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Webex by Cisco VoIP: Is It Enough for Your Business?

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Webex by Cisco VoIP: Is It Enough for Your Business?

Webex is an all-in-one VoIP solution that helps businesses offer their clients high-quality communications including calling, messaging, and meetings. The service is best suited for a wide range of industries and serves almost all business sizes.


Scalable solutions for all business sizes
Integrates with more than 100 platform
Fully-featured and simple mobile application
Prices are fairly reasonable compared to other VoIP services


Limited personalization options

Quick Stats

Free Desktop App
Not Available
Free Video Conferencing
Not Available
$17/month per user
Supported Operating Systems
Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android
Supports Bluetooth Headsets
Web-Browser Compatible
Not Available

In a nutshell, Webex caters to various industries, including education, healthcare, finance, government, sports, entertainment, and startups. Most importantly, Webex VoIP allows finishing and managing tasks all from one place, offering an easy-to-use and simple mobile application.


About Webex

Webex was founded in 1995, and in 2007, Cisco acquired the company, and since then, all Webex products have become part of Cisco systems. Webex provides communication solutions such as text messaging, booking events, mobile and desktop applications, and many other services.

What Industries Does Webex Support?

Webex solutions fit a wide variety of industries; the company's integrations and products are pre-built to offer the best services to businesses in the education, healthcare, government, and finance sectors. Let's take a closer look at the company's services based on each industry:


Webex is aware that education should be continuous, with no interruptions or poor communication. The platforms used for educational purposes are accessible and easy to use for students regardless of where they are and engage them in software that is made to meet their needs.

No matter the plan, all channels are secured and will keep students' data secure and private. The channels are compliant with the privacy and security policies. The services integrate with Moodle, Blackboard, and other services to enhance the learning experience.


Webex supports your healthcare institution to perform more telehealth services, and everyone can be engaged in the process, including doctors, patients, staff, nurses; this provides more resources to the IT teams to enhance the virtual care system.

Webex supports the doctor-patient relationship by offering very convenient and flexible HD video conferencing. It also makes it easy to collaborate between different health facilities and an opportunity to make training accessible from anywhere.


Working remotely can be challenging to governments and public organizations since cyber crimes are on the rise; Webex guarantees that no data breach is allowed on its communications. Employees can make phone calls, receive them, send text messages, attend meetings and conferences through one highly secure platform.


The post-COVID19 pandemic situation has put businesses under much pressure to stay connected to their clients and employees. This is where Webex comes in; the company offers secure and simple software to maintain communications and keep everyone in touch.

Webex also offers customized plans for startups and other nonprofit organizations, and you can reach out to one of the company's representatives and make a deal that suits your business.


Webex by Cisco VoIP Features


Webex VoIP offers a handful of features allowing users to have all that they need in one place and simplifies tasks with an easy-to-use interface and management tools. In short, here's what you'll get with Webex VoIP solutions:

Cloud calling features

Having a cloud business phone system means that users have the flexibility of access from anywhere and on any compatible device, making it an easy option for large enterprises and teams that run their tasks remotely. Webex is a cloud-hosted service that makes it easy to manage call waiting, holding, forwarding, do not disturb, visual voicemail, and more.

Elevate calls and meetings

Webex VoIP communications are flexible and allow users to easily move from calls to video meetings and more interactive communication options. Furthermore, this option supports moving from one device to another without missing any important detail.

Multiple options to direct calls

Webex VoIP empowers businesses and helps them offer a better customer experience; this is achieved by allowing agents to take more business calls with a phone menu, extensions, and intelligent call routing features.

Built-in security

Maintaining security is a challenging task for many companies; this is an even more overwhelming aspect of communications that include sensitive information, such as financial and personal data. Webex VoIP guarantees to keep your communications secured and protected against any data breach attempts.

In order to ensure the highest level of privacy, the Webex VoIP system requires user verification for messaging and file sharing. It allows customizing security controls, device PIN enforcement, and remotely wiping any Webex content. Administrators can also search and extract data or content, including participant IDs and timestamps.


Webex VoIP solutions integrate with the most notable applications, including Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, Slack, Twitter, Appspace, Vbrick, ADP, ACTextBot, ad many others. Business phone systems that integrate with many other platforms are easily managed and offer a high-quality customer experience.

Hardware options

Webex by Cisco allows choosing from two series of business phone systems: The 7800 series IP Phones and the Cisco IP Phone 8800. All options come with quick access to common calling functions. Each Cisco IP phone is designed to be cost-effective with financing as low as 0%. 

Mobile application

Webex offers an easy-to-use and intuitive mobile application allowing users to access their communications without compromising the quality of video and audio calls. The application is accessible from any compatible device and fully featured. The mobile application gives presenters instant feedback with on-screen animated reactions, gesture recognition, and emojis.

Messaging and collaborations

Webex messaging options are almost the same across all presented plans, and the feature is helpful for teams that need to use VoIP for online classes and webinars so that administrators can monitor who enters for security purposes.

The messaging option presented by Webex is simple and easily managed, and it is considered to be nice-to-have addition to the calling features and meetings.

The "Call Me" tools

Webex offers the "call me" options that are available on the Meet plan. These features are significantly important if you dial into calls on a regular basis due to a bad internet connection; with the "call me" tools, you don't have to take the trouble of entering the meeting ID or number every time you want to join a meeting.

Webex VoIP Plan and Pricing

Webex offers two basic business phone system plans: Webex Call and Webex Suite (Business). It also offers a customizable Webex Suite (Enterprise) plan with a dedicated support agent to help meet the specific requirements of large enterprises.

The prices indicated below are based on the month-to-month subscription; you can save 10% if you choose to subscribe annually.

Webex Call Plan: $17/month

This is the lowest-priced VoIP plan offered by Webex with a cost that starts at $17/month per user. The plan offers basic calling features in a cloud-based system, including call merging, waiting, holding, and forwarding, as well as do not disturb and visual voicemail.

You can also transfer calls between devices or convert them to a video meeting. Webex VoIP system also supports local and international calls that are billed by the minute.

Webex Suite (Business): $25/month

Webex Suite for Businesses costs $25/month per user, and it combines the phone systems with the meeting features to get you the best of both. This plan includes collaborative whiteboards, HD video and audio meetings for up to 200 participants, 10 GB of cloud recording storage, gesture recognition, live social streaming, and breakout rooms.

Webex Suite (Enterprise): Quote-based

This plan allows customizing the services presented with Webex Suite for Businesses and a dedicated support representative. The pricing for this plan isn't clearly stated on the website, which means you'll need to contact one of the company's agents to get pricing for this plan.

Webex by Cisco also offers two optional add-ons for its Webex Suite and Webex Meet plans. The first is a Real-Time Translation add-on that offers live translation from 100 different languages into English for $30 per user per month.


Customer Support

Webex has a handful of support options, including live chat, email, and phone support. The website also has multiple resources to get the answers you look for; you can head to the help center, online classes, Webex community, on-demand webinars, and many other options.

Besides, the website has links to all of the company's social media accounts, which means you can keep track of the latest solutions, technology, and any updates regarding the services.

Final Verdict

Thanks to Cisco hardware, using Webex is a breeze for companies, as every part of the system integrates well. WebEx isn't the most cost-effective solution we recommend to businesses looking for the essentials regarding its cost. Still, it delivers a jam-packed suite of features and add-ons for medium and large enterprises.

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