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Nissan Extended Warranty

Nissan Extended Auto Warranty Review: The Road to Peace of Mind

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Nissan Extended Auto Warranty Review: The Road to Peace of Mind

Published: November 23rd, 2023

For almost a century, Nissan has been a symbol of reliable vehicles, each accompanied by a standard limited warranty. However, as this initial coverage nears its end, opting for an extended auto warranty directly from Nissan can be a wise consideration and provide distinct advantages. 

In this detailed overview, we’ll examine Nissan's extended warranties. We'll explain what they cover, discuss the pros and cons, explore different coverage options and their costs, and highlight the criteria for eligibility. We aim to give you a clear understanding of how Nissan's extended warranty works, backed by insights from customer experiences. So, sit back, and we'll help you figure out if a Nissan extended warranty is the right choice for you.


Transferable coverage
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New and used car coverage


Coverage limitations


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What Sets Nissan Extended Warranties Apart?

A Nissan Extended Warranty, officially known as a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC), is designed to extend coverage beyond the Nissan factory warranty. This strategic agreement acts as a safety net, shielding Nissan vehicle owners from unexpected repair costs that may arise after the factory warranty period concludes. 

Their extended auto protection plan, Silver+ Plus, offers three different coverage levels, each of which applies to new or pre-owned vehicles. It’s important to note that they only extend to Nissan models and not all car brands. 

Overall, the total number of components covered is from 800 to 200,000, making it a reliable option for owners of their vehicles. Additionally, with Nissan's VSCs, repairs can exclusively be conducted at authorized Nissan dealerships across the United States.


Transferable coverage: Nissan offers their customers the ability to transfer ownership, enhancing the vehicle’s resale value. This benefit comes with its minor limitations, such as having to pay a $50 transfer fee depending on your state and the transfer request being applied within 30 days of a change in ownership. 

Roadside assistance: In case of emergencies, Nissan's extended warranty provides reliable roadside assistance, ensuring help is just a call away.

Trip and rental reimbursement: In case of a mechanical breakdown, Nissan's warranty covers trip interruption costs, easing the financial burden. Additionally, they also offer rental car reimbursements for customers who would like to rent a car if the breakdown occurs less than 100 miles from their homes.

Towing services: In the event of a breakdown, the warranty covers up to $100 of towing expenses to the nearest dealership. An electric vehicle will be towed to the nearest dealership or your home’s charging station.

Cancellation options: Flexibility is vital, and Nissan offers customers the opportunity to cancel their VSC at any time by submitting a written request. This allows you to adjust your coverage based on changing circumstances.

New and used car coverage: Whether you own a brand-new Nissan or a pre-owned one, the extended warranty caters to both, providing a comprehensive safety net.

Authentic Nissan parts: All repairs covered under the warranty use genuine Nissan parts, ensuring the integrity and longevity of your vehicle. For instance, if your car needs an engine replacement, a new or remanufactured Nissan engine will take its place.


Coverage limitations: Nissan’s VSCs have a limit of up to eight years or 120,000 miles of coverage. This can be disadvantageous to customers with certain driving habits since you may reach the coverage limit before the expiration of the specified time frame.

Extra benefit limitations: Unlike Endurance, this provider’s additional benefits that should cover all of the plans are excluded from their powertrain preferred plan.

Diving Deeper Into Coverage Options

Nissan offers three extended warranty plans designed to meet various needs, giving your car a strong defense against surprise repair costs. For a deeper understanding of their coverage options, it is best to look at their sample contract.

Powertrain Preferred plan: The Powertrain Preferred plan stands as the foundational layer of protection, focusing on critical powertrain components. This comprehensive plan shields your vehicle's essential engine and transmission parts, providing a robust defense against potential malfunctions. It's crucial to note that while this plan offers extensive coverage, it excludes brake pad replacement since they are considered wear and tear items.

Silver Preferred plan: Expanding beyond the powertrain-centric coverage, the Silver Preferred plan introduces an additional layer of protection. With over 1529 components covered, this plan includes all of what is included in the powertrain plan plus a broader array of parts, including the brakes, air conditioning, engine, transmission, and more.

Gold Preferred plan: At the top level is the Gold Preferred plan, which stands as the most comprehensive coverage. Practically all components are covered under this plan, and the contract only includes components that are excluded.

Understanding the cost of Nissan extended warranties

When considering an extended warranty, understanding the associated costs is paramount. The pricing structure for Nissan extended warranties can vary based on factors such as the chosen coverage plan, the age and mileage of the vehicle, the duration of coverage, and the deductible amount. 

Although their prices are not public, through our research, we have found that the cost of their warranties can amount to $1,500 to $4,500 for different models. 

