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Wix is an easy website builder for beginners that includes a drag-and-drop feature. Prices are a bit high, but you’ll benefit from its many built-in tools, SEO ranking, and even free hosting!

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Many Templates
Text animation
Automatic backup
Many helpful features
Many apps on their webstore


Cannot easily change templates
Pricier than other competitors on the market


Quick Stats

Free Plan
eCommerce Plan
Best Price (Per Month)
Free Domain
Available for the first year
Storage Space
2GB - Unlimited

You want to build your own website, but you don't know how to code? Don't worry; Wix has got you covered. 

You've probably heard of it; it's the most popular website building. I mean, we've all seen its ads on YouTube, that now it features around 160 million websites from more than 80 countries. 

So, will you be their next customer? 


Who Is It For?


Wix is recommended for beginners; depending on the website you want to create, anything is possible. A Business website? There are hundreds of templates. E-commerce website? They offer applications that make it easier. Blogging, scalability, whatever you need, you can find on Wix. They even include various apps to make it easier for you to create the website of your dreams.

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Wix's Plans

You can build a free website on Wix, but you won’t benefit from the features that come with their paid plans. Still, it’s a great option to have; you can use it to decide if it’s the one for you. The free plan includes up to 500MB storage and 500 MB bandwidth. You’ll also benefit from customer support if you need any help. However, if you’re creating an online store, you might want to check out their business premium plans to accept online payments.

If you’re willing to use Wix, they offer four different premium plans. Depending on the plan you need, you will benefit from an affordable price and backup. The VIP and Unlimited plans come with unlimited bandwidth as well.

There are four different Premium Plans for website building on Wix:

  Connect Domain Combo Unlimited


Storage  500 MB 3 GB 10 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 1 GB 2 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Domains NA Free for the first year Free for the first year Free for the first year
Online Store NA NA NA Available
Backup Available Available Available Available
Video Hour 30 Minutes 1 Hour 5 Hours
Price per month $4.5 $8.5 $12.5 $24.50

No matter what plan you choose, you can benefit from free web hosting and a 14-day money-back guarantee. 

If you're building e-commerce or a business website, you can benefit from Wix's e-commerce/business plans. These include three different plans that start from $17/month and can accept online payments for your store. 

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Price and Payment


Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll benefit from its features. Each plan’s price varies between $4.5 and up to $24.5, and the Unlimited Plan is the most popular one. The plans include an unlimited number of websites, support, an SSL certificate needed for security, and leaving the best for last, free hosting.

You can pay either monthly or yearly. You can benefit from a 25% discount if you pay annually. You can also purchase the G Suite package for $5 per month, giving you access to Gmail.

If you’re looking to create a business or e-commerce website, you might prefer using one of their business and e-commerce plans. There are three plans, Business Basic, Business Unlimited (the most popular one), or Business VIP. Their price ranges between $17-35/month, but it’s a great value for your money as you’ll benefit from unlimited bandwidth, access to Wix’s features and apps, and most importantly, Wix’s e-commerce tools.

If you decide to use Wix, you can pay for it using Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, or American Express. Unfortunately, you cannot pay using PayPal or any other electronic wallet, but don't worry, you can still accept payments using PayPal on your site. 

If you didn't like it, you have 14-days to get a refund back. 


Ease of Use 

Using the drag-and-drop feature makes it easier to build any website. I mean, you don’t need coding. But Wix is not the only website builder with a drag-and-drop feature, so why is it the best?

Well, let’s start with how easy it is to use Wix. The fact that they’re focused on their user’s experience is seen EVERYWHERE, which means their customers are their priority.

No matter what kind of website you’re creating, there are over 500 templates to choose from, categorized into 16 main categories and 70 subcategories. From ‘Business’ to ‘Blogs’ and ‘restaurants’ whatever you need, you’ll easily find a template for it.

Not only do they have a variety of templates, but they also have a list of elements that makes it easier to create your website with a few clicks. If you’re advanced and you’d like to enhance your site, don’t worry; there’s a Velo by Wix to customize your site.

Customer Service


Suppose you’re drowning and don’t know what to do. Don’t worry; Wix’s knowledge base is full of articles to guide you. To make it even better, it’s available in 9 different languages.

There are step-by-step walkthrough videos for any feature and element on Wix editor. As well as tutorials and product overview on their Wix Education YouTube channel. You can also contact a support team through their email ticketing system or calling center during business hours.

More complex questions by advanced users can be checked in the comprehensive Velo by Wix Forum. Lastly, Wix listens to its users’ feedback and changes any features or issues to keep their customers satisfied.


Start Designing Your Website Now!

Website Design



You don’t have to be an expert to design a website on Wix. You can simply start by choosing a template from the 500 templates available, then editing it, don’t worry; there’s a one-minute introductory video to guide you. Wix allows you to easily add or change anything you need and access apps and create a website from scratch. Let’s look more into the details.

You can create the website of your dreams within minutes by adding text, images, social media widgets, and anything else you need. You can change the size of objects and arrange them the way you want. What’s better is that you can customize the number of columns, size, and alignment. You can add new pages, some of which might be password-protected or require a membership.

