they go.

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