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Salesforce is a customizable customer relationship management system that helps businesses of all sizes, regardless of the industry, accelerate sales, automate tasks, and make better decisions to enhance their businesses.

Salesforce can be considered the best CRM application for growing your business because of the big number of features, third-party integrations, and add-on options it offers. Salesforce is fast, powerful, and highly customizable to fit your business needs.


A wide range of features and customization options
Powerful analytics reporting
Free trial
Allows a wide variety of integrations


Can be pricy
The system’s complexity could be overwhelming
Comes with a steep learning curve

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$25 per user per month
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About Salesforce

Salesforce is CRM software that allows your sales team to access real-time customer information in one place. Your team can also pull insights from dashboards and reports. Salesforce is also a cloud-based system that offers you a mobile application to make managing your business more accessible on your phone wherever you are.

Sales Cloud offers a scalable way for sales teams to manage contacts, opportunities, and leads. In addition, it helps you forecast sales and boost work productivity. Sales Cloud also comes with helpful tools such as marketing tools, a mobile app, and a data cleaning tool. Artificial intelligence (AI) comes as an add-on through a tool called Einstein.

How Does Salesforce Work?

If you visit Salesforce's website, you will be lost at the number of services and features it offers. Salesforce CRM realizes that modern businesses are complex and in need of modern solutions; this is why they offer different products that you can use to fit your business's need, regardless of its industry.

The products that Salesforce CRM offers can be integrated easily with external apps that can boost the communication and management of customers. For instance, Salesforce provides you with email accounts, social media channels, and document automation software.

Salesforce had made sure that their software would fit your business by making it customizable so you can build your own solution to address the needs of your business without having to worry about extra, unnecessary applications that are only wasting space.

As we mentioned above, Salesforce is cloud-based. This means that with an internet connection, you will get full access to all the different tools they offer. You can only use their CRM software on four internet browsers, including:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Overall, Salesforce supports the most common browsers, which means that there shouldn't be a problem. Almost every business uses at least one of them. Salesforce CRM also allows you to access and edit data offline using cache data if you lose connection to the internet. Once your internet connection is back, all of the files will sync.

Salesforce Key Features

Salesforce offers you all the standard CRM, sales, and marketing tools you might need for your business. This software has organized dashboards and high-level reporting and analytics in a customizable package. Here are some of the most important features of Salesforce CRM software:

Contact management

The contact management feature in the Salesforce software allows users to store and organize contact information, manage tasks, and identify potential deals. Salesforce keeps communication and activity history with contacts, and social listening lets users find contacts on social media.

Opportunity management

The opportunity management features in Salesforce CRM software provide users with a space to stay organized during the sales process. Users can get synchronized updates about which stage different opportunities are in and loop in colleagues for support during key moments. Visualizing sales processes can help companies be more competent and close deals faster.

Lead management

This feature in Salesforce CRM software allows salespeople to find leads among contacts, score the leads, and then assign them to the right team members. This feature also includes lead tracking to show users where the lead came from, allowing them to make the most informed nurture decisions.

Salesforce CRM Pricing

The pricing of CRM software typically depends on your business needs as well as the size of your business. There is a remarkable difference between the price tiers, and it might be best if the business sought a direct quote, particularly for the business.

Salesforce CRM divides its services into clouds that you can choose from, depending on the features that suit your business, or you can take on all of them. Your choice of cloud will determine the price you will pay. The clouds that Salesforce offers are:

Sales Cloud

This cloud service directs all sales process features, starting from generating leads to turning the lead into a sale and after the sale. It offers a 360-degree view of the customer journey giving the user full control of each customer's sale process.

With the information provided by this cloud, the user can make well-versed decisions based on information like past purchases, email history, and internal documents shared between team members. You can even get data as far as social media statistics.

Salesforce incorporates Artificial intelligence (AI) to track where a lead came from, which can guide the user on what product to offer the customer as well as determine the best time to re-approach an existing customer with new offers.

The price of this cloud begins at $25 for the Essential tier, $75 for professional, $150 for Enterprise, and $300 for Unlimited.

Service Cloud

This cloud is suitable for businesses that seek a quick solution. That is because it gives users the ability to build customized service portals, which gives customers the option to perform self-service. Moreover, clients' questions, complaints, and feedback can be responded to as soon as possible.

This Salesforce cloud enables you to automate responses to customers' inquiries. The software even offers users useful suggestions to set up workflows that will affect automated responses.

Service cloud can also give you a comprehensive view of what customers are saying about your business so you can respond to comments whenever it is necessary to do so. Huge enterprises with many customer service centers can benefit the most from this service.

The Service Cloud offers Essential, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited tiers with the same pricing from $25 to $300.

Marketing Cloud

Whether you are trying to transform a request for information into a sale or you need to automate email marketing campaigns and organize posts on social media, this marketing cloud service provides all the tools you need to carry out all of your marketing activities.

Marketing cloud combines sales and marketing information in a way in which a user can make marketing decisions based on analytical data. This service also offers several creation studios that can be used to customize marketing information.

Some of the studios available in this cloud are Email studio, advertising studio, and Social studio. You can also integrate third-party apps to make the process of marketing even more effective.

It is worth mentioning that this cloud is the more expensive cloud, starting at $400. However, it is worth the spend per month considering the insight it provides and the tools it offers to perform different marketing tasks.

Commercial Cloud

The Commercial Cloud supports online shopping, and it can be quite a helpful service for retail businesses. Any business can create a smooth online shopping experience for its customers using this CRM service. If you want to know the pricing for this cloud, you will need to contact the Salesforce team to get a direct quote.

Customer Support

Although Salesforce is a market leader in terms of its CRM technology, integrations, and abundant features, it can be lacking in its customer service side. Customers report that it is not easy to get a reply out of them as they are not quick to reply to your queries.

However, their customer service agents are said to be very helpful and can thoroughly explain any features and answer questions about the program. They offer phone, live chat, and email support.

You can call them at 1-800-387-3285. You can also request a call or leave feedback on their "contact us" page.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave them a D- rating, did not list it as an accredited business. It earned 1 out of 5 stars and closed 34 complaints within the last three last years.

Bottom Line

Salesforce CRM software is a customizable business management solution that can be more fit for medium to enterprise-sized businesses. It can be too pricy and complicated for smaller businesses that might not need all the services they will be paying for.

Salesforce is not easy to deal with, but if you care to have a constantly-evolving CRM software, then it is the right fit for you. However, if you want simpler CRM software, you might want to look for another service provider.

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