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You must have been stressed about remembering your passwords at least once. If so, then you definitely forgot your password once, and now there's an account somewhere that lies forgotten.

But I can't blame you for forgetting passwords. Truly! I get you. There are too many websites and apps to keep up with, and creating the same password for all of them sounds so tempting. 

Except, you don't want to get hacked just because you took the easy way out. 

Choosing a strong and rememberable password is such a hassle when you already have a dozen things on your mind. School, work, family, and life, in general, can be quite enough for you to keep up with.

And now website x is calling your password weak! That is not something you need to deal with in 2021, not when we have technology covering every single aspect of our lives. 


That is why you need trusty software that will do all the work for you! First things first, what are we exactly talking about?

What Is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a computer program/software application that will help you generate, store, and manage your online credentials for websites and applications. 

Password managers keep your passwords in an encrypted database so no one but you can access and read them.

There are three main types of password managers:

  1. Desktop-based: This password manager will keep all of your passwords stored and encrypted on your device. You can't access your passwords from any other device. They're good if you want a bit more privacy as it doesn't keep your passwords stored on a network but rather in a vault on your device. However, they can be a little inconvenient if you lose your device or can't access it anymore. Some password managers allow you to create multiple password vaults on all your devices and then sync them when you're connected to the internet. 
  2. Cloud-based: This type stores your passwords on your internet service provider's network. What's good about this type of password manager is that you can access your passwords from any device as long as you have an internet connection. They can come in many forms, including browser extensions, mobile applications, and desktop apps.
  3. Single Sign-on (SSO): This is an authentication scheme that keeps your login info. It will help you use one password for every application. Most of the time, companies prefer using SSO for their employees. 

List of Recommended Android Password Manager

Here is our list of recommended Android password managers:
1. NordPass
2. McAfee True Key
3. Dashlane
4. 1Password


1. NordPass

NordPass is one of our best Android password manager; alongside its great features, it offers a free version with no ending date.

NordPass offers you a variety of features including, but not limited to:

  • Data sync: NordPass allows you to sync your data to 6 different devices (this feature can be found in the premium plan only).
  • Password saving and autofill: All you need to do is enter your password once. NordPass will autofill it for you every time after that.
  • Password health: Creates a strong password for you in case you can't think of one. 
  • Data breach scanner: This features alerts you whenever outsiders try to use your database.

NordPass offers a 7-day free trial of the premium plan. NordPass is one of the best password managers for low budgets.

NordPass offers two types of plans that you can select from:


  • Free: You can only use it on one device.
  • Premium: You can use up to 6 devices ($1.49/mo).
  • Family: You can create 5 accounts each and use them on 6 devices ($4.99/mo).


  • Business: Custom devices ($3.59/mo).
  • Enterprise: Unlimited users (price is subject to custom terms).
For more details to help you decide, read our full review!

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2. McAfee True Key


McAfee True Key is our most secure Android password manager. It uses AES-256 encryption, which is the strongest one available.

It offers many great features like:

  • Biometric Login: You can use your faceprint/fingerprint to log in.
  • Digital Wallet: A space for your credit card info, bank info, and ID that only you can access.
  • Cross-Device Sync: You can sync your account on different devices.
  • Password Generator: To help you pick a strong password.
  • Password Auto Saver: True Key automatically saves your login info.

McAfee offers two plans; free and premium. 

The free plan allows you up to 15 passwords, and you can use one device.

The premium plan offers unlimited passwords for $19.99/year ($1.67/mo).

Check out our True Key full review for more details.

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3. Dashlane


If you're looking for the best Android password manager, you're in the right section. 

Dashlane includes these features and more:

  • Allows you to save unlimited passwords on unlimited devices.
  • Secures your notes.
  • Alerts you if you set weak passwords.
  • Offers a free version.

Dashlane password manager's most popular plan is the Premium for $6.49/mo.

Their premium plan includes:

  • Save unlimited passwords on unlimited devices.
  • Provides VPN WiFi protection. 
  • Dark web monitoring alert. 
  • 1-GB encrypted data storage.
  • Secure notes and personal data.
  • Update reused passwords without leaving Dashlane. 
Check out our Dashlane Full Review for more information.

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4. 1Password


1Password is a great choice for an Android password manager because it is useful, user-friendly, and affordable.

Here are some of the features that make 1Password unique:

  • Unlimited devices.
  • Digital Wallet: 1Password provides 1-GB encrypted storage for your personal info.
  • Travel Mode: This allows you to delete all your info when you travel and restore them in one click later when you're back.

1Password has five plans:

  1. Personal ($2.99/mo): Unlimited devices, 1 GB storage, travel mode, two-factor authentication. 
  2. 1Password families ($4.99): 5 family members, invite 5 guests, share passwords and credit card, secure notes.
  3. Business ($7.99): App version available, unlimited shared vaults and item storage, admin controls, two-factor authentication.
  4. Enterprise: VIP support, 5 GB storage, 20 guest accounts, activity log, usage reports, and more.
  5. Teams Starter Pack ($19.95): 1 GB storage, admin controls, unlimited shared vaults, and item storage, 5 guest accounts, and more.


For more info to help you decide, read our 1Password full review.

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In order for you to have an easier life, you need to start using a password manager.

No more worrying over remembering passwords or creating strong ones. Save your time, effort, and thinking for more important matters. 

In our brief review, we chose NordPass as our best Android password manager. Check it out today to grab the best offer on their website.


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