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ExtensisHR: Full Service Review and Solutions!

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ExtensisHR: Full Service Review and Solutions!

ExtensisHR: Full Service Review and Solutions!ExtensisHR: Full Service Review and Solutions!


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ExtensisHR is a great PEO and HR services provider that helps countless businesses across various industries overcome their HR challenges with their cutting-edge technology and intuitive platform and products. Continue reading our full ExtensisHR review to know everything about how it can benefit your business.

About ExtensisHR

ExtensisHR was founded in 1997 with the aim of helping SMB businesses grow. Its goal has not changed but evolved to aid businesses of any kind and size overcome their HR challenges and keep growing. In 2019, ExtensisHR was named Company of the Year by CIO Applications and was accredited by the IRS in 2017.

Extensis has earned an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau and is highly rated from several review sites. ExtensisHR offers five solution clouds with its platform: HR, Performance, Time & Labor, HR Knowledge, and Recruiting.

ExtensisHR PEO Solution

ExtensisHR PEO Solution will provide you with personalized HR solutions that start by taking the weight of your HR challenges and ends with your business growing. Its PEO Solution offers you the following:

HR Services

HR services include providing your business with guidance and support with their dedicated team of experts that will collaborate and build your HR roadmap each year and manage all your necessary day-to-day HR tasks.

Payroll & Tax Administration

Payroll and tax administration will simplify your payroll processes and ensure your employees are paid on time, and fill out your tax forms with its innovative cloud-based software and advanced reporting tools.

Talent Management & Recruiting

ExtensisHR will leverage its trusted network of highly qualified HR professionals to help you in your requirement process and find you A+ talent.

Training and Development

ExtensisHR will help your business develop with its learning platform that offers training courses and industry expertise.

Benefit Services

Benefits services will elevate your business with the right benefits and administration package. Its solution is designed to fit your business as it will give you access to premium benefits from the best providers at competitive prices.

ExtensisHR has the right technology, resources, and expertise that will simplify administration, compliance, and support.

As for employee benefits, their experts will collaborate with you to create a fully-managed, flexible and cost-effective solution that attracts and retains the best talent. ExtensisHR will also help you go beyond the basics and provide your employees with a variety of other benefits other than basic healthcare or life insurance. Such extra benefits can include Pet Insurance, Legal Services, Income Protection, and a Commuter Benefits Program.

Lastly, ExtensisHR will provide you with its own ACA Navigator® technology that will simplify ACA compliance and minimize any risks.

Risk and Compliant Support

Employer Protection Program

ExtensisHR will help you develop an Employer Protection Program (EPP) to minimize the time, costs, and risks associated with employment-related issues like discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination.

Risk Management & Workplace Safety

There is an infinite list of legal and regulatory requirements for high-risk environments that should guarantee the safety of your employees. ExtensisHR will facilitate a customized safety action plan and maintenance program to educate your workforce and establish best practices.

State Unemployment Insurance & Management

ExtensisHR’s team will review your worksite employee terminations to ensure compliance and proper documentation collection fully and provide expert support for companies in the event of a claim.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

ExtensisHR offers a Pay-As-You-GO Workers’ Compensation Insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to worksite employees who get injured during their employment.

ExtensisHR PEO Premier™

ExtensisHR PEO Premier™ package provides you with a fully managed concierge approach to HR. You will get an attentive, world-class HR Manager and Payroll Associate assigned directly to you.

Dedicated Account Team

ExtensisHR’s dedicated account team will assign you a Premier Account Manager, HR Manager, and a Payroll Manager.

Payroll Services

Payroll services include payroll entry, paid time, compensation, and rates. You also get High Earners Special Handling with Withholding Taxes. Finally, ExtensisHR’s team will manage your International Payroll for your remote workers.