To obtain precise cost details for your specific vehicle, it's recommended to contact Nissan directly or obtain a quote from their website. This ensures you receive accurate and tailored information based on your unique circumstances.

What is not covered? 

While offering comprehensive coverage for a wide range of components and systems, the Nissan Extended Warranty does come with specific exclusions.

The vehicle owner is responsible for regular maintenance, including routine services like oil changes, brake pad replacements, and other standard upkeep. Additionally, any repairs for overheating the powertrain and engine detonation are not covered. 

Cosmetic damage, such as scratches, dents, or paint damage that doesn't impact the vehicle's functionality is typically not covered. Similarly, the warranty does not extend to cover repairs for physical damage due to collisions or accidents. Furthermore, their extended coverage plans do not cover windshield repairs, key replacements, or paintless dent repairs.

These exclusions differentiate between routine maintenance, aesthetic concerns, and damages resulting from external factors beyond the vehicle's everyday wear and tear. Therefore, Nissan owners need to be aware of these limitations to manage expectations and plan for any potential expenses outside the scope of the extended warranty coverage. 

Regular adherence to maintenance schedules and prompt attention to cosmetic or minor damages can contribute to the overall longevity and performance of the vehicle. 

Is My Car Eligible for a Nissan Extended Warranty?

Not all vehicles may qualify for a Nissan warranty; eligibility criteria can vary. Typically, Nissan extended warranties are available for both new and used Nissan vehicles, covering a broad range of models. However, certain conditions, such as the vehicle's age and mileage, may apply. 

To qualify for a Nissan Security+Plus plan, your vehicle must be nine years old or newer. Additionally, if your vehicle is older than five years or has driven 60,000 miles, Nissan requires that an inspection process happen to evaluate the condition of the vehicle and ensure that it meets coverage standards. 

It's crucial to check with Nissan or your local dealership to confirm eligibility and explore the available coverage options based on your vehicle's specific details. 

Insights From Customer Reviews & Feedback

We will draw insights from other Nissan owners' experiences to provide an educated review. Customer reviews and feedback provide real-world perspectives on the effectiveness of the warranty in various situations.

They’re accredited and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with 46 customer complaints resolved in the last three years. This stands as a testament to their interest in customer satisfaction. 

Unfortunately, we could not find positive reviews on trusted platforms such as the BBB or Trustpilot. Although the current absence of positive reviews may not necessarily indicate a lack of positive customer experiences, it could suggest that their customers might not be inclined to leave positive feedback or may predominantly share negative reviews.

As for the negative reviews, customers expressed dissatisfaction with the duration of refunds after cancellation. One reviewer highlighted the fact that it took them five weeks to receive their refund check. 

Other reviewers stated that their claims had been denied, although these parts were included in the service contract. The provider has responded in full detail to the reasons why these claims were denied. 

Effective communication is key when exploring warranty options. Nissan provides multiple channels for customers to get in touch. 

You can contact them at 855-456-9544 for claim information and 800-225-2476 for roadside assistance. For other inquiries, they give you the option to schedule a meeting with them, fill out a form, or visit your local dealership to speak with a Nissan dealer.

How Does the Nissan Extended Warranty Compare to Other Providers? 

Overall, Nissan’s extended warranties are somewhat similar to those offered by third-party providers. They offer a similar level of coverage, including powertrain, exclusionary, and basic coverage. 

The benefits are also the same, with the norm being roadside assistance, rental car reimbursements, and 24/7 customer service, which Nissan conveniently provides. 

On the other hand, third-party providers tend to extend their coverage plans to vehicles of older models and higher mileage, and some provide coverage for commercial vehicles. This factor makes third-party providers more attractive. 

Furthermore, since their VSCs only deal with Nissan dealerships, the replaced components are guaranteed to be of high quality and directly from the manufacturer, a luxury that third parties might not offer. 


Nissan, a symbol of reliability for almost a century, offers vehicle service contracts extending coverage beyond the standard warranty. Their coverage plans—Powertrain Preferred, Silver Preferred, and Gold Preferred—offer varying protection levels, fit for various Nissan models manufactured nine years or newer. 

The benefits, such as transferable coverage, roadside assistance, and authentic Nissan parts, make them a comprehensive option. However, it's important to consider limitations, such as coverage being capped at eight years or 120,000 miles.

While this extended warranty provider seems ideal, it’s still essential to do extensive research and evaluate your preferences, vehicle needs, and budget before making any decisions. If you still feel that Nissan is not the right option, it’s best to look at our blog page, reviews, and comparison tool to choose among the best extended car warranty companies that align best with your needs. 

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