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Wix Website Examples

5 Wix Website Examples that Are Stunning

5 Wix Website Examples that Are Stunning5 Wix Website Examples that Are Stunning


Creating a website is an effective way to let people know about you. Surprisingly, you don't have to be tech-savvy to get that done. Website builders give multiple choices with fabulous features and offer you a chance to build your website as you wish. Wix is one of the leading companies in the field, with outstanding and comfortable options to use. If you are excited to know more about Wix and its impressive tools and templates, we will gladly walk you through Wix website examples that are mind-blowing. 


About Wix Website Builder 

Wix is a web development platform with a drag and drop editor that is easy-to-use. The available tools serve various purposes, from personal use, like personal portfolios, to small businesses and online stores.

Wix was founded by Avishai Abrahami, Giora Kaplan, and Nadav Abrahami in 2006, and since then, it has been inspiring millions of people worldwide to create their websites. With over one hundred and eighty million users in one hundred and ninety countries, Wix has pioneered in the world of website building.

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Fabulous Wix Website Examples

Wix serves many purposes, small and medium businesses, freelancers, or just for personal use. The websites we will list out here were built from scratch with the same tools that you have, but we won’t keep all that beauty to ourselves. wants to share with you Wix website examples that will catch your sight at first glance. 

1. Soufi’s Restaurant 


A success story about a Syrian girl, “Jala Alsoufi", and her family running a restaurant and Café in Toronto to keep the Syrian culture alive and introduce people to the Syrian cuisine. Soufi’s webpage was ranked on the first page on Google. Thanks to Wix's SEO, that helps you get an excellent ranking.

Nothing is better than having all the tools in hand and never worrying about how difficult the website creating could be. Wix shortens the distance between people and their dreams by offering all the needed tools to build their success. With all the amazing graphics, services, and well-structured design, Soufi's Restaurant's website deserves to be on the list of Wix website examples that are stunning. 


2. Izzy Wheels


Izzy Wheels is another website that deserves to be listed in fabulous Wix website examples, with a wonderful story to tell. Starting with Izzy and her friend Ailbhe who have always been interested in fashion and cheerful colors.

Ailbhe used to decorate and color Izzy’s wheelchair as kids, bringing her much joy and happiness. Noticing how joyful it is to decorate wheelchairs, Ailbhe decided to make the service available for others.

She collaborated with designers, artists and brands. In 2019, Izzy and Ailbhe collaborated with Barbie to create special designs for wheelchair dolls. In 2020, they created two editions of wheel cover collections.

One more time, Wix website builder achieved the purpose and made it possible to stand out with a catchy and reliable website. The image galleries on the homepage and lively colors bring happiness to users before even reading a word.

Wix did not hesitate to support those two intelligent friends and gave them a kick of encouragement to keep up by posting their masterpiece website on its Facebook account.


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3. Seven Gram Caffe


Seven Gram Caffe is a small business café and restaurant website. The content tells all about its products, prices, delivery options, location, and the secret behind the name “Seven Grams.” 

Let us stop for a second at how excellent the website is. Visitors can notice a full-screen image that catches your sight from the first glance. When scrolling down, more about the café’s products are listed beautifully in widescreen imagery, over-layered with a text that describes what the picture is all about.

These features are provided by Wix, alongside other features that you will find in Wix restaurants application, which offers many tools like image galleries and outstanding modules that are both easily reachable and used by website visitors. 


4. L’Appatment Parisien


A website for a studio based in Paris offers many services, like home styling, packaging design, brand identity, and many more. With Wix website builder, it was not hard to find a privileged place on top of all other websites offering the same services.


5. French Knot Studio


The website has all services offered by French Knot Studios: events and weddings planning, photo styling, and many more. French Knot Studios is based in Savannah, Georgia, and has been offering its services since 2015.

Using Wix made the website looks well-structured and catchy. The cheerful and inspiring theme with clear and attractive pictures invites explorers to discover more about it.

The use of sliders with portfolio images encourages users to find more. Social media buttons and detailed contact forms are also easily reachable and one step away from the user.


Wix makes people believe that nothing is impossible when you have the right tools. First, all Wix essential features are available for free, and the building process does not require special technical or coding skills. All you need to do is choosing an element, then drag and drop it in the place you want.
Wix offers more than 100 templates to choose from. It also has SEO-optimized building, which means that search engines will never miss mentioning your piece of art. 


Give it a Kick on Wix

Read our full review on Wix to learn more about their fascinating features and affordable plans.

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