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Wix Or Squarespace

Wix or Squarespace: Which One to Get?

Wix or Squarespace: Which One to Get?Wix or Squarespace: Which One to Get?


Choosing a web builder can be overwhelming. You’re not sure which one you’ll work with best, which one will offer more features, and which one will easily guide you to build the website of your dreams. Either way, people will judge your website based on how you create and design it; that’s why you should find the perfect website builder for you. Website builders can offer similar features and different ones, and we’re here today to compare our top two web builders. Which one will you choose, Wix or Squarespace? 

We recommend Wix over Squarespace for several reasons; you’ll see along the way. For now, let’s dive in and find everything you need to know about both.

Wix VS. Squarespace: Quick Overview

  Wix Squarespace
Free plan Available Not Available
Email Marketing Available Available
Storage 500 MB – 35 GB Unlimited
Free Domain For the first year For the first year


Unlimited bandwidth, Apps, Social media integration, add live chat to your website Unlimited bandwidth, Social Media Integration, Apps

Web Store

Available Available
SEO Excellent Good
Blogging tools Good Excellent

Email, Phone, &
FAQ 5 am5 pm EST
Email, live chat,
social media & knowledge base
Price $4.5 - $24.5 $12 - $40


Ease of Use

Whether you choose Wix or Squarespace, both are pretty easy to use; they have the drag-and-drop function and don’t require any coding. So, you don’t have to be a techie to create a website. Take a look at the features available:

  Wix Squarespace
Ease of use Very Easy Easy
Editor Drag-and-Drop: More creative freedom Drag-and-Drop: Less creative freedom
Coding Not Needed Not Needed
Templates 500+ 113
Ability to change templates No No
Mobile Editor Yes Yes
Artificial Design Intelligence Available Available

If we’re looking at the table above, we can see that both Wix and Squarespace are easy to use. Wix is very easy to use; you have the freedom to design your website. On the other hand, Squarespace is also easy to use, but it's not as easy as Wix; you don’t have the creative freedom to drag the elements any way you want.

Moreover, Wix has a large number of templates to choose from. With over 500 templates categorized into 16 main categories and 70 subcategories. The templates are mobile responsive and come with a mobile editor to customize them the way you want. Still, you’re looking for something of quality, and that’s not always available with Wix’s designs.

Squarespace has a small number of templates compared to Wix. They’re modern and suitable for different industries, and they’re mobile responsive.

If you don’t want to design your own website, both website builders have an Artificial Design Intelligence option where you’ll have to answer a few questions, and POOF, your website design is ready.

Overall, when it comes to ease-of-use, Wix is definitely the winner. However, Squarespace beats Wix when it comes to design.

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Wix or Squarespace: Apps & Features

There are plenty of tools and features available in both Web builders. Some are essential others are a bit more advanced. Wix has an excellent extensive App Market, with over 200 apps. Basic features include Wix Video to add videos to your website or Wix Pro Gallery allows you to customize and design images while also keeping them safe with built-in image protection.

More advanced features include Wix Multilingual to translate your article to different languages and reach international markets, expanding your market internationally. Another example could be Wix Hotels and Restaurants for online reservations or to add your menus and more. Not everything is available for free though!

In comparison, Squarespace has its own built-in features you can use from their app store. Squarespace Extensions focuses on e-commerce and includes 23 third-party apps to help build the site you need and are divided into four categories:

  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Finance
  • Inventory and Products
  • Sales and Marketing

One example could be their latest feature, Acuity Scheduling, for clients to easily book appointments or classes depending on when you’re available.


Which One to Use?

Choosing a web builder can highly depend on what kind of website you’re creating. If you’re a beginner, you can create any website on Wix. That’s right, whether it’s a business, e-commerce, blogging, or anything else, Wix has all the tools you need.

Unlike Wix, Squarespace is not for everyone. It’s for people who want to showcase their visual work, including artists, designers, photographers. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for e-commerce, small business websites, or blogging. In fact, Squarespace is better than Wix when it comes to blogging. Let’s dig deeper to see which one to use depending on the website you're creating:


Wix or Squarespace for blogging

As mentioned above, Squarespace has better tools for blogging than Wix. Don’t even compare. Honestly, Squarespace offers better templates and makes everything so simple and easy. You can add multiple authors and individual permissions for people to work on different parts.

Wix has its own Wix Blog app to add to your site to create a blog. The downside is it only includes a few built-in features. The Wix Blog comes with a reliable range of features, but it doesn't compare to what Squarespace offers.

