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The Best Password Manager The Best Password Manager


What is the best password manager? And is it really necessary to use one?

The hassle of creating a strong password and memorizing it makes using the internet tiring rather than fun. 

Have you ever tried to sign up to a certain website and were told that your password is "too weak"? You probably had to add a few capital letters and a number in your password so it could be accepted. These combinations make passwords too complicated and hard to remember. 

Let's face it. You probably have at least forgotten one of your passwords but are trying to avoid thinking about it. You also think that you will not need to remember the password as long as you are still signed in. But what if you change your phone? Or what if you need to sign in to your account on a different device? Then you're done for. 

How do I know? Simply because I've been there once. However, when I bought my new phone and realized I didn't know the password (and username, sometimes) of many of my accounts, I decided that enough is enough; I had to change that.

So what did I do? I resorted to password managers. I had tried many of them to decide which one is the best password manager, and eventually, I came up with a list of the best ones.

But first, let's see what features we should look for in a password manager to consider it "the best password manager."

Features to Look For in Your Password Manager

When I tried different password managers to settle on one, I found that some password managers have certain features and some don't. So here are the features that I think you should look for in a password manager:

  • Password generator: It will create a strong password and allow you to customize it.
  • Secure Vaults: These vaults will be guarded with military-grade encryption to keep your information hidden.
  • Multi-Factor authentication.
  • Dark web Monitor: If your information gets stolen and shared on the dark web, this monitor will notify you.
  • Automatic Password Changer: You can change and save your password with one click.
  • Safe sharing: It will encrypt any information you want to send out.
  • Travel Mode: It deletes all the stored passwords in your vault when you travel, and with one click, you can restore all your information when you are somewhere safe.

The Best Password Manager

To summarize, here are my top three picks for password managers:
1. 1Password.
2. NordPass.

1. 1Password 


1Password is my ultimate top pick for a password manager; it is like an all-in-one package; it offers a password generator, multi-factor authentication, 256-bit secure vault, the ability to share passwords through securely shared vaults, dark web monitoring, a travel mode, and much more. 

1Password is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

1Password's plans include:

  • Personal - $2.99/mo - unlimited devices.
  • Families - $4.99/mo - 5 guest accounts + unlimited devices.
  • Business - $7.99/mo - unlimited accounts.

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Read our 1Password full review for a more detailed review and analysis.

2. NordPass


The second best password manager is NordPass; here is why:

It provides most of the features you'd look for in a password manager. And, at the same time, its premium plans are very affordable, starting at $1.49/month.

NordPass offers four different plans that you can select from depending on your needs, including:

  • Free - one device.
  • Premium - $1.49/mo - six devices.
  • Family - $3.99/mo - 5 accounts each with 6 devices.
  • Business - $3.59/mo - custom devices.

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For more information, read our NordPass's full review.

3. Dashlane


Dashlane is another great password manager I have tried, and recommend.

Dashlane provides the following plans:

  • Free - one device, 5 accounts.
  • Essentials - $2.49/mo - two devices, unlimited accounts.
  • Premium - $3.99/mo - unlimited devices and accounts + VPN protection + dark web monitoring.
  • Team - $5/mo - unlimited devices and accounts + VPN protection.

Dashlane offers a 30-day free trial where you can enjoy the features of any of the plans for free before you decide whether or not you want to continue using it.

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Read Dashlane's full review for a better understanding of its features.


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