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NetHunt CRM Review: Prices, Features, and Alternatives!

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NetHunt CRM Review: Prices, Features, and Alternatives!

NetHunt CRM is a sales automation tool built as a simplified solution that helps business owners manage their customers’ relations, gather new leads, monitor sales progress, and close deals all from their Gmail.

NetHunt’s user-friendly and intuitive interface provides an easy learning curve that saves you time and effort. It also supports scalability, which allows users to add more features when needed. It offers budget-friendly price points and can be customized to the needs of any business in any industry.

With this CRM software, you will be able to easily turn emails into business opportunities directly from your Gmail inbox. It also makes it easy to follow up and provide more material for marketing and sales for upsell purposes.


Fully integrates with Gmail
Simple and easy to use
Affordable compared to its competitors
Efficient Customer Support


Lacks reporting features
Free version allows a maximum of two users


Quick Stats

Cloud-Based Software
Not Available
$24/user per month, billed annually
Free Trial Available:
14-day free trial

About NetHunt CRM


Developed in 2016, NetHunt CRM has been helping businesses manage their customers’ relations, needs, and contact information. NetHunt’s mission is to bring more productivity in companies’ working hours. The great thing about this CRM system is that it does not require you to learn much before you start using it. This is because you will still be working with the same familiar G-suite interface, but with additional CRM functions.

Using NetHunt CRM, business owners can effortlessly convert email inquiries into business prospects without leaving their inboxes. It also allows them to document and preserve all of their critical communication and transaction histories in a combined database. This way, business owners can personalize all of their customer interactions. This is very useful for developing targeted marketing efforts and providing specialized customer service.

If you’re running a startup or a small business that is growing rapidly, then NetHunt could be the perfect CRM system for your business. You will be met with affordable prices, a feature-rich CRM, and a flexible plan to fit your business needs.

NetHunt CRM Key Features

NetHunt is a feature-rich CRM that allows you to effortlessly run your business with seamless integrations. The following are some of their main features:

Customers management

NetHunt CRM helps you manage and direct your customer interactions so you can enhance your customer service efficiency. With NetHunt CRM, you no longer have to insert contacts manually, worry about data leaks, clean up duplicate contacts, or remind your team to fill in all the information. NetHunt will do all of this for you and more.

NetHunt CRM also provides you with a mobile application so you can access your customers’ data from anywhere.

Lead management

NetHunt CRM allows you to manage your existing contacts, in addition to finding, organizing, and nurturing new leads for your business. It can do all of that by offering web forms for customers to fill out once they visit your website. NetHunt picks this customer information and pops a new record in your CRM.

You can also organize your leads by assigning them to your team or adding them to an automated nurturing email sequence. You can also edit the lead profile and create custom fields to organize the sales data your way. You can also schedule a time for NetHunt CRM to notify you whenever something important happens. This way, you will never miss a new prospect or lead.

Pipeline management

The pipeline is extremely important for salespeople because they can manage multiple leads at once using it. A pipeline usually gives them an overview of all the leads, opportunities, deals, the actions that need to be completed, and each lead’s value for the business.

With NetHunt, you can keep your leads organized, have control over your sales process, and have insight into what’s useful for your business and what’s not. You can also forecast your revenue, build multiple pipelines, and automate your sales process.

Sales and business reports

NetHunt CRM keeps track of all the sales activity within your company and translates it into key metrics for your business. It also offers different types of sales reports that will help boost your sales. Some of these sales reports include:

  • Sales pipeline reports
  • Total sales report
  • Sales by customer report
  • Sales by owner-report
  • Sales by source report
  • Sales forecast
  • Lost reason report
  • Sales goals report
  • Time in stage report
  • Time in stage by owner
  • Lead source report
  • Marketing pipeline report

Team management

NetHunt team management tool helps boost your team’s performance by collaborating and closing deals faster. NetHunt gives many options that help make your teamwork easier and the sales process more effective. Some of these options include:

  • Assigning tasks to each employee so you can organize your workload for the day. The tasks include reminders and daily summary emails.
  • The ability to mention colleagues and ping them when you need their help or want to point their attention to something important.
  • Shared communication where you can link your email conversations to companies, contacts, deals, and support cases.
  • A shared database where you and your employees can access all the important details next to the conversation with a prospect or lead.
  • A calendar sync option that allows you to schedule, update or edit calendar events with your contacts.
  • A Permissions feature that allows you to protect your business data against breaches and unauthorized access.
  • You can also create different user groups in order to organize access to the different types of CRM data, folders, and features.
  • You can use their formula fields feature to automate all sorts of calculations, including sales commissions, price discounts for your customers, and more.

Sales automation

With NetHunt’s sales automation feature, you can avoid any human mistakes, save your business’ money and time, and boost your employees’ productivity. Here’s how NetHunt helps you do that:

  1. Capture web form leads and pop them in your CRM.
  2. Set drip campaigns to nurture leads.
  3. Automatically link email conversations to client profiles.
  4. Have an algorithm move a lead to the next stage based on the lead’s response.
  5. Set alerts and stay in the loop for when something important happens.
  6. Control your sales workflow.
  7. And finally, automate your data entry.

NetHunt CRM Plans and Prices

NetHunt offers you three ready plans and two customizable plans to fit your business needs. Here are the plans that NetHunt provides:

Basic: $30 per user/month or $24 per user/month if billed annually

This plan is designed for teams that are looking to organize their customer base, build a sales pipeline, and send email campaigns. A 14-day free trial is available for this plan.

Business: $60 per user/month or $48 per user/month if billed annually

This plan is the best fit for teams that need to track business performance, enforce collaboration, and automate their routine tasks. A 14-day free trial is available for this plan.

Advanced: $120 per user/month or $96 per user/month if billed annually

This is the best plan for teams that need to manage complex workflows with more automation and integrations options. A 14-day free trial is available for this plan.

Special Startup Plan: Quote based

This plan is designed especially for early-stage startup businesses. You can also get a 14-day trial for this plan.

Enterprise-level Plan: Quote based

This plan is dedicated to enterprise-level businesses that need a lot more features and integration options than medium or small-sized businesses. You can call NetHunt’s team for a quote, and a 14-day free trial is available for this plan too.

NetHunt Integration Options

You can integrate your NetHunt CRM with plenty of other applications to boost your productivity and business quality. Here are some of the integrations that are compatible with NetHunt CRM:

  • Gmail
  • Google Workspace
  • LinkedIn
  • Data Studio
  • Google Contacts
  • Intercom
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Mailchimp
  • WhatsApp
  • Slack
  • DocuSign
  • Office365
  • Xero
  • RingCentral
  • Trello
  • Outlook
  • JustCall
  • QuickBooks

Customer Support

NetHunt does not offer direct phone support, so if you need to speak to them, you’ll need to either fill out the contact form on their website or write to them via one of their emails. NetHunt also has a knowledge base, FAQs section, and a blog section that you can explore to learn more about CRM and its services.

NetHunt support emails are:

NetHunt Alternatives

NetHunt is a great choice for CRM software if you plan to commit to one that is easy and simple to deal with. However, if for some reason or another, you decide that NetHunt is not the CRM software for your business, we have reviewed and rated other efficient CRM system providers that you can learn more about through our comprehensive reviews. The following are the best NetHunt alternatives:

Bottom Line

NetHunt CRM is a great CRM for your business if you would like to use a simple, seamlessly-integrated CRM software that will boost your sales, increase your productivity, and enhance customer support and satisfaction.

The good thing about NetHunt CRM is that it is rich in features, affordable, and can fit your business regardless of its size and industry. You can always get a 14-day free trial to try out one of their services, plans, or products. They will not even ask for your credit information.

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