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Earlier, when using a PC was based on installing programs on your device and using your PC offline, life was simpler and easier. I'm not saying it was better; I'm saying it was simpler. However, the use of a Windows password manager is becoming more of a necessity; tell me if you've encountered this scenario while creating an online account:

"Your password is too short," "Your password must contain an upper-case letter," "Your password must contain a symbol," "Your password must contain hieroglyphs, alien characters, and cat emojis" (well, maybe not that last one).

Dealing with passwords on accounts in this time and age is growing more tedious; that's why using a password manager is so useful, as it will automatically suggest long, strong passwords with multiple characters, numbers, and signs.

In this article, we will discuss the best Windows password managers for your PC so you can have a safe, secure, and fun time.

Is a Password Manager Really Necessary?

Password manager might seem like an extra luxury for some, while others might feel it is a necessary insurance policy. 

For example, there have been multiple reports of users who lost millions in bitcoin wallets, who bought Bitcoins back when they were still cheap, only to find themselves locked out as they have misplaced their Bitcoin wallet's key (Good thing they saved $4/month, though).

It doesn't stop there. Online identity has become so important, to the point where it's often used in scams and phishing attacks by digitally impersonating higher-ups in companies.

The usual problem when creating passwords for your account is that it's hard to remember all the hard passwords, and using the same password repeatedly puts you at risk of getting hacked across all your accounts when hacked on one.

Thus, creating a strong, reliable password is essential and for it to be saved in encrypted format is important. That's why we believe the use of password managers has increased exponentially over the years.

Features to Look For in Your Password Manager

Not all password managers are the same, as there are different features to consider when choosing your next password manager, so what separates one password manager from another? Which features are essential for your Windows password manager?

  • Password generator: Password managers provide a robust password generator that can be optimized to create your perfect password.

    A password generator allows users to customize how long they want their password to be (with different password managers having different lengths that are adjustable) and what type of characters can be used in it, including lowercase letters, upper case letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Secure Vaults: Storing sensitive information in an online vault doesn't have to be nerving; the vaults should be encrypted with 256-bit encryption, which thankfully is the gold standard for most password managers nowadays.

    256-bit encryption means that if a hacker tries to guess access to the decryption key, it will take 2256 attempts at guessing. Using the fastest modern supercomputer would take close to 40 years to crack this code.
  • Multi-Factor authentication: Instead of relying on a single password to access your password vault, you can further your security by adding multi-factor authentication MFA, which increases the number of steps required to access an account for added security.
  • Dark web Monitor: In the event, some of your credentials and personal information, such as your credit card numbers, are compromised, it would be very useful to have a tool to warn you of such breaches in order to take some appropriate steps beforehand.

    A lot of ID and credit card theft info is sold on the dark web. In fact, it's one of the largest marketplaces for ID theft goods to be sold, with prices ranging depending on the product type.

    A dark web monitoring tool can inform you of activities on the dark web that involve your personal information, which could save you in some cases, such as when your credit card info is compromised, so you can get in touch with your bank and disable or change your card.
  • Automatic Password Changer: Many password managers allow users to change their passwords automatically with the click of a button. Cybersecurity experts recommend users change their passwords every 3 months.
  • Safe sharing: Some information shouldn't be sent in a simple text message and require individuals to be more subtle. Safe sharing does the job by allowing users to share sensitive information using an encrypted format.
  • Travel Mode: Deletes all the stored passwords in your vault when you travel, and with one click, you can restore all your information when you are somewhere safe (it has been reported that in airports, a man-in-the-middle is practiced often as the data on your phone can be download on communication towers).

Top Windows Password Manager Recommendations

We created a list of the best Windows password managers that provide these features for the best prices possible based on the aforementioned features. Furthermore, we've included a discount link so you can enjoy a safe and secure experience online.

Our list of the best Windows password managers includes:

1. 1Password


1Password is our top Windows password manager contender; it provides it all, whether it's the password generator, multi-factor authentication, 256-bit secure vault, the ability to share passwords through securely shared vaults, dark web monitoring, and a travel mode.

1Password isn't only a Windows password manager, but rather it's also compatible with other operating systems, such as macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

1Password's plans and features include:

Plans/Features Personal Families Business Enterprise
Password storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Notes Available Available Available Available
Password strength assessment Available Available Available Available
Number of devices Unlimited devices Five guest accounts, Unlimited devices Unlimited accounts Custom
Share passwords Available Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dark Web monitoring Available Available Available Available
Starting price/month $2.99 per month $4.99 per month $7.99/user per month Custom
Starting price/year $35.88 per year

$59.88 per year

$95.88 per year Custom

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2. NordPass


Depending on your plan and its features, the value you'll get out of your NordPass will differ. However, NordPass remains one of the best Windows password manager options out there.

It provides most of the features you'd look for in a password manager. But, at the same time, it doesn't cost much with its premium plans starting at $1.49/month.

NordPass offers four different plans that you can select from depending on your needs, including:

Plans/Features Free Premium Family Premium Business
Password storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Notes Available Available Available Available
Password strength assessment Available Available Available Available
Number of devices One device  Six devices 5 accounts, each with 6 devices custom
Share passwords N/A Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dark Web monitoring N/A Available Available Available
Starting price/month Free $1.49 per month $3.99 per month $3.59 per month
Starting price/year Free

$17.88 per year

$47.88 per year $43.08 per year


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3. Dashlane


Dashlane is another example of a great Windows password manager; it provides many different plans with different features. In fact, it has one of the unique features among password managers on its premium plans which is the inclusion of a VPN.

The Premium, Family, and Team plans provide VPN wifi protection, covering up your IP address which makes using public Wi-Fi relatively safer when compared to other password managers.

In addition, with its Premium, Family, and Team plans, Dashlane allows for an unlimited number of users, making it a great choice for large families.

Dashlane provides the following features based on plans:

Plans/Features Free Essentials Premium Family Team
Password storage Up to 50 Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Strong notes Not available Available Available Available Available
Automatic password changer Available Available Available Available Available
Number of devices One device  Two devices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Share passwords Up to 5 accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dark Web monitoring Not available Not available Up to 5 emails  Up to 5 emails Not available
VPN protection Not available Not available Available Available Available
Starting price/month Free $2.49 per month $3.99 per month ($47.88 per year total) $5.99 per month ($71.88 per year) $5 per month
Starting price/year Free $29.88 per year

yearly billing 39.96 per year

yearly billing $59.88 per year $60 per year 

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