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Website Builder For Small Businesses

Website Builder for Small Businesses: Boost Your Growth

Website Builder for Small Businesses: Boost Your GrowthWebsite Builder for Small Businesses: Boost Your Growth


Previously, and before the internet invades almost every field, businesses were run traditionally through physical and on-ground presence, which is, of course, essential for some industries. However, the traditional ways to run a business are no longer enough. I mean, people are shifting to the digital world to save time, effort, and sometimes money. Before taking any steps towards building an online presence for your business, we suggest reading our blog on the best website builder for small businesses. Let's dive in.

Before the emergence of website builders, entrepreneurs had two options: to learn how to code CSS and HTML or hire a web developer to get the business done. Nowadays, website builders are the most convenient and time-saving option to build a website. Also, website builders provide a variety of options when it comes to templates and editing options.

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In short, a website builder will benefit you in these ways:

  • Save you time and effort, which allows focus better on your business and dedicate more money to its growth.
  • A good option for those who don't have coding skills.
  • Provide a wide selection of templates for almost every type of website.
  • Cost less than hiring a web developer or designer.

Let's head off first to how to find a website builder that is good for your website.


How to Pick the Best Website Builder for Small Businesses?

Which website builder to choose depends on your needs and what you look for in a website builder. To find the one for you, here are some major factors to look for in a website builder:

  • Ease of use: A good website builder will offer tools that can be used and learned by all users, besides providing other options to manage the website with ease, such as a booking system, blogs, membership features, and an online store. We generally suggest website builders with a drag and drop editor, which is the most convenient type of editor to manage and edit the different elements across the website.
  • Affordability: Compare various website builders to find a service that offers what meets your expectations for an affordable price. Also, defining your needs can definitely help you cut costs on features that are not needed for your business. The cost is an important aspect to consider, especially for those on a budget or who want to dedicate more money to grow their businesses.
  • SEO-friendly website builder: It's also crucial to choose a website builder that offers SEO-friendly tools to optimize a better appearance for your website's content on the search results.

With that said, and based on all these aspects, we'll bring you the best website builder for small businesses on the market.


Many options and can't decide? A large number of options can be overwhelming, but we're here to take the burden off your shoulders; here are the top-rated website builder for small businesses:

1. Wix

By far, Wix features around 160 million websites from more than 80 countries, but why do people prefer Wix? And is it a good website builder for small businesses?

In short, Wix allows choosing from more than 500 responsive and elegant templates categorized in 16 different categories, a wide selection that is hard to find when using other website builders. Also, having such a large number of templates makes it easier to personalize your website to reflect your vision and taste.

Creating a website with Wix can be done in a matter of minutes, thanks to its drag and drop editor, which is easy to use and get familiar with. Furthermore, you can change the elements' size, arrangement, and place across the website. If there are any missing elements, you'll find them available on its App market.

Security is the main concern, especially if you plan to find a website builder for an online store or eCommerce website. Similar websites receive and send sensitive information, such as credit card information, bank account numbers, phone numbers, and physical addresses. Hence, Wix makes sure that your website is secure and can be trusted by customers by offering decent security features, including an SSL certificate, two-step verification, DDoS protection, website security monitoring, and backups.

It offers different eCommerce premium plans to choose from: Business VIP, Business Unlimited, and Business Basic. The price starts from $17 per month and goes up to $35 for the Business VIP plan.

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2. Squarespace


Compared to other website builders, Squarespace might not be the easiest website builder to deal with. However, it offers a lot of options to edit your website based on your preferences. Also, using Squarespace allows great flexibility to edit every single element using a drag and drop editor, which is the most convenient editor to design your website.

Expectedly, websites that witness financial transactions and have sensitive information are most likely to be targeted by hackers. Therefore, it's suggested to choose a website builder that can maintain security. As for Squarespace, it offers two-step authentication, password protection, an SSL certificate, and DDoS protection, which makes it a good website builder for small businesses.

You might need to ask a few questions while building your website, especially if you deal with the editor for the first time; that's why Spacesquare offers 24/7 hour support via email or live chat, which is available between 4 am to 8 pm EST, from Monday to Friday.

Squarespace offers two eCommerce premium plans: Commerce (Basic) and Commerce (Advanced). The Commerce (Basic) plan is available for $26 per month, and the Commerce (Advanced) plan is for $40 per month.



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3. Site123


As the name suggests, building a website with Site123 won't take you more than three major steps to build a professional and branded website for your small business. It can guarantee that your website will receive many hits on Google search by offering Google Analytics, which is a great tool for an SEO-friendly website. It also enhances your website's chances on Google search results.

Site123 has a drag and drop editor to edit elements freely and easily using the bar on the left, and then preview it on any of your devices; whether you're building your website on a laptop, smartphone, or a tablet, you can shift to any of these modes to display the changes.

A good website builder for small businesses should offer all that is required to draw more traffic to the website; the good news is that Site 123 lets you link your account to 25 different social media platforms including: Instagram, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, and many more.

Site123 offers four different plans: Basic, Advanced, Professional, and Gold. The price starts from $5.80 per month for the Basic plan and goes up to $23.80 per month for the Gold plan.

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Best Deal- $5.8/Month!



In the last few years, the whole world has witnessed a noticeable transformation to more digitalized options. The change has included many industries and businesses. Actually, it's been a good step towards a broader audience and better brand awareness for small businesses. To boost your small business growth, you also need to pick the right website builder regarding affordability, ease of use, and SEO tools.

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