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Wix or Squarespace for E-Commerce

  Wix Squarespace
Payment Options Wix Payments, PayPal, Stripe, Square PayPal, Apple Pay, Strip
Products Physical & Digital Physical, Digital & Services
Abandoned Cart Recovery Available Available
Transaction fees 0% 0% - 3%
Product limit Unlimited Unlimited
Inventory Management Available Available
Automatic Tax Calculator Available Not Available
Conversation Tracking Available Available

If you’re looking to create an e-commerce website, you should consider taking one of Wix or Squarespace’s e-commerce plans. They come with standard sales tools to create an online store. These include:

  • Payment gateways
  • Discounts
  • Shipping tools
  • Sell an unlimited number of products.
  • Donations
  • Inventory management.

The best part about using Wix to create an online store is it doesn’t charge a transaction fee. Not to mention, it has an abandoned cart recovery from its Business Basic plan and subscriptions on its more expensive plan.

Despite it being cheaper, Squarespace isn’t the best value for your money. Unlike Wix, Squarespace charges a transaction fee depending on the plan you choose. They also reserve advanced features for their advanced plans.

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Wix or Squarespace for Marketing

If you’re interested in creating a Marketing website, you might want to look at the features you need to create the website. Let’s take a look:

  Wix Squarespace
Email Marketing Available Available
Branded Newsletters Available Available
Social Media Integration Available Available
Video Maker Available Not Available
Live Chat Available Third-party integration
Advanced Analytics Available Not as advanced as Wix
Email Mobile Editing Available Available
Automated emails Available Available

As seen in the table above, Wix has more to offer than Squarespace. You can use Wix’s Email Marketing tools for email campaigns that can be customized and analytics tools to track how many people view your email.  You can also add third-party apps to reach a wider audience. That’s not all it offers, but we couldn’t fit it all into one table. Wix has a powerful marketing suite, Ascend by Wix; it includes everything you need, such as automation, live chat, forms, invoices, and more.

On the other hand, marketing with Squarespace has its benefits. You can customize email campaigns using Squarespace’s Email Campaigns with several features, like choosing from 30 layouts, mobile editing, tracking your campaign, and more. While there’s no free version of Squarespace’s Email Campaign, you can send three marketing campaigns before getting started with it. Afterward, you’ll need to upgrade and choose one of their four plans that range between $5-$48/month but are billed yearly.

Overall, Wix has a lot more to offer than Squarespace in terms of marketing making it our top choice. That doesn’t mean Squarespace’s marketing isn’t good; you can add third-party apps that can help you. 

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Wix or Squarespace SEO’s

Is Google going to notice your site? That’s a good question, and yes, it will if you’re using the right SEO tools to get better rankings. Between Wix and Squarespace, who offers better SEO tools? Let’s see:

  Wix Squarespace
Page Title Available Available
Meta Description Available Available
Headings From H1 to H6 H1, H2, & H3
Keyword Support Available Available
Customize URLs Available Available
Image Alt Attributes Customizable Customizable
SSL Certificate Available Available
301 Redirects Available Available
SEO Specific App Available Not Available
SEO instructions Available for everything
except for blog posts
SEO suggestions Available Not Available

I think both web builders have a lot to offer in terms of SEO. However, Squarespace SEO isn’t beginner-friendly compared to Wix’s, which comes with many helpful tools and an SEO Wizard.

Price & Value for Money

Price is a crucial factor that helps you decide which web builder is for you. I mean, if one website builder isn’t within your budget, you might prefer using another. So, which one is the better value for your money Wix or Squarespace? Let’s take a look:

  Wix Squarespace
Free trial Yes 14-day free trial
Number of Plans Available 7 4
Annual Price per month $4.5 - $500 $12 - $40
Domain Free for the first year starting from the Combo plan, which is for $8.5 Free for the first year for all plans
SSL Certificate Available Available
Bandwidth 1 GB - Unlimited Unlimited
Storage 500 MB - 20 GB Unlimited
Backup Available Not Available

If we look at the table above, we can see that Wix has more plans than Squarespace. So, you can decide on the plan that suits you better. There are plenty of other differences between them as well. Firstly, Wix has a free plan, so you can give it a try before deciding to choose one of their premium plans. Secondly, Squarespace offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, while Wix’s bandwidth and storage are limited depending on the plan you choose.

Overall, with its free plan and variety of features, we think choosing Wix is a better value for your money.

If you want to know more about Wix’s plans, read our full review.
If you want to know more about Squarespace, read our full review. 

Which One Should I Choose?

It’s all up to you. Depending on what website you want to create, if you’re making a website for your hotel or restaurant, you might want to use Wix since you’ll benefit from their applications. While if you’re creating a blog, Squarespace offers better tools to help you get started.

We personally prefer Wix; it’s easier to use, has good Artificial intelligence, a wide range of templates and apps that you’ll benefit from. Plus, you can try it for free before deciding which plan you want.

Decide for yourself.

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