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Are you having a hard time choosing the most suitable password manager? NordPass offers new and unique tools to protect your data. It is an excellent software that provides a desktop app, mobile app, and browser extensions in a user-friendly interface.


Attractive interface
Offline accessibility
Data breach scanner
Free version
7-day free trial for NordPass premium
30-day money-back guarantee


Limited sharing options
No password inheritance
The free version does not work on multiple devices


Quick Stats

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android
Customer Support
24/7 customer support
Ease of Use
Simple and User-friendly
Free Plans
Free Trial
7-day free trial (only in NordPass premium)
Number of Devices
Six devices
Highly secure and trusted
Starting Price

With the many available password managers, choosing one without gathering all the data regarding their features and plans can be challenging. We are here to save your time; keep reading to know all about NordPass!



No matter how much time you spend choosing a perfect password, it can still be challenging to remember it and keep it secure; NordPass is here to save the day! Login to all your accounts with just one click. Here are the different features of NordPass:

  • Data sync: NordPass allows users to sync data between up to 6 devices, but this feature is only available for the premium plan.
  • Password saving and autofill: whenever you need to log into any of your accounts, you don’t have to enter the password every time, as with all password managers. NordPass will require you to enter your password only the first time and then just auto-fills it for you later on.
  • Password health: generates a strong password for you if you can’t think of one and identifies vulnerable passwords.
  • Data breach scanner: this feature scans and alerts users whenever an outsider uses their databases, preventing unauthorized logins.
  • Importing data: It is a fast and impressive process. It only takes a few seconds; you can manually transfer your passwords or import them in bulk from a different password manager.
  • Additional data: It is not limited to passwords; you can also save secure notes, credit card data, and personal information.
  • 7-day free trial: you can try their premium plan before switching to it from the free plan.
  • Password Generator powered by NordPass: It’s hard to think of a complex password that is easy to remember and not guessable. That’s why NordPass created a password generator that generates unique and long passwords; you can generate passwords on any device or use the online version.

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Security and Privacy

You might have heard of NordVPN, the same developers of NordPass, and for VPN developers, it is an easy task to keep your data secure and safe. The following are different technologies that NordPass uses to take care of your database:

1. ChaCha20’s encryption algorithm is used to keep your data safe and secure, a highly effective and fast technology that keeps your data safe.

2. Two-factor authentication (2FA): This means that even the NordPass team can’t see your saved data. Although this feature is not allowed by default, you can easily add it to your account, offering an added layer of protection. To activate, go to Settings and click Enable under the two-factor authentication option, and you are good to go!

NordPass also supports biometric authentication, which is one of the most secure and convenient ways to protect your data. When you use NordPass, you don’t have to remember your passwords; however, you still have to recall your master password; you can now replace your master password with your fingerprint and unlock it with one touch on your iOS or Android.

Ease of Use and Compatibility

Is it easy to use NordPass?

NordPass is extremely easy to use and set up; follow these steps to set up your account:

  1.  Then, click here and enter your e-mail address.
  2. You will then receive an e-mail with a verification code; NordPass will prompt you to enter the code you received
  3. Enter a strong and unique password, then choose your preferred plan, and enter your credit card information  (all plans will be explained in the upcoming sections)
  4. After successfully creating your account, it is time to import your passwords or create new ones; click on the option you prefer, select the applications, and click on import; it will only take 1-2 seconds.


NordPass is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, and you can use it on Browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge Beta. It must be noted that it doesn’t support Safari browser; however, NordPass promises its users to support Safari browser in the upcoming years.

NordPass is also available as a mobile application for iOS and Android. You can install NordPass on your phone to allow a better and smoother experience. The application will launch apps associated with saved passwords in addition to the service’s website. NordPass can also use autofill fields in apps without issue. You can also scan credit cards to import them into your vault.

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Plans and Pricing

NordPass offers four different plans that you can select from depending on your needs.

Plan Starting price
Free plan Free
Premium $1.49 per month ($17.88 per year)
Family premium $4.99 per month ($47.88 per year)
Business plan $3.59 per month ($43.08 per year)

Free Plan

NordPass offers a free version with unlimited password storage on a single device; it allows users to save notes and credit card details. The free plan also offers automatic sync across devices.


You can use NordPass premium to save unlimited passwords on six devices simultaneously; you can also secure notes and credit card details; NordPass will automatically sync your data across devices. In addition, Nordpass premium allows you to share data with trusted contacts securely and safely.
In NordPass premium, you can benefit from the password health feature, which generates strong passwords and identifies vulnerable ones. In addition, this plan provides a data breach scanner that alerts users whenever an outsider uses their databases, preventing unauthorized logins. The starting price of this plan is $1.49 per month ($17.88 per year).

Family premium

NordPass Family offers a bundle of 5 premium accounts for you and 4 of your family members. It provides all the premium subscription features to store unlimited login passwords, share passwords, and access them on six devices simultaneously. Starting price of this plan is $4.99 per month ($47.88 per year).

Business plan

NordPass business will allow you to save unlimited passwords. In addition to all the previous features, the NordPass business admin panel will enable you to invite members to join your company via e-mail or a shared link, or you can upload a list of e-mail addresses to add members in bulk. The starting price of this plan is $3.59 per month ($43.08 per year)

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Importing Data

Suppose you want to save time and effort and import existing passwords; in that case, NordPass allows its users to import passwords from browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge Beta, or any other password manager.

To import saved information to your NordPass vault, follow these easy and quick steps:
1. Open the NordPass application
2. Go to the Menu and Settings
3. Click on Import Logins


Customer Support

If you’re using NordPass and an issue occurs, their customer support is always available to help; you can search through their FAQs or contact them via the provided e-mail; you can also download the asset kit to guide you. One exciting thing is that you can schedule a demo call with one of their customer support team members to help you with your business password manager; you can also fill a form for custom offers.



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Final Verdict

NordPass is a straightforward and user-friendly password manager that can be useful to anyone. Moreover, NordPass free version is convenient and offers many features that you have to pay to get it in other password managers; of course, if you feel the need to have advanced features, you can upgrade your subscription to the premium plan.

To conclude, NordPass is an excellent choice for anyone looking for beneficial yet straightforward software to manage all their personal data; whether you choose the free plan or go premium, NordPass will always be helpful!

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