The PEO Premier™ package will provide you with greater benefits accessibility, those include:

  • One Medical membership-based primary care
  • One-on-one benefits meetings for new hires
  • 401k / IRA - VIP / high earners special handling with elections / changes
  • COBRA paperwork provided directly to the client versus direct
  • International healthcare coverage
  • State Unemployment: VIP off-boarding assistance
  • Healthcare advocacy through TouchCare
  • Long-term disability - executive supplemental
  • Enhanced executive-level group life insurance coverage
  • Increased limits long-term disability coverage
  • Assist former employees with COBRA questions, special handling for VIPs

Human Resources

HR services are also boasted from the traditional PEO services; extra HR provided services include:

  • Manage and customize employee handbook
  • PTO policy consultation
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives
  • Social media policies
  • Return-to-work / emergency management policies
  • Running and distribution of reports for client
  • Creation of executive-level talent pool
  • Employment offer letter creation
  • Premium consulting (commission structure support, offer letter compliance, etc.)
  • Manage annual employee performance review process
  • Schedule and manage training for all employees and new hires

Employee Care

Employee care will provide your business with a dedicated employee support line and onboarding process for new employees. ExtensisHR’s team of experts will also assist your employees in enrolling in benefits and any personal information changes.


PEO Premier™ will provide your business with an employee training system and PTO policy setup in HRIS. It will also conduct performance management training for employees.

HRO Solution

ExtensisHR’s HRO Solution is the fully capable package and service-led approach that provides comprehensive, outsourced support for HR, payroll, benefits administration, and innovative technology to streamline your toughest HR challenges.

ExtensisHR comprehensive HRIS technology will provide you with end-to-end support for all your business processes so you focus on improving your business.

ExtensisHR Work Anywhere™

ExtensisHR offers business its mobile-first Work Anywhere™ platform that enables you to securely manage all your HR and business processes from anywhere at any time. The mobile application is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

ExtensisHR Platform Clouds

HR Cloud

The HR Cloud connects you with data-driven technology and paves the way for a happier workforce. Using the HR Cloud will grant greater control, diverse reporting options, and enhanced security.

Its key benefits include maximized productivity, as you waste less time on mundane and repetitive tasks and invest in calculated techniques to drive growth and performance. It allows you to consolidate your workflows by embracing an efficient, unified platform.

Performance Cloud

The Performance Cloud bestows HR performance management solutions upon you that allow you to track performance and align individual, departmental, and organizational goals to create engaged employees and positive outcomes.

Performance Cloud will translate your workplace activity into ROI as you make use of holistic performance engagement tools and minimize employee turnover as you identify top talent and place them in the right roles.

The Performance Cloud’s key benefits include:

  • Synchronized goals and performance
  • Peer reviews and social feedback
  • Retention improvement

Time and Labor Cloud

The Time and Labor Cloud will provide innovative reporting tools that grant you greater control over your expenses and add more value to your assets. The Time and Labor Cloud will offer you better cost management, smarter time investment, and reduced compliance risk.

Its key benefits include:

  • Empowering managers with valuable insights on employees’ time clock status
  • Flexible time entry for your employees with a user-friendly interface
  • Powerful pay-rules engine to manage time and labor costs based on job codes and user-defined rules

HR Knowledge & Learning Cloud

The HR Knowledge & Learning Cloud will connect you with on-demand access to a trusted knowledge base and learning environment to develop your talent and in-house expertise. With ExtensisHR’s quick upskill value, immersive learning, and integrated learning schedules, you will have laser-focused learning.

Its key benefits include:

  • On-Demand HR Knowledge
  • In-depth HR Compliance Updates
  • HR Agility Development

Recruiting Cloud

The Recruiting Cloud provides you with an applicant tracking system that streamlines the process of job postings to job boards, tracking applications, and assessing and communications. Its key features include:

  • Automate job posting
  • Candidate communication
  • Offer letter templates
  • Reporting functions

ExtensisHR Customer Support and Prices

ExtensisHR does not advertise any prices for its variety of services; it rather customizes a quote for your business depending on your company’s size and HR needs. You can reach ExtensisHR’s team by phone or email at (888) 473-6398 and [email protected] You can also request a live demo from their team to see its platform and clouds in action.

Final Words

ExtensisHR offers businesses across a variety of industries a wide range of HR and PEO services with its clouds and platforms. ExtensisHR offers three solutions, PEO Solutions, PEO Premier™ Solution, and a full-service HRO Solution. Contact ExtensisHR’s team to get your special business prices and a live demo to see its system in action before committing to a subscription.



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