If an element is not available on Wix, you can check their App Market. You can add SoundCloud and Spotify playlists if you want. Advanced users can embed HTML and Flash code.

Best Price - $4.5/Month!

Besides, you can move more than one object at the same time if you grab them together. Want to make your website cooler? You can animate any object with effects like Spin-In or Bounce-In.

Unlike other website builders, you can use the right-click to change the image or edit the text when you right-click on it. But you cannot change your template once you chose it.

However, nothing is perfect! With that being said, site traffic can be low when using Wix. Since there’s a solution to every problem, you can easily use the Web-Stat app for free, which reports where your visitors are from and what device they are using. Or you can use Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel reporting.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence

Wix has its own ADI building. That’s right; creating a website is now easier more than ever. All you need to do is answer a few questions about the site’s purpose, features, title, and location. Afterward, you can integrate social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, and more. Then you can pick a style, the ADI will choose a color palette based on your logo and then click on Create My Site.

It’ll take some time to complete the automatic design. It’ll tell you what it’s doing in the meantime, like adding menus. The ADI will create a beautiful website, but you have to customize certain things like boilerplate text and sales items.

For all the beginners out there, you don’t even have to worry about designing your website. Wix ADI has got your back.



SSL Certificate

You don't have to worry about security with any of Wix's plans. They all include an SSL certificate that's essential to keep your data encrypted, get a better SEO ranking, and gain your customers' trust. 

TLS 1.2 

To keep your transactions safe and private, Wix provides you with a TLS 1.2. You'll feel safer if you're creating an online store. 

Two-Step Verification

In order to login into your account, you'll need to verify it's yours by receiving a code on your phone or email. This makes it harder for hackers to hack accounts, and you'll receive a message if someone even tries. 

DDoS Protection

To ensure their servers are always working, Wix has DDoS protection to protect the devices from any attack. Hence, you don't have to worry about malicious attacks and sleep knowing your website is safe. 

Website Security Monitoring 

Wix has a team to monitor their websites and servers, ensuring everything is running smoothly without any problem. 

Backup & Restore

For backup, there’s a one-click application you can use to restore any version of your site. The application is called Site History.





Wix's Apps 

It’s no secret that many built-in tools help increase traffic and audience engagement on Wix. The Wix App Market has more than 250 Wix apps and third-party apps. They cover everything you could possibly think of adding to your website. The best part is most apps are free, optimized for mobile devices, and can be easily added to your website. Here are some of our favorite applications:

  • Wix Shoutout: allows you to “create, send and share” by sending customers email marketing campaigns.
  • Wix Blog: To create, edit, and schedule blog posts. You have the option to tag or categorize, include images and videos. It includes an HTML code to customize and include social sharing integration.
  • Wix Pro Gallery: allows you to customize and design images while also keeping them safe with built-in image protection.
  • Wix Video: if you’re using a video to market your products, you can easily upload the file and choose the layout. You can benefit from live stream video options to engage with your audience and answer their questions.
  • Wix Multilingual: to translate your article to different languages and reach international markets. It helps in expanding your business internationally.

There are many Wix features that you can use to enhance your website, including:

  • Wix Turbo: to increase websites speed
  • Wix Fitness: for fitness entrepreneurs, simplifies online workout classes, payment, scheduling, and management with clients.
  • Wix Hotel: for online reservations, they accept online and offline payments.
  • Wix Restaurants menus: Add your restaurant’s menu to your website, manage it, and get found on an SEO-friendly menu.
  • Ascend by Wix: Wix helps businesses manage and promote their website. It’s for marketing and customer management.

All of this and more!

Other third-party apps you can download from their App Market can be used to engage with the audience. For instance, Tidio live chat to chat with customers. You can also use the comments app or even Vimeo and YouTube to allow users to insert videos on-site.

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What's included in the plans?

Wix comes with excellent top-notch features. Premium plans include both Google Analytics and Tag Manager, even Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better ranking on google search, which is beneficial for advertising.

Did I forget to mention you get a free domain for the first year, and hosting is included? This means the only thing you need to do is create your website.




In recent years, Wix has worked on its SEO capabilities allowing you to edit page titles, descriptions, and more. More advanced features include connecting your site to Google Search Console and a mobile editor, which improves compatibility.

We’re not done yet!

Since each plan comes with an SSL certificate, websites are secured, and that’s important for an e-commerce website, so customers’ data is secured. You can edit alt text using Wix Editor, which helps in reading images for SEO on Google images.

More advanced search engine features include Canonical tags to show how to prioritize each page.

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Social Media Integration

To increase engagement on your website, you can easily connect your website to your social media accounts. You have the option to add social media widgets, likes, shares, feeds, and follower count. What’s in it for you? It’s easier to get in touch with people and to increase the number of followers. I mean, social media is taking over our lives.

However, Wix doesn’t have multi-channel selling, so you can’t sell your products on social media.



All in all, if you’re a beginner looking to build a website, Wix is your answer. Not only will you benefit from its easy drag-and-drop feature but also its SEO for better ranking, many features, and free web hosting. If you didn’t know how, there’s a knowledge base full of answers, and if you didn’t like it, there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Why are you still reading? Go for it!

Best Deal - $4.5/Month!

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